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Story:Mr & Mrs Smith (Go to Lyrae)
Author: Significant Owl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count:4875
Author's Summary:"Yep, expect a perfect evening, I said that, I remember."
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Martha
Warnings: N/A
Recced because: Signficant Owl writes some of the best Ten/Martha I've come across - her Martha is the strong, funny, smart Martha who kicked ass in 'Smith and Jones', who Ten evidently fancied the pants off of, and who I wanted to see more of throughout Season 3. Mr & Mrs Smith (Go to Lyrae) was apparently written for the cliche challenge of characters pretending to be a couple, and it reminds me of nothing quite so much as classic screwball comedy. It's got brilliant rapid-fire dialogue, it's funny, it's sexy, there's moments of spot-on insight, and a misdirect that genuinely made me grin. Practically perfect in every way.
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Hey folks,
Many apologies for the late start to my reccing week; my brain has been occupied for the last few days with trying to wheedle a historic Scottish property into exhibiting a cake the size of a tennis table in its Great Hall....This may or may not tell you something about my taste in fic. At any rate, let the reccage commence :-)

Story: Here There Be
Rating:General (some swearing)
Word Count:32,036
Author's Summary: Rose Tyler battles Prehistoric Beasts, Torquay housewives and her new therapist.
Characters/Pairings:Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jake, Pete Tyler, Jackie Tyler, OMC
Recced because:This is one of the first fics I read when I was discovering Doctor Who, and in a lot of ways, it's still my benchmark as far as good fic is concerned. It's set in Pete's World after the events of 'Doomsday', and is both a terrifically well-written character piece that makes me thoroughly identify with Rose in a way that the show never quite managed to do, and is also a rollicking good tale to boot. The pacing is lively and built around a deadpan sense of humor and all of the characters are given unexpected, truthful, tender, plausible moments which really build on how Season Two left them. The original characters are just that and the dialogue fizzes throughout. And there's dinosaurs. Come on, guys, dinosaurs. Who doesn't love a T-Rex?


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