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May. 27th, 2017 06:51 pm
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why'd they even bother with these episodes where peridot came to know and better understand the crystal gems if they were going to follow it up by shoving her into the barn with shitty dull lapis and ruining everything interesting about her all along

Today's boot fair stuff

May. 27th, 2017 05:40 pm
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After a couple of not particularly exciting weekends, this is shaping up fairly well.

On Friday I got an old 35mm rangefinder camera similar to a Canonet for a fiver - working well except for the meter, which senses light but for some reason isn't connecting to the camera controls. But I have a cheapo exposure meter I can throw in with it, should sell OK.

Today was interesting:
A Zip 250 drive (with a 250 disk) for a fiver, working well.
A Praktica 29mm lens (why 29mm? Damned if I know) in M42 fitting for £7
A Praktica M42 screw body with a 50mm lens, a zoom, and a flash for £18
And a bit of a gamble - a Sony Nex 5 body and zoom lens with flash, unfortunately without battery or charger, for £30. The seller swore it worked (but he would, wouldn't he), so I've spent another £8 or so on a battery and charger, we'll see what happens. If it works it's a very good price, and I will have to decide it I want to add yet another digital SLR to my collection...

Ebay are giving me a "maximum seller's fee £1" deal this weekend, so I think I'll also be selling off my Lensbaby fisheye - it's an interesting lens but I've used it twice in the last year or so, and it's a bit of a pain to use compared to my other lenses, since it uses their "swap out the stop disk" system. I think that one will be a fixed price item, not an auction.

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May. 27th, 2017 10:02 am
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this painting shows probably the best damn room i've ever seen and it seems to be impossible to find a decent resolution picture of it. ugh. i'll probably actually end up buying a print if i can find an affordable one...
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One of my all time favourite Doctor Who stories.

The Doctor and Romana in Paris


May. 26th, 2017 10:01 pm
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Oxygen struck me as, structurally, being very similar to Knock! Knock! and, like Knock! Knock!, I feel I like it less than it deserves to be liked.

Both Oxygen and Knock! Knock! tell neatly self-contained stories. These are well-produced and acted with scripts that are thoughtful while fitting recognisably within the mould of a Doctor Who story. Fond as I am of the Sylvester McCoy era, it would have struggled to produce two stories of this high quality in close succession. In fact if these had appeared during a Sylvester McCoy season, I suspect I would have rated them as highly as stories like Ghost Light and Curse of Fenric.

This isn't a Sylvester McCoy season though, my expectations are different, and somehow neither managed to really grab me.

I don't really want to nit-pick at Oxygen, but among other things I'm dubious about the economics on display. I've mentioned a couple of times when discussing this season, about how you identify that point in a fantastical show, where it's breaking its own unstated rules of consistency. The problem Oxygen had for me specifically as someone who has hung around space scientists a bit, is that its very emphasis on the realities of surviving in a vacuum made me expect more realism from the rest of the Space Science. The reality of space is it is really, really expensive to put people up there (in weight terms, even if you're not factoring in the expense of training someone and are, apparently, discounting any value in human life) so you probably don't want them randomly suffocating even if they are not being as productive as you might like. This then, of course, made me think of the practices of Victorian factory owners and making your workers indebted to you for their use of oxygen (and thereby imposing a form of slavery) and that somehow seemed more plausible though not, obviously as likely to produce space zombies. Like the "how does agriculture work on Christmas?" problem I had with Matt Smith's final story, this distracted me far more than it should have done.

I'm not really qualified to comment on the depiction of disability. [personal profile] hollymath has written eloquently about how hurtful she found it though I've seen other commentary that was cautiously optimistic or at least "jury still out" on the subject.

I was disappointed that the blue alien had no function in the story beyond making a simplistic point about racism and then dying.

Did I like anything about the story? Yes, actually. I really liked the interactions between Bill, Nardole and the Doctor. This is the first time we've seen them operating as a team and I liked the way the dynamic of two companions (who aren't romantically linked in any way) worked, particularly the way that the two of them can jointly put different perspectives to the Doctor. In fact I really like this softer version of the twelfth Doctor and both his new companions.

I did think the story was well-paced, well-acted and I liked that it was allowed to be about something and that its resolution tied back to its themes and the set up of the problem. I'm far from convinced it is really Oxygen's fault that I got distracted by picking holes.

Dept. of Union Stuff

May. 26th, 2017 01:01 pm
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My First Day of Vacation

I am in union negotiations. Yay. 

And one of the folks across the table from me is a World Class Grade A Union-Hating Dick.

A fucking dick.  

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May. 26th, 2017 12:42 am
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very satisfying to note down every tiny instance of noise between 10 PM and 6 AM, though. description including dates, times, specific words i was able to understand, how many people i was able to hear, how far into this flat the noise could be heard (as far as the kitchen door, which means it passed through a solid wall and about five meters of empty space, as far as the other room, which means a solid wall and at least ten meters of empty space)... i was lenient for the longest time, they turned it into a classic case of "give them your little finger and they grasp the whole hand". now i'm going to rip their fucking hand off instead. see how they like it.

("omg but you wouldn't want a family with kids to get in trouble with their landlord, would you??" if that's the only language they understand, then yes, i absolutely would. having children isn't and shouldn't be a get-out-of-jail-free card. a situation like this means that both parents and children are shitty people and need a reminder of how to behave in society.)

Two (Or Three) Things And A Meme

May. 25th, 2017 02:09 pm
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For those that might have used it, Imzy is shutting down. I never made a single post or comment, but I had registered at some point. I just never went back after that.

Rosario Dawson is reportedly in talks to play Cecilia Reyes in the New Mutants film; also, that film will apparently go full on horror. I'm not sure what to think about that.

Edit: Correction, it's three things of note. It turns out the Icelandic version of Dracula--Powers of Darkness--is really Swedish.

From the article: "First he assumed that Makt myrkranna would be a straight translation of the Swedish publication, but then he found out that the Swedish text is more complete and contains scenes neither described in Dracula nor in Makt myrkranna. And the madman Renfield is still in the story, among others."

So there's that! And on World Dracula Day, no less.

And here’s a meme that I thought it might be fun to try.

meme: If you were to remix one of my stories, 1.) what would it be and 2.) what would you do. TELL ME.

For all of my stories, it’s sort of spread out across Ao3 and the ‘fanfic I’ve written tag’.

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May. 25th, 2017 07:44 am
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side effect of combining hada labo premium and nivea cream: the usually thick and greasy cream practically liquifies on my skin. a lot like applying it to moist skin, but far less unpleasantly squidgy. i'm not complaining!

also, one thing that i think has made a real difference to my skin: mandelic acid. glycolic acid didn't help much, neither did salicylic acid, but mandelic acid, which shares some properties of both, seems to help. true to my usual approach, i bought a small bottle of 70% mandelic acid and diluted it down to 10% (far lower price per ml than if i'd bought 10%), which i use daily. i did wonder whether that seller was genuine, but the product i got tested fairly acidic, smelled like bitter almonds and my skin seems to respond to it well, so that's good enough for me.

In Extremis

May. 24th, 2017 10:35 pm
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I have mixed feelings on this week’s episode.


Spoilers )


WIP meme

May. 24th, 2017 10:38 pm
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Memed from [personal profile] lost_spook and [personal profile] liadtbunny, a WIP meme. Though given the amount of writing I've done in the past five months, the possibility of any of these seeing the light of day seems remote:

WIPs follow )

The Randomiser: The Daleks

May. 24th, 2017 07:42 pm
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I have vague memories of starting to watch The Daleks once and then giving up because I felt it was too dull and slow-paced. This rather surprises me now. I'm not sure if that is age, or watching it much more episodically, or simply that I'm now more used to the pacing of 1960s Doctor Who. At any rate, I thought it went along at a pretty decent pace all told and while the plot wasn't exactly full of twists, it did keep progressing from Dalek city, to the forest, to the lake and the caves and then back to the city again.

Much has been written about the design of the Daleks and its contribution to their success. It's difficult not to be impressed. Even today most Doctor Who monsters definitely adhere to the "man in a suit" model, so seeing something from so early in the show that really doesn't look remotely like a man in a suit. The fact that the fundamental design of the Daleks has altered so little since then is probably a testament to its longevity. Even the sink plunger which ought to tip them over into the ridiculous seems to work, and to continue to work. While the design of the Daleks has been much praised, the design of their City is also pretty impressive, both in terms of the exterior shots of the whole city and the internal corridors. There isn't anything in this story that looks risible and a great deal of it looks very good indeed.

Some of the dialogue is also surprisingly nuanced for Doctor Who and a reminder that, at this point in time, its writers viewed it as an ensemble show. I'm particularly thinking of the discussion in the forest over the morality of pressurising the Thals to help them, though I'm not quite sure (even in 1963) why the dynamic of this is the Doctor and Barbara attempting to persuade Ian to persuade the Thals, as if the Doctor and Barbara can't have a go at a bit of persuading themselves. In fact, I'm not at all sure what this story's attitude is to the concept of Ian as the leader. It seems to be implicit in quite a lot that happens, but then the script also undermines him - particularly in the sequence when it becomes clear that only Susan can venture back to the Tardis to fetch the anti-radiation drugs where Ian is basically a bit of a tit about the whole situation.

On the down side, the Thals are rather bland, more so than I remembered from the novelisation - though they do avoid the 1970s mistake of looking like a bunch of actors who have never done a day's physical labour in their lives. They are almost uniformly kind, thoughtful and a little bewildered looking - the only excepion really being Antodus who's cowardly and bewildered looking. My memory from the novelisation is that they were better differentiated than this, but the novelisation is a slightly different beast. I was aware that there was supposed to be a potential romance between Ganatus and Barbara and so spotted the various hints of this, but Tame Layman was a bit taken aback at the end when it was made more explicit in their farewell. Susan is also fairly ill-served by the story although I'm beginning to feel that Susan is often ill-served. While the Randomiser re-watches have improved my opinion of many of the 60s era "screamer" companions, I think my opinion of Susan has dropped. Sadly, the most interesting thing about her is her background. Otherwise, an awful lot of the time, her role in any story just to scream hysterically and panic. Here she is given a moment to shine, when she fetches the anti-radiation drugs, but the script undermines her even then by focusing mostly on her fear and not on her bravery.

I don't know why I formed such a low opinion of this story the first time I came across it. It is mostly intelligently written, well-designed and pretty pacey to watch. As the story that first introduced the Daleks its significance in the history of Doctor Who is clear and it is a story which I think a moderately tolerant modern viewer could easily enjoy.

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May. 24th, 2017 06:30 pm
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the ordinary serum foundation in 1.2Y: too dark for my arm, just right for my face and neck. huh. probably because i don't buy into wearing sunscreen every single day and so my face and neck still got a little sun exposure during the winter and my arms didn't, actually. actually makes me kind of glad that i don't bother with the sunscreen thing, the even lighter shades only come with neutral undertones and there's no way that would work. so what if sun exposure contributes to skin aging, if we go by the whole "look at your mother, that's how you'll look one day if you don't wear sunscreen" thing, i'll reach age fifty and still get mistaken for being younger than i really am. and she actually uses no skincare at all! don't think that whoever came up with that phrase thought that it could backfire like this.

i've only tried it on my face once as of now, but so far, i like the effect. it seems pretty good at evening out the fading old pimple marks. now if only the two scabs i still have on my chin were gone, makeup that can cover up scabs without making them look even worse is almost nonexistant. (though to be fair their continued presence is partially my own fault, i can't always stop myself from picking at them.)

haven't received my coverage foundation yet because as the page says, the demand for all their foundations was fucking overwhelming. i'm not surprised, i love these superfluid foundations, so much easier to blend in than traditional liquid foundations and you usually only need a tiny amount. and this brand already had a reputation for good low-frills products at low prices.

The Last Line Meme

May. 23rd, 2017 12:29 pm
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Because I think we all need some mindless stuff at the moment, have a meme that I took from [personal profile] musesfool.

Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favorites, or the most recent ones.

1. There was still happiness yet to come...for both the living, as well as for the undead. Wrap The Cloak Of Night Around His Shoulders. Dracula (1968), following the wedding between Seward and Mina.

2. With this bittersweet chapter concluded, they would see to the rest of their lives. Let The Shadows Become Your Shroud. Crimson Peak (2015). That’s basically Alan and Edith limping off to see to their wounds, mourn Thomas, and just live, in the aftermath of a massive exorcism of a ghost from reality itself.

3. There was solace in the shadows, for both young and old vampires alike. Give Your Soul To The Night. Fright Night (1985). Jerry is revelling in winning as quietly as he can, while settling down for a nap, surrounded by turned teenagers, in his coffin in the basement.

4. Only the dead remained. Blood Begets A Curse Anew. Legend (1985). It probably is as grim as it sounds, as Darkness basically teleported a changed Lili (help me; I keep writing Lucy) out of the dining hall, after teleporting the goblins away to somewhere presumably unpleasant. Oh, and should anyone be curious about this story, do beware of a bit of animal sacrifice at the beginning, and references to torture in the middle.

5. And we gladly feast on those that would subdue us. Because We’re Addamses. Wednesday Addams is thinking, and thereby reiterating a statement made in the first Addams Family film.


Our current reccer is [personal profile] clocketpatch.

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