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Story: The Children of the Moon are as Heavy as Stones
Author: Nonelvis
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2682
Author's Summary: "You're in hibernation," the Doctor said softly. "The one time a Quill's unconscious mind is apt to wander."
Characters/Pairings: Miss Quill, Twelfth Doctor, Miss Quill/ Twelfth Doctor, Miss Quill/ Ballon
Warnings: Explicit sex

Recced because:

If you haven't watched Class yet, I recommend viewing it before reading this fic (unless you want to thoroughly spoil yourself, as I did). If you couldn't care less about watching Class, then I still recommend this fic, because it's fantastic. There's a dreamy realism to it that works whether you know the canon or not. There is mythology and world building. There are nightmares and body horror. There is exceptionally good Twelfth Doctor characterization. There is well-written sex.

All of which is accessible without really knowing what's going on, but the biggest draw for me is the way Nonelvis has got inside the head of a uniquely vulnerable character who spends most of her time in canon doing her best to act unbreakable and unconcerned. Miss Quill and the Doctor make for a very interesting pairing, and one which I would happily read more of.

"You're in hibernation," the Doctor said softly. "The one time a Quill's unconscious mind is apt to wander – all those hormones racing through your veins – and next thing I know, it's knocking at my door. If a mind can knock on a door, that is. No hands."

"I'd almost forgotten how deeply stupid you are sometimes," Quill said, kicking the TARDIS door shut. She stalked towards him, planting herself only a few inches from his face. He didn't blink. "So I have to ask myself, why you? Why did my mind take me here?"

"Maybe because it's the best place in the universe for chocolate-Branston pickle ice cream? You wouldn't be the first expectant mother onboard to crave a bowl of it. Okay, you'd be the second, which is literally two more people than I ever expected might want it, but I find it best never to argue with a woman willing to stab me if I get between her and a bowl of ice cream. You're not feeling stabby, are you?"

"Whatever brought me here, I am certain it was not for ice cream," Quill said. "And I don't care for pickles. And I have no idea whether my unconscious can stab you, but I'm perfectly willing to find out."

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Thank you very much for the rec! I admit, I'm amazed you were able to get so much out of the story without having been further along in your Class watching, but I'm glad you did :) Have you watched the rest of the series yet?


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