I, Zygon

Sep. 18th, 2012 11:16 am
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Ever wonder what a Zygon's thinking? Of course you do, you're only human. Or maybe you're a Zygon in disguise. Even if you are, I'm sure you'll enjoy this tale about one of Doctor Who's most popular monsters - after just one single appearance! Now that's impressive. So is this story.

Story: I, Zygon
Author: Al B Dickerson
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 7805
Author's Summary: Zygons? Stupid, shouty Zygons? They're all dead, aren't they?
Characters: Fourth Doctor, Zygons
Warnings: None

Recced because: Poetic is not a word you might associate with the Zygons, or indeed any Doctor Who monster. Except for maybe the Carrionites... But here the Zygons are given more depth than ever before, and we're given a glimpse into their heart and their soul in a way that is pure poetry. A genuinely alien culture explored in a genuinely alien voice. Want to know more about the Zygons? Now's your chance.
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All right, time to put away the hankies and get ready to laughlong and loud and hard.   For my third rec (and now I am almost caught up) I chose one that just popped up on Teaspoon and I got to it first!  One of my goals was to present some Classic storiesthis one partially fulfills that goal.  When Garron and Unstoffe part company with the Fourth Doctor in The Ribos Operation, they probably never expected to see that blue box again.  Certainly not so soon.  Fans of the Classic Era and the Tenth Doctor alike, get ready to rock and roll.

Story: The Rallax Operation
Author: Al B. Dickerson
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  13,814
Authors Summary:: After their adventure on Ribos, Garron & Unstoffe thought they'd struck it rich with the Graff's treasure-laden cruiser. But they also thought they'd seen the last of the Doctor.
Characters:  Unstoffe, Garron, The Tenth Doctor, original characters
Warnings: none

Recommended because it combines Classic and New era characters in a BIG imaginative, exciting adventure that just doesnt stop.  I had originally planned to rec a story by this author that I read some months back, but this one seemed too fun not to share.  Unstoffe is an utterly charming narrator and he weaves a story worthy of Doctor Who.  A wild romp, Rallax is a bit on the long side (dividing it into more chapters might work better for Teaspoon), but engaging and fun, with unexpected, clever twists.  The story works fine for those not well-versed in Classic DW, but for those who appreciate nods to canon, this one is full of Whovian goodness.  Classic Who flavor combined with New Era freshness really make it a treat.  You can tell that the author pulled out all the stops and had a ball with this. The 10th Doctor is a hoot, more than a bit unbalanced after the events of The Waters of Mars, but well characterized.  Some of the dialogue is just hysterical.  Watching The Ribos Operation prior to reading The Rallax Operation would add to enjoyment but is not necessary (and if you dont know Ribos, youll want to watch it after reading this)!  Get a big bowl of popcorn and a tall drink and settle down with this one.  You'll be laughing before you know it.  Encore!  Encore!

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Hello all, sorry about the late start to this weeks recs - all my fault. My tastes are quite eclectic and I'm a fan of both old Who and new (as well as some side jaunts into Big Finish) so expect a bit of everything over the nest few days! My first rec is from an author that's new to me:

Story: The Boys Upstairs
Author: Al B Dickerson
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 21,296
Author's Summary: In 1978, Ace and the Doctor fought a monstrous evil in Mount Shasta City. In 2013, Dorothy McShane returned to find the battle still raging. Only this time, she's on her own.
Characters/Pairings: Ace, Seven, OCs
Warnings: None

Recced because: Timey wimey and madcap characters, this writer seems to blend the two into something resembling a Tom Robbins novel (Crazy, funny and sad, all at the same time.) This story is at a length of 21,000+ words, so its the perfect accompaniment to an idle afternoon.


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