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Story: Voices like Bittersweet Needles
Author: Novemberchild
Rating: Adult/R
Word Count: 7,741
Author's Summary: The Doctor has these boxes throughout the TARDIS. Small cubes, with a light shining outward. Jack is pretty sure they're not just lamps.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness/Eleventh Doctor, TARDIS
Warnings: Explicit Sex - Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Standalone

Recced because: This story is what drew me to this author (and happily from this, we have become very dear friends)! Novemberchild has a unique and powerful grasp of what drives a character - and definitely is not afraid to push limits, boundaries and pressure points to drive a story. Each tale from this writer has a raw, gritty quality that leaves you rooting for more, even as you fear (for) and exalt (with) the characters. Good or evil, her take on these beloved characters will grip you and you will walk away with insights that make you question and fall in love all over again. This story especially gripped me, as I know the Eleventh Doctor holds his pain close and is very selfish about sharing. Jack is one to not quit though. Our Captain has always been one to push the envelope, even if the consequences are ones he prefers to not face. Both of these characters have such big hearts, are so desperate lonely - and have that fear of opening up. But they do have that drive to care, to help others. Let this author show you how they can do those things together, for each other, as only Jack and the Eleventh can!

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