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Waves! Hello all, I'm Clocketpatch and I will be your reccer for the next fortnight. I have a mix of stories to share with you, though I'll admit in advance that the balance does skew towards Twelve, which is probably quite appropriate with the new series airing.

Honest Mistakes
Author: Singwithin
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 888
Author's Summary: The Doctor is on a mission, Clara is acting strange, and Buckingham Palace has entirely too many corridors.
Characters/Pairings: Clara Oswin Oswald, The Doctor (12th)
Warnings: None

Recced because:
This is a short fic but it packs in a fun bit of plot (Alien invasion! Undercover investigation!), along with some good Twelfth Doctor characterisation. I think Twelve’s character has evolved somewhat over the past few series, and this fic has his early days’ insults and face blindness down pat. I did have a brief “come on” moment, because surely Twelve was never quite as oblivious as the plot necessitates, but the epilogue and author’s note explain all, and left me grinning and wondering how Twelve will end up unraveling the mess he’s got himself and Clara into.

Buckingham Palace was nothing but dimly-lit corridors, faceless red uniforms, and dizzying amounts of bowing and curtsying, and the Doctor had had quite enough of it, thank you. Checking his coat pockets one last time to make sure the Shodani circuit was secure, he set about obtaining the information he needed to make his escape.

The Doctor grabbed the nearest uniform by the sash, spinning him around to face him.

"Have you seen my friend?" he demanded of the startled man. "Short, brown hair, sticky-up nose. Probably wearing a skirt."

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