Beauty Under Rubble

Story: Beauty Under Rubble
Author: Pete_Galey
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 841
Author's Summary: Not all the Doctor's rescues are of planets or people.
Characters/Pairings: Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, Bernice Summerfield
Warnings: None

Recced because:

It's short and slightly bizarre, but this fic absolutely captures the essence of the Seventh Doctor. There's a convoluted scheme, a bit of philosophy, a tragedy, and a wild dash of whimsy.

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The Children of the Moon are as Heavy as Stones

Story: The Children of the Moon are as Heavy as Stones
Author: Nonelvis
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2682
Author's Summary: "You're in hibernation," the Doctor said softly. "The one time a Quill's unconscious mind is apt to wander."
Characters/Pairings: Miss Quill, Twelfth Doctor, Miss Quill/ Twelfth Doctor, Miss Quill/ Ballon
Warnings: Explicit sex

Recced because:

If you haven't watched Class yet, I recommend viewing it before reading this fic (unless you want to thoroughly spoil yourself, as I did). If you couldn't care less about watching Class, then I still recommend this fic, because it's fantastic. There's a dreamy realism to it that works whether you know the canon or not. There is mythology and world building. There are nightmares and body horror. There is exceptionally good Twelfth Doctor characterization. There is well-written sex.

All of which is accessible without really knowing what's going on, but the biggest draw for me is the way Nonelvis has got inside the head of a uniquely vulnerable character who spends most of her time in canon doing her best to act unbreakable and unconcerned. Miss Quill and the Doctor make for a very interesting pairing, and one which I would happily read more of.

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(Not Quite) Relativity

Story: (Not Quite) Relativity
Author: alittletoolate
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1016
Author's Summary: Post The Fires of Pompeii fic.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Warnings: None

Recced because:

The Tenth Doctor was wild a mixture of things: sometimes melodramatic, sometimes glib, sometimes scared and needing, sometimes joking and unconcerned. This fic finds a way to balance between the extremes of that chaos to paint an interesting character study of who the Doctor was at that point in his life. It starts with a hearty jolt of angst before veering quickly towards warmth and humour. It show the Ten & Donna partnerships (one of the strongest in the series IMO) at it's very best. All that, and it even manages to insert a few Old School references and some very interesting ideas about the TARDIS along the way.

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Story: Sailing On
Author: Meadowlark
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1242
Author's Summary: Though they come from different worlds, Vicki and Troilus find common ground to build their life on.
Characters/Pairings: Vicki, Vick/Troilus
Warnings: None

Recced because:

Vicki and Troilus are an odd couple. Born centuries apart and brought together by plot device they don't seem particularly suited to each other. In this lovely fic, Meadowlark shows that despite the obvious differences, Vicki and Troilus have more in common than meets the eye.

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Calufrax needs reccers!

As always, I'm looking for more people to share their favorite fics! If you're interested in reccing fics on Teaspoon, please sign up – and definitely take a look at our updated rules in the rules and sign-up post, because you can now rec some previously recced fics!

If you're finding us on Tumblr, don't worry, you can still rec; just send me an ask, and we'll work out a way for you to do that. Same goes for Facebook and Twitter users; leave a comment in the post, and I can always post on your behalf.

Honest Mistakes

Waves! Hello all, I'm Clocketpatch and I will be your reccer for the next fortnight. I have a mix of stories to share with you, though I'll admit in advance that the balance does skew towards Twelve, which is probably quite appropriate with the new series airing.

Honest Mistakes
Author: Singwithin
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 888
Author's Summary: The Doctor is on a mission, Clara is acting strange, and Buckingham Palace has entirely too many corridors.
Characters/Pairings: Clara Oswin Oswald, The Doctor (12th)
Warnings: None

Recced because:
This is a short fic but it packs in a fun bit of plot (Alien invasion! Undercover investigation!), along with some good Twelfth Doctor characterisation. I think Twelve’s character has evolved somewhat over the past few series, and this fic has his early days’ insults and face blindness down pat. I did have a brief “come on” moment, because surely Twelve was never quite as oblivious as the plot necessitates, but the epilogue and author’s note explain all, and left me grinning and wondering how Twelve will end up unraveling the mess he’s got himself and Clara into.

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Rec: Sleep and the Single Time Lord

Story: Sleep and the Single Time Lord
Author: nostalgia
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1,324
Author's Summary: The Doctor is tired but he can't get to sleep. Can Nardole help?
Characters/Pairings: Twelfth Doctor, Nardole
Warnings: None. 
Recced because: After the season premiere I was searching for a fic like this, mostly because I wanted to see a fic with Nardole. It's a a spot on characterization of Nardole, and I think it's very adorable he's trying to be helpful to the Doctor and comfort him. It's a platonic piece, but I do see a hint of Nardole caring a little more for the Doctor here. Still, Nardole is the perfect company for the Twelfth Doctor after River, and the author nails their relationship. Plus, Twelve is wonderfully grumpy and spot on as well. A very enjoyable, well-written piece!

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Rec: Silence Fell

 Story: Silence Fell
Author: nerdowl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 450
Author's Summary: The universe's reaction at the end of the Time War
Characters/Pairings: The War Doctor
Warnings: None.
Recced because: I liked this little piece, and found it very lyrical and insightful, especially from the point of view from the universe itself as a character. It also touches on introspection of the War Doctor, and the piece feels deeper and vast in its language and portrayed feelings beyond it's small word count. Very enjoyable short fic, and it's good to see more pieces on this particular incarnation of the Doctor.
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Rec: The Worst Plan

Story: The Worst Plan
Author: Vigs
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,315
Author's Summary: Takes place immediately after Family of Blood. Martha explains to the Doctor just how bad his plan was.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Smith, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: None.
Recced because: I think what I really enjoyed about this story was that Martha confronted the Doctor about her feelings and what she went through in "Human Nature/Family of Blood." I really admire the author's portrayal of Martha, touching upon her courage and her tenacity. I could totally see Martha doing this. She'd been mistreated too much before, sometimes by the Doctor himself, and I felt some relief on her part that she was able to express herself here. Great depth and introspection too. A little character-driven gem that should get more attention.
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Rec: Lies and Loyalty

Story: Lies and Loyalty
Author: Gallifrey Immigrant
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 499
Author's Summary: The wind flows through my hair as I wait. But she's not coming back this time.
Characters/Pairings: Clara Oswald, Me, (Jane Austen)
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I really enjoyed the concept of this fic, especially in Jane Austen's point of view. Even as such a small piece, I really found there was a lot of depth to her encounter with Clara and Me, and it gives really nice fan service to Clara's interest and attraction to Jane, even when it was only a passing line in canon. The ending is very bittersweet in a way, and I like how Clara truly becomes like the Doctor in this, a renegade from the Time Lords, and the cost of Jane's excitement in knowing Clara, she has to lose her memories. A really insightful piece.
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Rec: Go Home by Penny

Story: Go Home
Author: Penny
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 909
Author's Summary: Jamie wants to go home. The Doctor misunderstands. Confusion ensues.
Characters/Pairings: Jamie, Second Doctor
Warnings: None.
Recced because: This was an adorable little piece with a misunderstanding that brings about a sweet exchange between the Doctor and Jamie, as well as a bit of nice introspection on Jamie's part. The Second Doctor is perfectly in character too, and his disappointment in thinking Jamie is leaving him is enduring. Very enjoyable one-shot on these two characters.
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Rec: Golden Future by perfectlyrose

Hello! Happy to be reccing again!

Story: Golden Future
Author: perfectlyrose
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1451
Author's Summary:The Doctor is rather fascinated by an anachronistic blonde with impossible timelines that he stumbles across on a asteroid bazaar.
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Warnings: None

Recced because: I really liked the concept of this fic, and Rose's situation really made me curious to see more of her and what she was up to, but having her run into Eight really felt like it could happen and this would be the way the characters would react. The author really picks ups on their chemistry, as if Eight had been Nine or Ten, but she creates something a little bit new with them too. Cute piece, and great characterizations.

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Rec: At Last a Dragon, by paranoidangel

Story: At Last a Dragon
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 985
Author's Summary: John Chesterton doesn't believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy or the Doctor.
Characters/Pairings: The Tenth Doctor, John Chesterton
Warnings: None

Recced because: John Chesteron is the son of Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, the first human companions of the First Doctor. Now a rock star going by the name of Johnny Chess, he never believed the crazy stories his parents used to tell him of this mythical alien called "The Doctor." You don't believe in dragons either, do you? At least, not until you meet one . . .
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Rec: alive [the time they talked], by alex_unsigned

Story: alive [the time they talked]
Author: alex_unsigned
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3569
Author's Summary: Sexy is - oh, what's that word, something sad and huge and beautiful - Idris is dead, House is attacking, and the Doctor is too close to being alone in his own head. (The Doctor's Wife, from the TARDIS's perspective. One-shot.)
Characters/Pairings: The TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: Written from the TARDIS's perspective during the episode The Doctor's Wife, this fic goes beyond the episode to explore the Doctor/TARDIS relationship in a way that's powerful and moving. It's difficult to write the TARDIS well, but this fic does a wonderful job of capturing her and her Thief.
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Rec: Valentine's Day, This Year, by koshiroryuu

Story: Valentine's Day, This Year
Author: koshiroryuu
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2441
Author's Summary: How do you hold a memorial for people who don't even remember they died?
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones
Warnings: None

Recced because: Shortly after I first figured out what Calufrax was, I read this fic, and I immediately wanted to rec it on Calufrax. But it was recced by someone else long before I got the chance, and there's a reason for that: this is one of the best fics on Teaspoon. So here I am reccing it again, and if for some reason you haven't read it yet, go read it now. It's about Martha Jones dealing with the aftermath of the Year That Never Was, and it's personal and powerful, and the ending is so touching and uplifting it just made me cry again even though I already knew what happens.
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Rec: Chilled, by ClocketPatch

Story: Chilled
Author: ClocketPatch
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1522
Author's Summary: Rory warms up a cold Doctor.
Characters/Pairings: The Eleventh Doctor, Rory Williams
Warnings: None

Recced because: The Doctor is suffering from hypothermia, and Rory takes charge. I love a good hurt/comfort fic, and this is an especially good one, with both Eleven and Rory firmly in character. This fic will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, and sometimes we all need that, including the Doctor.
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Rec: Happiness, by nostalgia

Story: Happiness
Author: nostalgia
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3242
Author's Summary: In which John Smith is very happy with his life.
Characters/Pairings: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song
Warnings: Swearing

Recced because: John Smith has everything he needs in his life to be happy -- a marriage, a mistress, and a rewarding career as a writer. So what's wrong? It's not clear at first what's going on, but when the truth is revealed, it's devastating.
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Rec: Soldiers Without Guns, by Paladin

Story: Soldiers Without Guns
Author: Paladin
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 7999
Author's Summary: Alternate ending to the Poison Sky. The Doctor tries to save the world from the Sontaran threat but finds that even Time Lords shouldn't neglect the paperwork.
Characters/Pairings: The Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, UNIT
Warnings: None

Recced because: There's a bureaucrat at UNIT who wants the paperwork on the device the Doctor used to eradicate the Sontarans' poison gas in The Poison Sky. Did the Doctor file a Hazardous Emissions Management Plan? Not only is this fic extremely funny (and strangely plausible), but the twist at the end is brilliant.
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Rec: The Sacred Art of Stealing, by Netgirl_y2k

Story: The Sacred Art of Stealing
Author: Netgirl_y2k
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 458
Author's Summary: A very serious and in no way silly story in which the Doctor attempts to pinch Sarah Jane's companions.
Characters/Pairings: The Tenth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Maria Jackson, Clyde Langer
Warnings: None

Recced because: When I learned that Calufrax now allows you to rec fics that were previously recced more than two years ago, I knew I just had to throw in some old favorites. This fic, recced back in 2008, is still just as funny and enjoyable as when it was first written. The Tenth Doctor is in search of new companions, and where better to go than to Sarah Jane, who conveniently has some already-trained teenagers at the ready?
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Rec: Z-67, by Llywela

Story: Z-67
Author: Llywela
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1206
Author's Summary: Missing scene from The Zygon Inversion.
Characters/Pairings: The Twelfth Doctor, Clara, Osgood
Warnings: None

Recced because: The Twelfth Doctor episode The Zygon Inversion had a callback to Classic Who days -- the gas which could destroy the Zygons by turning them inside out, Z-67, was developed by Harry Sullivan, a companion of the Fourth Doctor who was a medical doctor, a naval officer, and someone who had met the Zygons. It all makes sense, except for one little thing: would Harry Sullivan really create such a horrific weapon? This wonderful story explains what happened, and is the perfect explanation of Z-67 for those of us who know and love Harry.