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Story: What Rassilon Hath Joined Together…
Author: x_los
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 7481
Author's Summary: Utter crack. After Five Doctors, the Doctor fails to escape Responsibility and, to add insult to injury, is presented with a long-outstanding marriage contract.
Characters/Pairings: Ainley!Master/Fifth Doctor
Warnings: Explicit Sex with consent issues, spanking

Recced because: It’s cracky, it has arranged marriage and weird Time Lord marriage costums and it has hot sex. Do I need to say more? Well, it’s also amazingly written. The character voices are great. There are nice bits about their romantic backstory and the emotions feel all very true. There is also a sequels story to this, that’s worth reading.
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Story: Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed
Author: x_los
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 11771
Author’s Summary: Stealing the contents of the Matrix from Gallifrey’s capitol is easy! And so is a desperate, naïve Theta Sigma. Depending on where you are in your personal time-line.
Characters/Pairings: Delgado!Master/Theta , Theta/Koschei, future Doctor/future Master
Warnings: none

Recced because: I wanted to end on a happy note, and this is the fic I always reread when too much angst has gotten me down. Which isn’t to say the fic is fluff – parts of it are rather a bit angsty – but you can’t have an up without a down. The journey has plenty of emotion, meaning that it really earns its satisfying, heartwarming conclusion.

Best of all, the coda is cleverly set in some ambiguous future, which makes it the ultimate handwave-y fix-it. No matter what sadness has just aired on my TV, this fic is able to reassure me that one day everything will be okay.


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Story: Fourteen
Author: x_los
Summary: They were sleeping together at eight. In the literal “sharing a bed” sense.
Characters: Koschei and Theta aka The Master (Academy era) and The Doctor (Academy era), Ushas aka The Rani (Academy era.) Koschei/Theta pairing.
Word Count: 3411
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Recced because: Adorable Academy era friends to lovers Koschei/Theta story. Covers their friendship from age eight when they looked into the Vortex through the time they make love for the first time. Sweet, funny, warm and fuzzy, with a touch of drums related angst. Told from Koschei’s point of view, as he comes to realize that he wants to be more than friends with Theta.
Excerpt: “The next dream Koschei could remember was several nights later. Theta and Drax were starting up an all-ukulele musical act, but since they’d failed to properly instruct Koschei and Ushas in the ukulele arts, they would have to accept Ushi on tambourine and Koschei on the drums. There was some trouble about getting booked he really couldn’t remember the next day. The weird thing, he thought as he shaved his recently arrived facial hair, carefully omitting the fuzz at his upper lip (he was trying to grow a moustache), was that none of them even really liked Drax. He just sort of hung around. Koschei couldn’t imagine why he’d dream that Drax would be in lead-ukulele position opposite Theta when he was the clear choice for the role.”
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Story: Supreme Courtship
Author: x_los
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 6023
Author's Summary: From the Best Enemies Kink Meme: "Legally Blonde (the musical) crossover, Ainley!Master/Davison!Callahan. The Master is surprised to find an older version of the Doctor working as a cutthroat lawyer, but it's okay because older men are hot." Now with more Eight and Lucie, because Sheridan Smith!Elle Woods could not be ignored.
Characters/Pairings: Five/Ainley!Master, Eight, Lucie

Recced because: OK, so, logic dictates that I should probably choose something a bit more accessible (and I did say more serious... and I doubt x_los will thank me), but I want to rec this one, so, er, here it is!

Regarding the accessibility issue though and to bring us all up to speed, know this:
In 2010 'Legally Blonde: The Musical' (surprisingly excellent, despite being a musical adapated from a film)(which I also think is surprisingly excellent) opened on London's West End starring Sheridan Smith (who plays Eight's companion Lucie Miller) as Elle Woods, and Peter Davison (Five) as Professor Callahan, who is much more villainous than the movie version of the same character (one of his songs is called 'Blood in the Water') but who still makes a move on Elle towards the end. This spiffy video advert they did has some fun visuals of Smith as Elle, and Davison as Callahan (dancing). Really all you need to know is that Five's been chameleon-arched and now thinks he's a lawyer. I just think the Legally Blonde stuff is a fun background.

Anyway, so it's a good and amusing idea. Five is so totally unlike Callahan, who is quite like Ainley!Master. There's a lot of humour to be derived from that and from misunderstandings, etc, and if you're read other x_los stuff you'll know she's good at humour. She's also very good at a) writing porn - so if you like that sort of thing, there is some of that and b) writing the Doctor/Master relationship. Nothing is easy and no conversation isn't actually a confrontation, but they like each other enough that it works if either of them are willing to admit it.

This fic also has something else to recommend it - Eight and Lucie! One of my all time favourite Team TARDISes. They are very good here, particularly Lucie, who brings some fun meta-commentary on the Doctor/Master relationship towards the end. In short: I like this fic very much – I hope you enjoy it.

Excerpt - this is Eight and Ainley, discussing options )
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Story: Survival Take One: Failure Rate
Author: x_los
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Seventh Doctor/Master (Ainley)
Summary: Crack!Response to Survival. The Master employs amazing long-term pick-up strategies, at the expense of the Doctor's sanity and Bernaz the Sentient Muskrat of Woe.
Why recced: Perfect crack! Everything that is ridiculous about the episode “Survival” (and Ainley Master’s plots in general) and everything that is ridiculous about the Doctor/Master pairing is made fun of brilliantly and hilariously.
Excerpt: “Can’t you ever just ask me out on a normal date?” the Doctor shrieked. “The Cheetah Planet? For Rassilon’s sake, I just want to go to the Olive Garden and order Veal Parmesan or something! Instead I’m trapped for an unknown period on a planet of frankly ridiculous looking carnivores with you licking your fangs at me–goddamit, Koschei! I just wanted some appetizers and white wine! Maybe a Bellini! Why in nine hundred years have you never done the decent thing by me and bought me a Bellini?!”
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Story: Doctor Who and the Terrible Heron
Author: x_los
Rating: G
Word Count: 1397
Author's Summary: The Doctor's sandwich-thieving reaps its terrible karmic reward.
Characters/Pairings: Jo Grant, Three
Warnings: None

Recced because: I could rec this solely on the basis that I too have been waiting for the Doctor to reap his terrible karmic reward since he stole poor Jo’s sandwiches in The Sea Devils. But I would also like to point out that the interplay of Three and Jo (whom we really don’t get enough of in fanfiction, do we?) is perfectly in character and perfectly hilarious, with Three’s mix of arrogance and protectiveness and puffed-up angst, and Jo’s mix of kindness and ditziness and surprising moments of piercing insight. And even as you’re chuckling at the humor, there’s a sharp note of pathos in Three’s internal monologue about his lack of freedom compared to the heron, and in Jo’s efforts to keep his mind from traveling the dark routes he sometimes sets it on.

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And now for something lighter:

: Cafestrovalva
Author: x_los
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 13390
Author's Summary: “You could very easily be poisoning these people. You might be attempting to weaken this time line by feeding it a steady diet of anachronisms—softening it up in preparation for a larger plan. You might, Master, be capable of anything. Or at least of anything but running a tea shop.”
Characters/Pairings: Eight/Jacobi!Master

Recced because: This is the kind of Master I often love. When he acts more like Shalka!Master and is not as insane as Simm!Master. This is the Master who wanted to split the Universe with the Doctor. But instead of offering him the Universe he is now offering him tea ;) Eight is wonderful and flighty and petty and very very confuzzled. The Master has the patience of a saint ;)

Although I assume most D/M fans have already read this fic I felt I had to rec it especially since I was unsure of it at first and almost didn't read it. I'm so glad I did! And so should you! :D
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This is my last day of reccing - I'm sorry so many were of a similar theme, but I hope you've enjoyed some. Here I must trouble you once again with some more excellent Doctor/Master - and bizarrely it is yet more Four/Master, as if that is a common pairing one can easily over rec without caution...

Story: The Moment Has Been Prepared For
Author: x_los
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3955
Author's Summary: From the Best Enemies Kink Meme, "Four/Ainley - sex at Logopolis, in which they genuinely connect and the Doctor thinks the Master isn't so bad after all..." Now with more DOOM. Also a Prelude to Scarf Destruction.
Characters/Pairings: Four/Ainley!Master

Recced because: I think this is one of x_los's best fics, which is saying something because I love pretty much everything she's written. It's a fantastic character study of each of the characters (in general, and in these specific regenerations - at these specific and important points in their lives. Four at the end, Ainley at the beginning) and examination of the relationship between the Doctor and the Master. It's melancholy and thoughtful, like 'Logopolis', but not without hope - or humour. Four becomes so dour in his final stories that he needs someone like the Master (someone he knows of old, someone it's worth impressing) to challenge him and push him to be his old self just before he becomes his new self. It's a very important and transformative fic, both plugging a gap between 'Logopolis' and 'Castrovalva' and changing the way those stories and their central characters are viewed. Also the prose is very good. I hope you read and enjoy it.

Excerpt: ““We may die,” the Master said, explaining himself when he didn’t need to, pressing the Doctor when he’d already surrendered. “We should take this chance,”–he meant ‘you,’ as if he needed the persuasion–“it could be our last. This may fail, we might never–”

The Doctor spoke for himself, unequivocally. “It is, and it won’t. But I’m dying regardless.”

The Master gave him a troubled look, and spoke more sharply than he intended to. “What do you mean?”

“The Watcher paid me a visit.”
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Story: Five Times Lord Braxiatel Had Occasion to Regret The Doctor’s Exile Very Deeply Indeed (And One Time He Wished The Doctor Would Just Sod Off Forever)
Author: x_los
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 8119
Author's summary: The Doctor is many things to many people, but to Irving Braxiatel he is the universe's most annoying little brother.
Characters/Pairings: Braxiatel, Susan, Delgado!Master, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough, Ainley!Master, Sixth Doctor, Evelyn, Peri, Romana II, Leela, Eighth Doctor, Narvin
Warnings: spoilers for the Gallifrey audios in the final part

Recced because: It sucks to be the Doctor's older brother. It really, really sucks. And nobody knows that better than “Irving” Braxiatel. Luckily, nobody suffers quite as beautifully as Brax does, either, which is a good thing as this fic is pretty much as it says on a tin: an exercise in showing all the many ways that the Doctor has ruined Braxiatel's life. No, wait, let me rephrase that: all the many hilarious ways that the Doctor has ruined Braxiatel's life. Because this fic is one of the funniest I've read in a long while. And, oddly enough, it's one of the better character studies too.

The sound of a dematerialization made them all look towards the TARDIS–but she was showing no signs of immanent departure. Indeed her sturdy blue frame seemed to silently rebuke them for doubting her reliability. In the direction they’d all just turned from, someone coughed. In unison three heads swiveled back to the plant. A man in a human business suit hovered above the manzanita.

“You stop right there, Master, that plant is endangered!” Peri yelled, standing as if she planned to fight him off the bush.

“Peri,” the Doctor sighed, “not everyone who’s made unwise facial hair decisions and wants a chat with me is the Master. Sometimes it’s only Shakespeare, or, in this case, Irving Braxiatel.”
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Story: A Very Original Sin
Author: x_los
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 6,797
Author's Summary: “Just my friendly pet goosnake. He makes a much better companion than a cat: just as independent, sheds less hair, and he's very hypoallergenic.” After the TVM, Eight acquires an unorthodox companion.
Characters/Pairings: Eight, goosnake!Master, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because: I know x_los was last recced less than a week ago, so forgive me, but I would have been sad not to recommend this one. Where last week's rec was based around a clichéd premise, this is an 'original' one i.e. what would happen if after the TVM the Doctor had travelled with the ridiculous CGI gooey snake version of the Master (not dead - but of course) for a bit? Crack yes, but no more than 'canon' gave us, and oh what glorious crack it is. One of the things I like best about my OTP is the dialogue - but if the Master's a snake, he doesn't have any (not much, anyway) - fortunately Eight is a Doctor who can keep up his end of the conversation. Another thing, then, then I like about Doctor/Master is that it is a ship that spans the pretty ones and the not as pretty as Paul McGann ones. Goosnake fic should be ridiculous, but actually it's just business as usual because the Doctor is the Doctor, and the Master is the Master even if he's a snake made out of bad 90s CGI, and that's shown very well here. Also it's silly, and very funny, and very sweet.

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So okay, sorry about the delay. On to the rec!

Everything that [info]x_los has ever written is brilliant. EVERYTHING. But of course, some brilliant fics are more brilliant than others, and one of those extra-brilliant fics is The Crane Wife. If you like slave!fic, you will like this story. If you don't like slave!fic, you will probably like this story anyway.

Story:The Crane Wife
Author: x_los
Rating:  Adult
Word Count: 46282
Author's Summary: The Doctor, a half-human renegade Time Lord who's never so much as set foot on his father's home world, has had a really rotten day. As if dying weren't bad enough, now he's facing the auction block. The renegade Time Lord Emperor of Hestin makes an ill-starred impulse buy.
Characters/Pairings: AU Fifth Doctor / Ainley!Master.
Warnings: It's a WIP, but only has the last chapter to go. Also explicit sex involving domination and a few consent issues. 

Recced because: One of my favorite genres of fic is the cliche-done-right. The one that makes you realize why a subject is cliche in the first place: because it's awesome. This story is sweet, and adorable, and really funny. The Doctor and the Master, despite being alternate-universe counterparts, come off pitch-perfect. The descriptions are wonderful, the plot's engaging and well-paced, and the sex is really, really hot. What more could you ask for, other than the final chapter? 

excerpt )

EDITED to fix font size. It was too small, now it looks too big. Sorry, guys.
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Story: The Final Game
Author:[livejournal.com profile] x_los
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 19,170
Author's Summary: In which the Master wins, and the Doctor's attempts to talk his way out of it prove less than successful.
Characters/Pairings: Third Doctor/Delgado!Master
Warnings: Darkfic with consent issues.

Recced because: This story blew me away. I knew that x_los wrote some of the best Delgado!Master around, but I wasn't prepared for the power of this story and it nearly broke my brain. She understands them so well - their connection, their history, their obsessions - and she makes their relationship and all their questionable actions utterly believable. This is a very dark look at what the Master really wants from the Doctor and who these two men really are to each other.

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