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Well today is my last day as a reccer. I came into it thinking it would be easy to list my favorites and only limit it to seven. Boy, was I wrong I tried go for a variety of pairings and one fic per author. I did well on both but what I really wished to do is pick a author and list all my favorites from that author each day. I was hard trying to pick one just one from each author but is did. I have enjoyed it. I hope you have found some new and interesting fics and maybe found a new favorite fic or even a new favorite author. I definitely would not mind doing it again. I was a real learning experience.

Story: Shiver
Author: Absinthe
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 9072
Author's Summary: It's not all fun and games on a snowy world when Fitz meets a femme fatale
Characters/Pairings: Anji Kapoor, Fitz Kreiner, The Doctor (8th), The TARDIS
Warnings: none

Recced because: I have recently downloaded and watched the latest episodes of season 5 and Vampires of Venice reminded me of this fic and its sequels. Although it is not listed as a series there are 5 sequels. They can be read separately with no problem. You will have to look through the list of fics from the author to find them though. I would have listed them but I am having some trouble getting the Teaspoon site to work. I had this address saved in advance but did not think to do it for the sequels. Sorry.
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Story: The Masterplan
Author: aralias
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 11557
Author's Summary: Sequel to 'Wonderwall': At the Doctor's request, the Master helps end the Time War, makes the Doctor a lot of tea and has sex with him repeatedly. It's all very nice, which makes the Master wonder if he's losing.
Characters/Pairings: Romana II, The Doctor (8th), The Master (Roberts)
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Swearing

Recced because: Although this is the second in the series Wonderwall/Masterplan you really don’t need to read the first one to understand this. I eludes to the important parts. Although I would recommend reading because very good. I love this because the Doctor and Master get a happy ending and the time war is not lost. I like a happy end once in a while.

Rec: Faith

Jun. 11th, 2010 02:56 am
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Story: Faith
Author: whoisit
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 22981
Author's Summary: There is a prophecy surrounding Martha Jones' friend, Faith Wallace. Is she the Doctor's love of a lifetime?
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, The Doctor (10th), Unspecified Companion
Warnings: none

Recced because: Sometimes I don’t think the Doctor should be paired with one of his companions because they too in aw of him or I think he has the need to show off to keep them with him. So every now and then I like having someone that is not a companion be his love interest. I also like seeing the Doctor do domestic. This fic and sequels show him doing domestic and enjoying it. He has a job, a hobby, friends that aren’t former companions, the dreaded mortgage, and children. There a couple shorts that are just so sweet and funny involving his children. I just love them.
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Story: Alternatives: New Beginnings
Author: Persiflage
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 17227
Author's Summary: Trying to find his feet in Pete's World, the Human-Doctor learns something unexpected about himself and makes a new friend.
Characters/Pairings: Jackie Tyler, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Other Character(s), Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), Alt!Martha/The Doctor (Duplicate 10th),
Warnings: Swearing

Recced because: This is the first in a series called the Alternatives.I have read several fics that take place in the alt verse that has Rose quickly accepting the human!doctor and him quickly getting over the fact that he is now human and will never travel in the Tardis through space and time again. Although they are well written and I find them entertaining., I just find it unrealistic. He is now human and has part of the Doctor and Donna in him. Donna had a lot of problems having to do with the death of her father and how she was treated by her mother causing her, at least as I saw it, to have some real issues the most noticeable of which is her self esteem and her own self worth. They are a big part of who she is and I would think that he would have some those issues as well. They are never addressed in most fics. They are in this one. I see it as a big step in him figuring out who he is because no matter how much he is like the doctor and even has his memories he is not the Doctor. He can’t keep being defined by who The Doctor is, he needs to find his own identity and needs to know who he is to be happy. Also he I always saw him as mostly human he still has a Time Lord brain and if he was all human he could not handle it because I thought that was the problem with Donna. If he was completely human wouldn’t the Doctor had to do the same thing to the human!Doctor that he did to Donna. This isn’t addressed directly but he is shown as being not quite human as they thought after and incident at Torchwood. I also love this fic because it has alt!Martha and she is just great in this. She has come into her own without The Doctor and is now able to help his human self. The only real warning is there is a bit of Rose bashing. She is portrayed as being very immature and lack compassion towards the human!Doctor.
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Story: Indulgence
Author: ladymako71
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 5569
Author's Summary: I'll indulge you if you indulge me.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (10th)/Toshiko Sato
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because: Besides Jack my favorite character on Torchwood is Tosh. I always thought she deserved a nice holiday with lots of fun. Wink! Wink! What can I say I am in it for the smut.  Seriously,  I really see this as a tribute to Tosh. It begins with Jack and the Doctor talking about their memories of her. He tells him about their trip to Japan  when it was still isolated and did not allow foreigners and her fantasy fulfilled. There is a companion piece called Edo Nights that fills in some gaps in this story though it is not a sequel.
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Story: The Break In
Author: Just_Jack
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5714
Author's Summary: It was a boring day at the office for Torchwood. Or it would have been if there hadn't been a break in. But who is the mysterious criminal that has disabled all their defenses and will they be able to stop him? Find out!
Characters/Pairings: Donna Noble, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, The Doctor (10th), The TARDIS, Torchwood
Warnings: none

Recced because: This is the sixth part of a series called The Unexpected It can easily be read on its own. The series in of it self is interesting in the unique way in which The Doctor acquires his son. A son that is half Rose’s yet she nor The Doctor gave birth to him. He is made the Time Lord way. I whole series is just great and I recommend you start from the beginning but I just wanted recommend my personal favorite of the series to get people interested and to have a bit of a laugh. The summary for the whole series is the following:

There are a lot of fics out there where Rose has a hidden son. Well now the idea is on its metaphorical head. Rose is not the one who suddenly has unexpected offspring! For the first time in centuries the Doctor is a farther again. How is he going to cope? These are exerts from his, and his new son's, lives.
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Hello, I happy to be your reccer for the next seven days. You will see through my choices I love variety. I am game for anyone in a pairing with the doctor as long as it is well written and believable. You never know what you like till you try it. I hope for the next seven days my selections seem very interesting and that you might find a new favorite among them. All my posts will happen around the same time as this one.I don’t get much of a chance to use the internet until around this time perhaps a little later. Enjoy.

Story: Doctor Who and the Great Eclipse
Author: GM_Andy
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 214254
Author's Summary: The Time War left him shattered and alone. Experiments left her shattered with voices in her head. Survival threw them together. You aren't scared of the dark, are you? Before he met Rose - he had to live through this. 9th Doctor, River and Simon Tam, The survivors of the Hunter-Gratzner (special guest star: 8th Doctor, selected flashbacks). Slashy elements, pre-slash really. A Doctor Who-Firefly-Pitch Black crossover
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (8th), Richard B. Riddick, Richard B. Riddick/The Doctor (9th), Other Character(s)
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Swearing

Recced because:
It crosses 2 of my favorite shows and 1of my favorite movies. This is the second in a series called the Soul Web I skipped the first part of the series because I found it interesting I liked the crossovers of this series better. I like it because it is very well written, stays close to the Pitch Black plot, and a very interesting portrayal of The Doctor , the Time Lords and of the Time War. There are two sequels one completed and one that is a WIP that has no made it from FFN to Teaspoon. The Teaspoon site the one that are revised and has parts that require an adult rating that is not allowed on FFN.


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