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Title: Flight
Author: ponygirl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1062
Author's Summary: It's not her father's two-seater plane, but it will do.
Characters/Pairings: Tegan, Fifth Doctor
Warnings: None

Recc'ed Because: I love how it just throws the user right into the action, telling a much longer story in a few short scenes. The visual style and details bring the action to life, and the characterization is wonderful. It's great to see Tegan's history with aviation, and her fortitude. We all remember the Doctor's words of "Brave Heart, Tegan" but it's nice to be reminded once in a while that she is exactly that.

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Story: The Library of Blank Books
Author: ponygirl
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5348
Author's Summary: Deserted libraries are creepy enough when the books have words in them. Let alone when the books are empty, and hungry.
Characters/Pairings: Ace McShane, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (7th), The Doctor (9th)
Warnings: no standard warnings apply

Recced because: Rose and Ace are two of the least likeliest companions to meet each other in the history of the Doctor's timeline. I really like that Rose and Ace get along well in this fic.
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Story: Ozymandias in Hell
Author: ponygirl
Rating: None given (Teen seems a safe bet)
Author's Summary: Written for the "Old Clichés Made New" fic challenge on Livejournal. Martha learns about a side of the Doctor she hasn't seen before. Well, make that nine sides, actually.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: None
Word Count: 7,881

Recced because: Ponygirl has an amazing gift for storytelling, and the tense but careful pacing of a longer story showcases this brilliantly. Her characterisation of each of the Doctors is flawless, but it's her interpretation of Martha that steals the show - even the most contradictory facets of her character come together for her terrifying and wonderful exploration of the Doctor's mind, of the Time War, and of everything that came after. While this may seem like a been-there-done-that scenario, the author admirably accomplishes the "Made New" part of the challenge, and the fic as a whole feels beautifully mysterious and different and unknown, and, more than that, it feels real and true to each character.

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Story: Object Impermanence
Author: Ponygirl
Rating: None given
Author's summary: Nothing lasts forever. A coda to Big Finish #91: Circular Time - Autumn, by Paul Cornell.
Characters/Pairings: Fifth Doctor, Nyssa
Warnings: None given and having just re-read it I can't think of any offhand.
Word Count: 2,256

Recced because: There isn't enough good Nyssa fic in the world (unless it's all hiding from me) and this is possibly my very favourite. Please don't be put off by the fact it's tied to one of her audios, I do think it can stand on its own. Ponygirl, whether intentionally or not, has managed to put all the major points of the audio into the fic so I think it's quite easy to follow. And obviously, if you've heard Circular Time and enjoyed it, this fic is a must. It continues on from part 3 of that audio in being a lovely look at Nyssa and her grief for her whole people and planet, something the show doesn't really go into at all. Five and Nyssa are absolutely spot on in it and given the new series, the irony of the Doctor comforting someone else on the loss of their entire planet probably isn't lost on anyone.
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Story: Fear and Freedom
Author: ponygirl
Rating: General
Word Count: 9153
Author's summary: It's a government out of control, and the Sixth Doctor has dropped them right in the middle of it, as usual. But he and Evelyn are not alone, and their new allies have familiar faces...
Characters/Pairings: Sixth Doctor, Susan, First Doctor/Evelyn Smythe, Barbara, Ian
Warnings: Implied sexual assualt (offscreen) and some violence.

Recced because: It's a clever, engaging, well-written story about a less appreciated Doctor.

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In ponygirl's “Fear and Freedom,” Evelyn and the Doctor have arrived in the dystopian near future: America of the mid-twenty-first century. What they don't expect, however, is that they aren't the only Doctor and companion involved in events—Susan, Barbara, Ian and the First Doctor are here too and things are about to get a bit more complicated, given that Susan and the Sixth Doctor have both been arrested and sent to a processing center.

Ponygirl's character voices are immensely well-done. The reunion of the Sixth Doctor with Susan is touching and the flirtation between Evelyn and the First Doctor is really quite sweet. I'd recommend this fic to everyone—even if you aren't familiar with either era of the show, it's still a very good fic.
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Story: Pretenders
Author: ponygirl
Rating: None, but I'd call it Teen
Word Count: 2,115
Author's Summary: Professor Bernice Summerfield isn't the only pretender.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness/Benny Summerfield
Warnings: None

Recced because: This is definitely an unusual pairing, but a surprisingly well-matched one. A pre-"Empty Child" Jack meets up with unlucky-in-love companion Benny, and drinking – much drinking – ensues, followed by seduction and the sort of morning-after experience you might expect when a con man is involved. Read this one not for the amusingly written sex scene, but rather for the perfect characterization: Jack's smooth suavity, and Benny's interior monologue questioning whether a one-night stand is really a good idea.
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Story: Past Imperfect
Author: ponygirl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 14,191
Author's Summary: Sometimes you need a little help, and it's good to see a familiar face from the past.
Characters/Pairings: Sixth Doctor, Evelyn Smythe, Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Warnings: None

Recced because: This is kind of like the cozy cardigan (one of Evelyn's perhaps?) of fics. I'm a sucker for multi-doctor stories to begin with, and if you include Evelyn Smythe, one of my favorite companions, all the better. Ponygirl's story is full of breezy action and humor, tempered with moments both sweet and bittersweet. I enjoy all of the character interactions and always finish this story with a smile on my face.


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