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Story: At Last a Dragon
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 985
Author's Summary: John Chesterton doesn't believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy or the Doctor.
Characters/Pairings: The Tenth Doctor, John Chesterton
Warnings: None

Recced because: John Chesteron is the son of Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, the first human companions of the First Doctor. Now a rock star going by the name of Johnny Chess, he never believed the crazy stories his parents used to tell him of this mythical alien called "The Doctor." You don't believe in dragons either, do you? At least, not until you meet one . . .
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Story: The Doctor Cooks (The Eleventh Time Lucky Remix)
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3264
Author's Summary: The Doctor offers to cook dinner for Amy and Rory. What could go wrong?
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond/Rory Williams, First Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Susan Foreman, Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot, Third Doctor, Jo Grant, Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka, Nyssa, Sixth Doctor, Evelyn Smythe, Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, Eighth Doctor, Charley Pollard, Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble.
Warnings: None

Recced because: The Doctor claims he can cook. Actually, as it turns out, the Doctor has always claimed that he could cook. This fic starts off with the Eleventh Doctor promising to cook a special meal for Amy and Rory, and then moves on to a series of flashbacks that show past Doctors, past companions, and past culinary (mis)adventures. Much of it is very funny, but there is also a wonderful depth to the writing, especially in the framing story of Eleven, Amy, and Rory.

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Story: How to Make a Baby
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 664
Author's Summary: Ian is not in the mood tonight.
Characters/Pairings: Barbara Wright/Ian Chesterton
Warnings: None

Recced because: I adore paranoidangel's writing, and this short but charming fic has Ian and Barbara talking about having children in the future.
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Story: Chasing Memories
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 15,080
Author's Summary: When Ian and Barbara return home in a Dalek ship, they're relieved to find it's the day they left. However, they soon find that a two year absence coupled with the dangers lurking around Coal Hill School means they're not going to be able to go back to their old lives that easily. AU from the end of The Chase.
Characters/Pairings: Ian/Barbara, Ace, Seven
Warnings: none

Recced because: I’m not always fond of AUs, unless they actually do something clever with the original source material. This definitely fits that bill. This story starts from one tiny tweak to canon - Ian and Barbara returning home on time, rather than two years later. Doesn’t seem like much, but there are major repercussions since they are two years older and removed from their previous lives, and these are interestingly explored in the story. And then there’s the fact Remembrance of the Daleks is about to happen at Coal Hill School... All of the characterizations in this story are great, and I especially love the Ian/Barbara romance, of course, but there’s also Ian and Ace making Nitro-9 together, and Ian and Barbara getting to help smash up some Daleks with Seven and Ace is always awesome times. It’s a long story, but definitely worth your time!
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Story: John Chesterton, Time Lord
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 616
Author's Summary: The Doctor finds out something about Ian and Barbara's son. Spoilers for When a Good Man Goes to War and Let's Kill Hitler.
Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, John Chesterton, The Doctor (11th)
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I really like Eleven, and I've enjoyed the last couple serieses. But there's definitely some new canon coming up that has confusing implications for the old series (as usual, with Who). On the one hand, contradictions make for a somewhat dissonant viewing experience. On the other hand, it gives rise to fics like this one, which follow the implications to their natural conclusion.

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Story: Five Things Ian Does When He Gets Home
Author: Paranoidangel
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1712
Author's Summary: The title sums it up so well, I just can't think of anything better.
Characters/Pairings: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton
Warnings: None
Recced because: This is a very recent story, but it's one of the best studies of the life of Companions post-Doctor I've seen, covering the year between Ian and Barbara's return to Earth and their marriage.

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Story: Bad Timing
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1254
Author's Summary: Of all the occasions to choose to propose marriage, an autopsy probably isn't the best one.
Characters/Pairings: Harry Sullivan/Martha
Warnings: None

Recced because: Harry/Martha is one of my OTPs and should be one of yours.

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Story: Not Just for Christmas
Author: paranoidangel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1656 words
Author's summary: A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith
Warnings: none

Recced because: It's an adorable Sarah Jane Adventures story about what happens when Sarah has to write a magazine review about a robot dog. Of course, the dog isn't exactly up to K9's standards. Luke misinterprets a casual comment made by Sarah and takes matters into his own hands, which leads to a touching resolution. This fic is just sweet enough without being overly saccharine.

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