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Story: She'll Be Superb
Author: livii
Rating: All ages
Word count: 1673
Author's summary: Romana's improved upon the Doctor's technique by quite a bit.
Characters/pairings: Romana II/Tegan, Romana II/Rose, Romana II/Ace, Romana II/Jo, Romana II/Zoe, 9th Doctor, Romana I
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's a story about a Time Lord travelling the universe in their TARDIS picking up human women. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Only it's not the Doctor it's Romana. Livii's Romana is fun, very Time Lord-y (yes, that's a word) and just great to read. Plus we see little snippets of what life is like travelling with some of the Doctor's other wonderful companions, not forgetting herself. Multi-era stories are my absolute favourite, and this is a great example of why I love them.
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Story: Nighthawks
Author: Rivrea
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: Rose walks into some bar on some planet and meets a girl called Fred.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler/Romana II
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~1,300 words

Recced because: A wonderful little story, wherein Romana is disillusioned, Rose is drunk, and somehow they find a common ground. With some great lines for Romana (Sometimes, I suspect I never really knew him. Unless bohemian nutters always turn into ruthless utilitarians with a penchant for genocide), some interesting insights into what can make Rose tick underneath it all, and a very powerful ending (the "grapefruit moon" imagery has stuck with me over a long time), this really works.


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