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Story: Oh, You Terrible, Delicious Fruit!
Author: Shelwass
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 278
Author's Summary: The Doctor's new mouth has very different tastes.
Characters/Pairings: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond
Warnings: None

Just a cute little morsel of a story!
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Story: All I Ask
Author: Johne
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1,589
Author's Summary: Admiral Blackadder is presented with a dilemma.
Characters/Pairings: The Fourth Doctor, Romana II, The Grand High Admiral of the Dark Segment, Captain Rum
Warnings: None.

I'm sorry for reccing two Four's in a row, I promise I'll mix it up more if LJ allows me to post. (Sure, blame LJ...) But this one is for ME. It's a Doctor Who/Blackadder crossover and my nipples exploded with delight when I found it.

Watch this... http://youtu.be/_EfW9znJYjw

Then watch this... http://youtu.be/nfYx_013UuY

Hell, watch all of Blackadder. Oh, and Doctor Who, too, of course.
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Here I am again, Singe the Ever-Unready, for the next week. I love light, humorous stories starring any Doctor and any Companion but I do tend to gravitate towards the Classic series. I will do my best to provide a mixed bag of New and Old, however. Let's go!

Story: Procedure
Author: eve11
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 737
Author's Summary: Foreigners never read the signs, and they never planned for security.
Characters/Pairings: The 4th Doctor and Leela
Warnings: None

Recced Because: eve11 is a consistently good author and this entire scenario of the Doctor and Leela (LEELA?!) being held up by airport security struck me as very, very funny.


The metal detector buzzed. Bleary eyed, Jake swiped a small plastic bowl from the stash at his side and set it on top of the X-ray machine for his partner manning the gate. Pedro was the tall and silent type, so without looking up, Jake said, "Remove all items from your pockets and try again."

"Really?" came a booming voice. Jake looked up. A pair of bulging eyes blinked back at him from under a shock of brown curly hair. "Are you sure?"
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Title: Technical Training
Author: lyricwritesprose
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Warnings: threats of violence
Characters: Leela, the Doctor (fourth)
Author Summary: Speak clearly. Let it know who's in charge. And above all, show no fear.

Recced Because: It's short, sweet and hilarious! Leela and the Doctor's technology come to an understanding, by god...
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Title: Interlude
Author: betawho
Rating: All Ages
Warnings: None
Word Count: 322
Characters: Doctor #11, adorable alien kids
Author's Summary: It's not all about saving the world.

Recced Because: AWWWWWWWWWWW! It's such a nice break to read a piece of pure fluff every once in a while.
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Here is a Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover that had me rolling on the floor. According to (Mr.-Not-Appearing-In-This-Story) the Doctor, who can speak Baby, naturally, infants lead a powerful inner life. Here is a slice of the thoughts of Stormageddon as he meets his new and terrible Nemesis. No, it's not a cat. Read it, it's hilarious, brilliantly written, and the ending adds a layer of emotion and purpose that goes beyond a simple comic story.

Story: Babes and Sucklings
Author: Prochytes
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 537
Author's Summary: In which Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, finally finds an adversary worthy of his attention.
Characters/Pairings: Stormageddon, mysterious Other
Warnings: None
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Hello! Ya'll belong to ME this week! I do love Classic Who but I'll do my best to bring a mix of New Who and maybe some Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures in to mix things up a little.

Story: Dreams and Memories (The Oneirology Remix)
Author: KindKit
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 303
Author's Summary: Zoe, Jamie, and the Third Doctor, dreaming.
Characters/Pairings: Zoe, Jamie, 3
Warnings: None

Recced because: Usually I'm all about the humor but I do appreciate a whallop of sheer heartbreak every once in a while. This triple-drabble explores the ultimate fates of these three friends after the Time Lords forcibly separated them (an act which has always made me seethe) and, like I said, it's heartbreaking but beautifully written and underscored with just the faintest line of hope.


Apr. 17th, 2011 09:34 pm
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I do beg your pardon for not having a rec yesterday but my electricity was out thanks to a million tornadoes flying up my ass here in Raleigh, NC. (I'm fine, not even my petunias were dented but...dang.) So, not being in a lighthearted mood, I've decided to go for a more serious story rather than the funny fluff I usually rec. Thank you for having me this past week!

Story: Prejudice
Author: March Hare
Rating: Teen-ish
Word Count: 3,616
Author's Summary: "1969. The end of the greatest decade the human race had ever known. Martha Jones resolves a crisis, almost makes a friend and learns that she doesn't really know the Doctor at all. DW/Withnail & I crossover, spoilers for Blink."
Characters/Pairings: Withnail, I, Martha Jones, the Tenth Doctor
Warnings: After-effects of drug abuse.

Recced Because: It's another brilliant crossover. Withnail and I is a hilarious (on the surface) movie that stars Paul McGann as the unnamed 'I' and, if you somehow didn't know, he's also the actor who played the Eighth Doctor. You don't need to have watched Withnail and I to understand what's going on, March Hare's characterization of everyone is flawless. She also combines both universes seamlessly and shows us what effect seeing a double (?) of his former self does to the 10th Doctor during the time when he and Martha are trapped in 1969 during the events of Blink. I'm so glad I stumbled across this.

When Martha woke up early the next morning, she was still in the armchair. But now she had the tattered afghan from the sofa wrapped around her, and there was an angel pouring a cup of coffee in the tiny kitchenette. At least, that was how the man seemed to Martha, now that he was calm, upright and sober: weak and grainy city sunlight gilding his curls, softening the angular lines of his face, gentling his expression from ill and worried into something more contemplative.
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Story: All Due Concern
Author: birdsarecalling
Rating: All Audiences
Word Count: 710
Author's Summary: "In which the Brigadier longs to travel to a future where caller ID has been invented."
Characters/Pairings: Doctor Three, the Brigadier
Warnings: None

Recced Because: Notice how most of my recs have a humorous bent? That ain't gonna ever change. THIS story is a gem. The Brigadier couldn't help the Doctor but Sigmund Freud would have had a field day.

"Listen to me: I have reason to believe that the future of humanity is in very grave danger!" The Doctor's voice crackled over the phone line. "You must alert all UNIT command centres at once."

"Grave danger?" Alistair perked up. "Is it Silurians?"

Alistair liked Silurians. They were a respectable threat for a respectable military operation. None of this nonsense with mad yetis and killer flowers -- a man could feel proud of his place in the world, when he spent his days beating back genocidal lizard warriors for Queen and country.

"Of course it's not Silurians," the Doctor said, heedless of the way in which Alistair deflated against his pillow. "I've had a dream."
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Story: Malfunctions
Author: Shen
Rating: All Audiences
Word Count: 362
Author's Summary: "Sometimes, things don't go as planned. A suite in three drabbles."
Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor, Rose
Warnings: None

Recced Because: It's a pleasant, romantic and hilarious little bite of fic. I enjoyed it!

“This is your fault.”

“MY fault? Who here tripped an obvious rope trap?”

“Who didn't tell me he was making a bloody rope trap?!”
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Story: Friends in Low Places
Author: cordelialear
Rating: All audiences.
Word Count: 1,027
Author's Summary: "Otis invites a lost stranger home, wherever that may be."
Characters/Pairings: The Tenth Doctor, Otis the Town Drunk

Recced Because: I love it so much I have tears in my eyes. A Doctor Who/Andy Griffith crossover! My day is absolutely made. Even better, the quality is excellent. Cordelia's a good, descriptive writer and her characterizations, of all the characters, are spot on. It's a simple story, Otis gets some extraterrestrial help as he drunkenly staggers 'home,' and it's very funny and a little touching, too.

"What's your name?I don't mean to sound rude, honestly. I just, sort of... am." The man sounded so resigned about this fact that Otis couldn't help but chuckle. The man laughed with him. It was nice to have company on this walk.
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Story: And the Greatest of These is...
Author: morgeil
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 636
Author's Summary: "The strongest of them all?"
Characters/Pairings: Ian, Barbara
Warnings: None

Recced Because: It's a short and sweet bit of hurt/comfort between Ian and Barbara. Even the strongest will react to all that's been thrown at them. And who is the strongest of the original Team Tardis anyway?
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Hello! I'm back and, thanks to my awkward work schedule, most of my recs will show up around midnight-ish. I do apologize. Onward!

Story: Even the Smallest Ripple
Author: aces
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2,510
Author's Summary: "It wasn’t a fine day, but stumping was stumping, and Americans had always loved their politics."
Characters/Pairings: Eight, Sam, Fitz
Warnings: None
Recced Because: I do love a little actual history when it pops up in WHO and this features American history no less. Just a quiet story that, considering American politics as it is today, made me reflect quite a bit. And I love the humor.

The wind howled through the trees and over the grass on the campus grounds, and the crowd in front of the platform huddled together en masse against the cold. There were thousands of people there that day, and it was before such a thing as PA systems; the Doctor wondered how many people could actually hear the speakers. Fitz had taken Sam’s other arm again, though the Doctor couldn’t tell if he was being polite or just trying to find a way to warm up some small part of his body. Sam was snug as could be, the Doctor knew; she’d put jeans on under her skirt.
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My last rec. *sings* "IIIII'm so glaaaad we had this time togetherrrr!"

Title: An Experiment of Sorts
Author: Stunt Muppet
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 1,873
Author's summary: "Everyone needs a new challenge, from time to time. Post-ep for Inferno, written for the Cliche-Swap Ficathon."
Characters: Doctor 3, Liz Shaw
Warnings: None

Recced because: The characterization is perfect. Here is Liz Shaw, a prickly, tough woman as self-contained as an oyster and about as inviting, making the Doctor an offer to jolt him out of his blues. Not that kind of offer but certainly one she was surprised at herself for making.

The story flows beautifully, Liz and the Doctor are spot-on, it's funny, it's sad, it's relate-able (would we have the guts to do what Liz did? I don't think I would.) and it's simple. I loved it. The only complaint I have is Stunt Muppet doesn't go into What Happened Next. Not that she needs to. Always leave your audience wanting more.

So she does and, hopefully, so I do, too. Goodbye, folks! I can't come back I don't know how it works! Goodbye!

“I’ve been to that moon once,” he continued, ignoring her, “not so long ago. One of the great metropolises of the galaxy. The central plazas were covered in mosaics — miles of them, chips of stone no bigger than a thumbnail forming these exquisite patterns.” He laughed. “Called their planet ‘Rathesei’. ‘Golden’. But here? No. Gamma Cephei alpha beta. That’s not even a name, it’s a — it’s a designation, is what it is. It’s a serial number. A whole civilization, nothing but a serial number.”

She peered up in the direction he’d pointed. Cephei, he’d said; a star in Cepheus, perhaps? It would be high in the sky at this time of night. No planets had been found out there yet; from here even the most advanced telescopes could see only empty space and those faraway points of light. It occurred to her, as if for the first time, that there could very well be dozens of planets, orbiting every star in every constellation (statistically improbable but nicely poetic in service of a point), just out of sight, just out of reach of their instruments.

She was tempted, as she sometimes was, to ask him for more, to sit down and listen while he named faraway planets, telling probably half-true stories of his own adventures, just to hear their names and where they were. To know that the sky was rich with them, like some grand inverted sea.

She suspected this wasn’t a good time, though.
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Sorry for the very late rec but I didn't come crawling home from work until ass-o'clock.

Title: Hearts and Flowers
Author: JJPOR
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 1,014
Author's summary: "Love triangles can be a terrible thing, especially when one of the corners is a tin dog."
Characters: Doctor 4, Romana, K9
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's adorable and we needed a Valentine's Day story! I'd tell you more but I can't beat the author's own summary. Ahhhh, poor, wretched K9...

The Doctor looked at her in puzzlement as she frowned at the card in her hand. It had two large pink hearts on the front and a verse inside, which she proceeded to read aloud:

““Mars is red, police boxes are blue, the Eye of Orion is quite lovely at this time of the aeon, and so are you…”?” She looked up, frowning even more intensely: “Well, I can’t say I think much of the poetry.”
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Title: Home Field Advantage
Author: eve11
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 2,499
Author's summary: "I could beat you in any race on Grket. It's a simple fact." Entry for the 2010 Short Trips on audio writing contest."
Characters: Doctor 5, Turlough
Warnings: None

Recced because: I would crawl five miles over broken glass to stand in 5's garbage. That being said, this is a story about Turlough. Turlough, the surly malcontent, is having the unexpected time of his life using his high-gravity muscles on a low-gravity planet. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...some guy from Trion. The Doctor, even stronger than Turlough, is having less fun as he destructs his way across the land trying to help the inhabitants with not getting killed to death by an unnatural disaster.

God what a imaginative, well-written, beautifully characterized and funny story. Eve11's original aliens are a treat and their world is well-populated with fascinating critters. Best of all the low-grav aspect of it makes me want to go there and play, play, play. Great stuff. And I found myself truly liking Turlough which just proves what a good story this is, really.

The rootwood facade also served as a railing for a wedge-shaped veranda cut into the top floor, and it was onto this balcony that the Doctor found himself politely escorted.

"Please wait here for the completion of the scan," Technician Strrek said, peeling his hand from the Doctor's sleeve as he ushered him out of the laboratory.

"Yes, I'm terribly sorry-" the Doctor said, looking past Strrek's reedy, towering frame toward the monitors inside.

"As am I," Strrek interrupted, "for that is the second display console you have broken today."

Move On

Feb. 10th, 2011 11:03 pm
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Title: Move On
Author: Gentlehobbit
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 1,847
Author's summary: "Both the Doctor and the Face of Boe love watching waves crash and tumble in oceans, but each has a different reason."
Characters: Doctor 10, Doctor 11, the Face of Boe
Warnings: None

Recced because: Gentlehobbit can set a scene, to put it mildly. She takes us from alien beach to alien beach and you're THERE seeing, tasting, and smelling the beautiful, unusual waves as the Doctor, past and present, roams the sands searching for...not even he knows what. He thinks he knows what the attraction is but the Face of Boe (a character that fascinates me) knows better. It's a gently sad story but very effective and 10, 11 and the Face of Boe are characterized perfectly. This story's a lovely vacation.

When he saw the great tank accompanied by guardians, he gave a shout of joy and scrambled forward. Without a thought, he swung forward over a branch, dangled for a moment from his hands and then dropped, plunging into the waves. By the time he scrambled out onto the shore, the attendants had retreated, and he and the Face of Boe were alone.

The Doctor talked with delight about his adventures and the Face of Boe listened. And then, when his chatter wound down and his clothes were almost dry, the Doctor sat down, leaning his back against the tank. They both watched the sea.
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Title: Revelation of the Aubertides
Author: Vali
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 26,657
Author's summary: "A ragtag gang of female space pirates with no use for law and order, patriarchy or common sense take the Doctor and Romana hostage--and in the process, their ship becomes a new battlefield in a war thought long ended."
Characters: Doctor 10 and Romana
Warnings: None

Recced because: 10's popular so I was determined to rec something he was starring in but every story I clicked on over at Teaspoon pretty much made me hate him, David Tennant and anyone connected to both. My Teaspoon Roulette was weeeeeeak but [livejournal.com profile] eve11 came to my rescue with this story. I just finished it. I adored it. I admit to having reservations about the Man-Haters in Spaaaaace! aspect of it but Vali doesn't sink into cliche. These aren't Amazons or Alien Priestesses wafting serenely across the galaxy and the Doctor doesn't subdue or titillate them with his Manliness. The war they're suddenly fighting isn't the battle of the sexes either, it's one of the last shots of the Time War and it's done brilliantly.

'Aubertide's' long but packed with action, humor and heartbreak so it gallops along quickly. Each character is well-defined and lives and breathes with vitality. The detail is staggering but not overblown, I really envy Vali's sci-fi imagination. SO! There's Time War angst, 10 and Romana UST, fantastic alien worlds/cultures, creepy villains I wanted to strangle myself and pirates! PIRATES! C'mon!

"Hallo," it said, in appropriately high, childish tones. "I'm Harusa. I'm a space-pirate and I'm taking you with me."

Romana looked swiftly around the harbor, but saw no harassed-looking Borthosythian mums seeking a missing spawn. "Hello, Harusa," she replied. "I'm Romana. I'm a Time Lord and I'm afraid I must decline your invitation, I've business elsewhere."

Harusa considered this, forehead rippling with thought. "So what if I threatened to kill you!" she shouted, prodding Romana's leg a bit harder. "You have to come with me now, don't you!" She gazed up at Romana, uncertain. "You do, right?"

"I'm sorry," Romana said, "but I can't say I feel particularly threatened, and I do wish you'd stop poking at my knee. It's annoying."

Harusa mulled this over, double tongues darting out to catch a dragonfly veering off to the left, a flederkatze to the right. "Fine," she said, after much noisy chewing and swallowing, "so what would you say if I said we've got your friend the other Time Lord on our ship and we won't let him go unless you come along?" She put away the knife and, reaching into her bulging dress pockets, brandished a worn canvas trainer in triumph. "See?"

"I'd say it's good to know some things never change," Romana sighed. "Lead the way."
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Note: I get off work at miserable-o-clock at night so most of my recs are going to appear late in the evening. Sorry about that and sorry about another 6th Doctor rec. My last, I promise! I WILL spread the love around...

Title: Field Trip
Author: vvj5
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 5,482
Author's summary: "Ian and Barbara encounter an unexpected danger on their school trip. Luckily, the Doctor is there to come to their rescue. In a manner of speaking."
Characters: Ian, Barbara, Peri, the 6th Doctor, a pack of brats and a couple of monsters with tentacles.
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's funny as hell! Spot-on characterization as well. A well-written charmer from beginning to end.

“It could be him,” said Ian as they hesitated at the entrance. “It’s incredible, but you know how he is — was.”

She remained stubborn, merely giving a small shake of her head and then she put a hand to the TARDIS. “Ian, I don’t think I can. Not again -.”

“Well, either that, or we have to explain how we lost a dozen children on a field trip,” he said. “And while to lose one child might be counted a misfortune, to lose twelve -!”
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Hello, I'm Auntie Singe Addams and you'll be my captive for the next week. I'm a huge fan of the funny, weird and romantic side of WHO and I'll be reccing a wide range of stories starring many different Doctors and Companions, classic and current, as I can possibly find. Some of them may be a little rough around the edges but all will have one thing in common. They're entertaining!

First up...

Title: T
Author: schildkroet
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 1952
Author's summary: "While searching a library for a certain book, Frobisher finds something neither he nor the Doctor were looking for."
Characters: Frobisher and the 6th Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a quirky, well-characterized and humorous fic and I admit to being fascinated by Frobisher.

“Excuse me. Did the penguin just criticise the way I look right now?”


Our current reccer is [personal profile] clocketpatch.

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