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Well, this week has gone very fast indeed. Already we're at my final rec. I do hope you've enjoyed them all, or at least some of them. I've tried to give you a nice mixture of eras, from right across the history of the show. But there has been, you may have noticed, one notable omission. The Doctor's greatest foes have not made an appearance. Well, until today...

Story: Final Thoughts
Author: The Lonely God
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1082
Author's Summary: After the events of 'Resurrection of the Daleks', one of the Daleks survives the battle in the warehouse. It struggles to comprehend what has happened and begins to fear.
Characters: The Daleks, The Doctor (5th), Turlough
Warnings: None

Recced because: Doctor Who and the Daleks are bound together. You can't have one without the other. They're like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Posh and Becks. Shrek and Fiona. Sonny and Cher. Robson and Jerome. So it only seems right that, for my final rec, we get a Dalek story. But this isn't a typical one. It gives you a brand new perspective on the universe's angriest pepper pots and shows them to be... Oh, I won't spoil it. Read it and find out for yourself. 

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We all have demons. Mostly, though, they're inside our heads. But the Doctor's demons are real - Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans. They're tangible - he can see them and fight them and beat them. Except, sometimes, the Doctor has demons in his head, just like the rest of us. And even he knows that those are the worst kind.

Story: Silencing the Beast
Author: thebunnyinthetardis
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4666
Author's Summary: A mildly schizophrenic chiller in which the Tenth Doctor grapples with his oldest foe--one that knows him better than anyone else. But how can he escape when what he fears most is inside of him?
Characters: Donna Noble, The Doctor (10th)
Warnings: Minor swearing

Recced because: In this story, we find the Doctor haunted by a cruel, snide, and darkly funny aspect of his subconscious. But there's the idea that this dark side is not a new feature - the voices in the Doctor's head are always there. They'll never leave him, just as this story will never leave you. Long after you've stopped reading, you'll still be trying to work out what exactly happened and what it all means...
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Amy and Rory's relationship - with each other and with the Doctor - is the focus of the TV show at the moment. Everything seems to revolve around how they live (or don't) when the Doctor isn't around. But curiously, we very rarely actually see them without the Time Lord. Here's what they say and do when the TARDIS disappears.

Story: All Paths Leading Forward
Author: Queen of the Castle
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2463
Author's Summary: As Amy watched the TARDIS disappear, Rory thought that some part of her went with it.
Characters: Amy Pond, River Song, Rory Williams
Warnings: None

Recced because: This is a lovely little piece that takes familiar scenes from the series - often shortly after the TARDIS has left Amy and Rory behind - and spins off in new directions, placing the focus wholly on the companions. We get to see how the Ponds react to their life on Earth, without the Doctor, and get some fascinating insights into how they view a life outside of time and space. 

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I like Leela. She's different and unique. She's not afraid to kill, and she's as tough as the leather that (barely) covers her modesty. She's certainly not your typical 'screaming assistant' - and she's all the better for it. 

Story: Right of Passage
Author: shinyford
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5716
Author's Summary: The Doctor seems unwilling to take Leela on a trip, having just rescued her from her home world. Is there unfinished business under the three moon's of her planet's past?
Characters: Leela, The Doctor (4th)
Warnings: None

Recced because: Here we have a tale narrated by Leela herself. Her portrayal is spot-on, and it's fascinating to see the always-wonderful Fourth Doctor through her eyes. The story is full of danger and intrigue and lots of laughs. It's about a young girl who dreams of becoming a warrior, an ancient demon trapped within the TARDIS, and a mysterious stranger called Norman. Well, sort of. You'll see what I mean. 


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Fezzes are cool. The Doctor knows it, and now we all know it, too. It's simply a fact of life, one of those accepted rules of the universe and all of creation. It's the ultimate type of headwear. Forget the fedora or the Panama or even the Stetson - it's all about the fez. 

Story: Souvenirs
Author: doodleswriter357
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1080
Author's Summary: The Doctor doesn't just like to wear a fez because it looks cool. It's a memory of someone important and a promise that he made to himself.
Characters: Susan Foreman, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (1st)
Warnings: None

Recced because: The fez is an icon, a cultural symbol that's come to represent the Eleventh Doctor and, perhaps, all of modern Doctor Who in general. Which is odd because it seems like the Doctor just stumbled across one in The Big Bang and randomly started wearing it. Did we miss something? Is there a deeper story here? Of course there is. And now you can read it. 

I, Zygon

Sep. 18th, 2012 11:16 am
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Ever wonder what a Zygon's thinking? Of course you do, you're only human. Or maybe you're a Zygon in disguise. Even if you are, I'm sure you'll enjoy this tale about one of Doctor Who's most popular monsters - after just one single appearance! Now that's impressive. So is this story.

Story: I, Zygon
Author: Al B Dickerson
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 7805
Author's Summary: Zygons? Stupid, shouty Zygons? They're all dead, aren't they?
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Zygons
Warnings: None

Recced because: Poetic is not a word you might associate with the Zygons, or indeed any Doctor Who monster. Except for maybe the Carrionites... But here the Zygons are given more depth than ever before, and we're given a glimpse into their heart and their soul in a way that is pure poetry. A genuinely alien culture explored in a genuinely alien voice. Want to know more about the Zygons? Now's your chance.
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Hello, everyone! I'll be reccing for you this week! For anyone who doesn't recognise the username, I'm known as TheRelativeDimension over on Gallifrery Base, and you might have seen some of my fan fiction under the name Samuel Marks. Anyway, enough about me. Let's get started!

Story: Yuletide, with Bars of Iron
Author: King Rat
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1295
Author's Summary: The Doctor always feels most despondent about his captivity on these cold, clear nights. Can anything break him out of his despair?
Characters/Pairings: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Jo Grant, Liz Shaw, Mike Yates, Sergeant Benton, The Doctor (3rd), The TARDIS, UNIT
Warnings: None

Recced because: I have some good news for you all - there are only 98 days until Christmas! I bet that cheered you up, didn't it? So, to celebrate, here's a brilliantly sweet festive tale for you all.

Modern Doctor Who is so inextricably linked with Christmas that it seems hard to imagine how (or why) the Classic series didn't often refer to it. I never thought of the Third Doctor sipping mulled wine as he sits beneath a Christmas tree and opens his presents. But as it turns out, that's sort of what he did...


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