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Story: And You, My Love, Are Gone
Author: allfireburns
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 719
Author's Summary: Tosh shouldn't be mourning a traitor and a murderer, and yet.
Characters/Pairings: Toshiko Sato/Suzie Costello, Jack Harkness
Warnings: no standard warnings apply

Recced because: A brief glimpse into Tosh's thoughts after she learns about Suzie's death. I love how even the littlest things in Tosh's life remind her of Suzie's death in this fic.
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Hi! I'm [ profile] merryghoul. I'm also on Teaspoon as merryghoul (my work there was formerly under a different name). I'll be with you for the next two weeks as this comm's reccer.

For this reccing period, barring one exception, I really wanted to highlight people who haven't been recced before or have been recced less than a handful of times on this comm. Several of these works have been lingering in my fic bookmarks for years, and I'm just getting to rec them now. I blame myself for not reccing a lot of these fics earlier.

With that said, here's my first rec of the reccing period.

Story: The Moth People
Author: Ember Keelty
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1537
Author's Summary: "You aren't getting rid of me that easily, sweetheart. You can't; I'm inside of you."
Characters/Pairings: Gwen Cooper/Suzie Costello
Warnings: no standard warnings apply

Recced because: What if Suzie's resurrection glove never lost its connection after Suzie's second death in "They Keep Killing Suzie?" And why is Gwen not resisting this connection at all? I've always liked this fic's take on what could've happened after "They Keep Killing Suzie" for years now, and I'm finally happy I can rec it for Calufrax today.
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Story: Digita1 Gir1
Author: [ profile] nancybrown
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 6,679
Author's Summary: Lisa is human. Mostly.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Lisa Hallett, Suzie Costello, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Jack
Warnings: None
Recced because: When I realized that this has not, as far as  I can tell, been recommended, despite the author's well-deserved Calufrax ubiquity, I couldn’t help a little chortle of glee, because it falls to me to tell you how remarkable a story [ profile] nancybrown has written in Digita1 Gir1. As does much of her fiction, this centers around Torchwood, and as much of the best Torchwood fiction does, it extracts the sublime from the ridiculous, and posits a world in which the plots of too much Torchwood, generally an unholy blend of insane and inane, are abandoned in favor of what Torchwood could actually be on rare but glorious occasions; sublime, terrifying, and heartbreaking (with a tiny flame of hope somewhere, almost guttering out, but not quite.) This is an AU which does that for one of the Torchwood episodes that most horrifyingly blends insane and inane: Cyberwoman. It finds Lisa Hallet alive, in love, battling the last ghosts of her cyber-programming, and dealing with an unexpected danger to Ianto and others she may possibly care for. [ profile] nancybrown’s technical prowess shines through in the tiniest scenes — Lisa walking through a meadow, Lisa feeling the pull of electronic machinery and what it could mean for her, the descriptions of the antagonist’s laughter. The author’s emotionally mature vision of Lisa’s mind, and her description of Lisa’s distant, but still very human, view into the minds of others, have made this a story  I return to again and again.

A taste:
The man who does stop )
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I'm [ profile] ffutures, Marcus Rowland at the archive, and I'll be reccing this week. My mix this time includes some Torchwood, old school Who, new Who, and crossovers, and a couple of authors who haven't been featured here before.

Due to work problems I may not be around to post every day, so I'm posting all of the week's recs on Sunday night, scheduled to appear at 7AM each day, and hoping nothing goes wrong. Apologies if they all appear at once, or vanish into Limbo - I'll fix any problems as quickly as I can.

Story: The Last Enemy
Author: Prochytes
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 9946
Characters: Gwen Cooper, Martha Jones, Martha Jones, Suzie Costello, The Master (Simm)
Author's Summary: Christmas Day in the Master’s Cardiff. Gwen Cooper is still Gwen Cooper. She doesn’t have much time to work out why.
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Swearing
Recced because: Gwen Cooper was one of the best characters in Torchwood, and I thought it was about time I recced a story that featured her. This one is a beauty, a Doctor Who / Torchwood crossover in which Gwen has to handle the events of The End of Time, with a little help from a very unexpected source.
It didn’t work on cats. The ebony ripple that had pulsed across the road two streets (eighty-seven heartbeats) back was still a feline. Ears flat against its head; eyes staring. Kitty couldn’t know what had just pissed all over the planet.

No hive-mind. The one she had pistol-whipped outside Asda (four streets, nine hundred and sixty-three heartbeats) had looked — briefly — just as surprised to see her as... (don’t remember, mustn’t remember, hold the thought by the rim so it can’t scald) as the first one. They weren’t sharing information telepathically.

He didn’t know she was coming, and this was still her town. Alien mastermind, my arse; you could live in Cardiff for twenty years and still not have a bloody clue what to do there of a Friday night. If she got the drop on him, she could take him.

How many times, though? Three? Ten? A hundred? Cardiff wasn’t a battlefield, now. It was a video-game, and not one where she got to be the shooter. Gwen Cooper had become the obstacle; the adversary; the poorly pixelated mook. Every time she won, he could restart the level. Harold Saxon only had to win the once.

And so Gwen Cooper ran for her life through the December dark (still fast, still very fast — the first trimester hadn’t yet got around to pilfering her pace), measuring out the streets of her city in footfalls and prodigal heartbeats, twisting her options like a blackjack player, and not making it up as she went along. Captain Jack Harkness had made it up as he went along, and hadn’t that ended well for everyone? Jesus fucking Christ, Jack, you had to go and bolt to the stars like the cheap little hustler you always were. Left our town with an exhausted, pregnant basket case for a champion.
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Story: Busy Day
Author: Navaan
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1869
Author's Summary: Jack watches himself be in love and adventuring in Cardiff. Set during the episode Boom Town of DW and before TW season one (slight Doctor/Jack or Doctor/Rose/Jack, however you want to read it)
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, Suzie Costello, The Doctor (9th), Toshiko Sato
Warnings: None

Recced because: There are several canon episodes where it's logical that characters should meet their younger selves. But that's a paradox, and needs to be avoided at all costs. Here Jack Harkness is forced to sit and watch his younger self without intervening.

Excerpt: It was one of those days Jack wanted to be anything but the head of his own little Torchwood Three. There had been an increase in rift spikes recently and there had been some sightings of Weevils outside of Cardiff. There hadn't been time for rest in days.

And at the moment he still had some trouble recruiting. And he supposed it had something to do with the new leader of Torchwood One. The overambitious Yvonne Hartman had made it clear that she saw everything that came out of the rift as the property of Torchwood One and obviously he had to tread carefully with her. That left him with deciding which information was secure enough to be passed on and what should never leave the confines of his own Torchwood facilities without attracting her attention. All the hushing up grated on his nerves. More than usual anyway.

His mood hadn't gotten any better over the week when he followed the news and remembered that he would have to do something that he really did not like to do at all: He would have to lie to his employees, would have to cover up the evidence and last but not least would have to stay put.

“Are you kidding me, Jack?” Suzie cried. She was waving a newspaper in front of his face. Toshiko was sitting at one of her computer screens, but was watching the argument interestedly. “You want us to go to Bristol to check the Weevil incident? And you are not going to do anything about this nuclear power plant being built right on top of us? On top of the rift!?”
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Hello, I’m [ profile] missvmarigold, and this week I’ll be your reccer. I’m also on Teaspoon (under the penname missvmarigold); there, I post classic and New Who and Torchwood fic there. Later this week I’ll be reccing fic from some of my favorite eras of Who, but to start off, I wanted to rec a Torchwood fic, since it was my introduction into this awesome fandom.

Story: Not Another Suzie
Author: mattmetzger
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 596
Author's Summary: In the morning, Jack will try to put things right, try to fix everything that has gone wrong. He doesn't want another Suzie on his hands. Ficlet, post-Cyberwoman.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Suzie Costello
Warnings: no standard warnings apply; per author’s notes, “Spoilers for 1x01 'Everything Changes' and 1x04 'Cyberwoman'”
Recced because: Jack’s always felt guilt about losing anyone under his leadership of Torchwood. Although Suzie would be driven mad by her usage of the resurrection gauntlet, a glove that brings people to life for short periods of time, Jack still feels guilty about Suzie’s suicide. In this fic, Jack sees the same problems he saw in Suzie showing up in Ianto’s behavior to save Lisa Hallett (Ianto’s girlfriend from Torchwood One, who was partially converted into a Cyber[wo]man during the Battle of Canary Wharf). Even though this fic is short, it does a great job of delving into Jack’s mind as he figures out how he can save Ianto.

Also, Suzie is my favorite Torchwood character, so there's that. And Ianto's my favorite regular Torchwood character, so there's also that.
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Hello! No, you're not wrong. I am Pitry and this is not December. But I'm going to help you pretend it is winter now (or summer, depends on where you are in the world) by reccing this week!
And we shall the week start with something funny.

Story: A Few Quiet Drinks
Author: jadesfire
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5,057
Author's Summary: This is a Torchwood/Discworld crossover.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato, Suzie Costello, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Captain Jack Harkness, various citizens, denizens and other zens of Ankh Morpork.
Warnings: None.

Recced because: For a change, the summary doesn't say it all. Well, there's only a limit to how serious things can get when your crossover is Torchwood and Discworld, but still, what the summary doesn't tell is the mutual life of exasperation and eternal confusion the agents of Torchwood share with the various people of Ankh Morpork. But it's not just the comedy. You'd think it's impossible to write this crossover and yet keep both sets of characters in character, but whether it's Death picking up Suzie, Ianto and Igor sharing a grumble together, or Jack talking to Grannie Weatherwax, it's in character, it's funny, and it makes you wish Sir PTerry would write a Torchwood episode.
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Story: My Immortal
Author: Elisi
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 86417
Author's Summary: After settling in Rome in 2004, Buffy started dating a man known only as 'The Immortal', and who was - by all accounts - entirely too good to be true. What if one of his other names was 'Captain Jack Harkness'? This crossover explores how this could be possible, ties the two 'verses together (including all those flashbacks) and shows why Buffy and Jack were perfect for each other at that point in time. Canon compliant in the extreme.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Other Character(s), Owen Harper, Suzie Costello, Toshiko Sato
Warnings: Swearing

Recced because: My main fanfic habit is Buffy / Angel, and My Immortal is simply the best Whoverse / Buffyverse crossover I've read, which somehow combines elements of both canons without ever putting a foot wrong, and does so with style in a beautiful romantic comedy, and without any changes to canon in either fandom (if you ignore the "season 8" Buffy comics). The Immortal is probably the most mysterious figure in the Buffyverse - although he never appears on screen he's the focus of The Girl In Question, one of the funniest episodes of Angel, and Jack Harkness fits the role to perfection. It helps if you know a little about the Buffyverse and its characters, vampire slayers, etc., but it isn't essential. There are two sequels, both much more serious in tone.
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Story: Twenty Things About Tosh

Author: mari4212

Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 6429

Author's Summary:
These are the things that form her life.

Characters/Pairings: Toshiko Sato, The Torchwood Team

Warnings: None

Recced because: This fic is beautiful. Seriously. It’s almost as if it’s an official episode, an episode about who Tosh really is, not just where she came from (2x12, ‘Fragments’). It’s really lovely. If you like the character Tosh, you should completely read this. Even if you don’t like her, at least try it!
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Story: Access Denied
Author: such_heights
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1257
Author's Summary: Here lie sundry records and conversations pertaining to the changing situation of Torchwood Three circa the turn of the 21st century.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Suzie Costello
Warnings: N/A

Recced because: There aren't enough fics out there featuring Jack and Suzie. And this is an excellent one looking at how Jack came to run Torchwood Three and how Suzie came to work for him. It's brilliantly written being made up of personnel files, e-mails and phone calls to Torchwood One and snippets of Jack and Suzie's conversations. And the ending manages to be marvellously hopeful and doomed.
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Here is the first of my two longer-story recs in honor of making it through to midweek.

Story: Collected Ficlets
Author: [ profile] livii
Rating: All Ages through Adult (each ficlet rated separately)
Word Count: 11,828 (most ficlets are under 500 words)
Author's Summary: What it says on the tin - a collection spot for drabbles and ficlets of ~1000 words or less.
Characters/Pairings: Nyssa/Tegan, Jack/Susan, Rose/Adam, Rose/Jabe, Sarah Jane/Benton, Sarah Jane/Benton/Harry, Benton/Yates, Benton/Jo, Harry/Benton, Barbara/Susan, Master/Brigadier, Master/Jo, Third Doctor/Jo, Romana/Duggan, Rose/Nancy, Tenth Doctor/Jo, Tenth Doctor/Martha, Seventh Doctor/Rose, Rose/altverse!Suzie, Rose/altverse!Sarah Jane, Rose/Benton, Jack/Ace, Martha/Harry, Martha/Sarah Jane, Ace/Hex, Fifth Doctor/Nyssa
Warnings: nope

Recced because: These are simply amazing. They just might be my favorite thing in all of Who fan fiction, and I don't say that lightly. I don't know how she does it, but [ profile] livii manages to pack so much into these little stories. Entire worlds and relationships and so much emotion in tiny snapshots. And I really think there is something for everyone here. Whatever pairings or characters you prefer, whether you enjoy angst or humor or action, it's all there. And the best part is, it looks like she is going to continue to update the masterlist as she writes more of these ficlets, so bookmark this page, people!

(PS. As an added bonus, Benton stars in a number of the stories and she writes him fabulously.)

here's a taste from my most favorite of the ficlets... )


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