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And that's it from me! I hope you enjoyed the recs this week - it's certainly been great fun bringing them to you. Let's end on a high note with...

Story: No Names, No Regrets
Author: nonelvis
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1807
Author's Summary: "Prompt: Nine/River, "no names, no regrets." Includes light bondage."
Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor/River Song
Warnings: light bondage (as per tin)

Recced because: An uncommon pairing, an excellent set-up and flawless execution. You know those fics you read and you just can't stop nodding the whole way through because you're thinking, "Canon. Yep, definitely canon. Oh, that is so canon"? Well, YMMV (everyone's does) but this story hits that spot for me. Nine is an adorable rogue in that "of course I want to but you'll have to convince me" way of his, and River is a very considerate and inventive ex-bespoke psychopath from the future. Their time together may be brief, but it's delightful while it lasts.


"Come with me."


She tilted her head towards a poorly lit corridor opposite the dance floor. A glass heart glowing the same shade of iridescent pink as the bar hovered over the corridor entrance.

"My friends …" He gestured to the dance floor. "I shouldn't leave them."

"That's very loyal of you, but it doesn't sound like much fun."

"Who said I'm not having fun? I've got a drink with a little brolly in it. It even opens and closes, see? Don't tell me that's not fun."

"There's fun," the blonde said, lips suddenly close to his ear, "and there's fun."


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