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I'm [livejournal.com profile] ffutures, Marcus Rowland at the archive, and I'll be reccing for the next two weeks. I've been a little pushed for time and haven't been able to do much research - okay, let's be honest, I more or less forgot I was going to be doing this until [livejournal.com profile] nonelvis reminded me - but fortunately I seem to have seen some excellent stories recently. At least one has been posted or linked to on other livejournal communities within the last few days, but I'm hoping that they'll be new to enough people here that you won't think I'm wasting your time.

My recs are predominantly New Who this time, with some crossovers - and I should probably mention that I don't count stories merging Dr. Who, Torchwood, and/or The Sarah-Jane Adventures, or different eras, as crossovers; to me they're all part of the same wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey universe.

Starting with something brand new:

Story: In Her Absence
Author: Cyberjulie
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 71047
Author's Summary: A tale of the early days of the Silurian warrior Madame Vastra, ranging from her early travels with the Doctor to her adventures in the alleys of Victorian London.
Characters/Pairings: Jenny Flint, Madame Vastra, Other Character(s), The Doctor (11th)
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I'm a big fan of Madame Vastra and Jenny, and would love to see them in a spinoff series, but there are relatively few stories about their early relationship, and I can't think of any that cover Vastra's initial meeting with the Doctor and the beginning of her career in Victorian London. This covers all of that, adding in an explanation of her use of Japanese swords, an alien encounter, a mysterious menace, and lots of other fun stuff. It was posted to the [livejournal.com profile] lizardladylove community just days ago, and I knew as soon as I read it that it would be one of my recs. Incidentally, there are some author's notes for the story here: http://lizardladylove.livejournal.com/28726.html

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Hello!  I'm idelthoughts on Teaspoon, and it's my first time reccing on Calufrax. I tend to read mostly New Who fics, but I've tried to select a diverse(ish) sampling of some of my favourites.  So many of my favourites have already been recced, so it's been a challenge!  I'll do my best, and hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  I'll start with my favourite of the bunch:

Story: The Larks, Still Bravely Singing, Fly
Author: cyberjulie
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2904
Author's Summary: The Eighth Doctor, recovering from an act of finality no one else could have brought to pass, finds a moment's grace in the last place he would expect.
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, historical figure
Warnings: None

Recced because: If you don't know the story of Christmas Day Truce in 1914, I urge you to read up on it.  It's one of the magic moments in history where people show themselves capable of being better, in a way that the Doctor always urges us to be.  It's touchingly written, and the World War I battlefield is the perfect real-world background against which to set the battle-weary Eighth Doctor.  The romanticism and bleak desperation of the Great War is the most apt parallel for the Time War than I can imagine. 

John Alexander McCrae is a great choice of historical figure to bring into the DW world.  My favourite Who stories, especially from the Classic Who eras, are the ones that go back in time and make history live.  I really enjoy didactic storytelling - I suppose it's why I have such a soft spot for YA fiction in general.

(As a total aside, and on a note of ridiculous Canadian patriotism, the one-off encounter with McCrae as a notable historic figure and the general structure of the fic reminds me of the Canadian Heritage Moments that used to run on the CBC in an effort to bolster public pride and knowledge of Canadian history.  If you know what I'm talking about, then you get a Super Secret Canada Club High Five from me.  And if you don't know what I'm talking about and want to have a good chuckle at Canada's expense, then go look it up on youtube.  There are quite a few, but I think the most notable is 'Doctor, I can smell burnt toast!', though I also recommend the one on Sam Steele, the Klondike Mountie.)

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My second rec of the week is an evocative vignette by an obviously talented writer who I hope we will see more work from soon.

Story Title: La Chanson de la Tristesse
Author: Cyberjulie
Rating:  All Ages
Word Count:  5512
Author's Summary:  Following on from a near death experience in 1969 Cardiff, the Doctor decides some downtime is in order. A brief visit to 1977 Earth allows Rose to understand a little more about the weight the Doctor carries with him.
Characters: The Ninth Doctor, Rose
Warnings:  none

Recommended Because:  This lengthy vignette is lovingly rendered with a great deal of emotion and evocative language.  I left Cyberjulie a review when this story was first put up and honestly did not think I would get to be the one to recommend it here as it contains many of the elements Teaspoon readers seem to enjoy.   I expected it to be noticed by reviewers weeks ago.  As I noted in my original review, there aren’t enough Ninth Doctor stories and he’s such a fascinating, complicated character.  Here we see him in rather a different light as the author explores a depth of feeling often overlooked.  We also get some of the wit.  The relationship between Rose and the Doctor reflects what fans were offered in the television series and characterization is quite nice.  The technical elements are refreshingly solid.  Bittersweet, this is another one that may require a handkerchief.   Music aficionados will be especially delighted.


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