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Good golly, miss molly—stop the presses, folks cuz I’ve got a news flash for you.  Slight retooling of my original plans for recommendations this week, but this one couldn't wait!  Forget about fish fingers and custard;  it’s time for some fish fingers and mustard.  Hold onto your fez, this one is tricky!

Title: Fish Fingers and Mustard
Author: Napier
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5734
Author’s Summary: A Police Box crashes to earth in a Leadworth garden. Deja Who? Maybe not...
Characters: If I told you, it would spoil everything
Warnings: none  (one part may be a bit much for really young readers)

 Recommended Because it is intricate, hilarious, technically well-written, and so clever you will be jealous in every bone of your body if you are a writer.  Honestly, it's one of those "why didn't I think of that??" stories that you smack yourself in the head over, but it is so well done, you don't mind that someone beat you to it.  This fast-paced tale is a puzzle wrapped inside a puzzle that is and isn’t about who and what you think it is about, but it all so hauntingly familiar (from that garden scene on) that you'll be convinced--more than once--that you've figured out all the timey-wimey loveliness.  Just when you think you do know what is going on, the author turns a corner and pulls the wool over your eyes again.  The amount of thought and verifying of background logistics that had to have gone into this is mind-boggling and the attention to detail will utterly delight fans of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors' eras.  The characterization of these new era characters is excellent, the funny parts are rip-roaringly funny, the creepy parts are proper creepy, and there's so little I can say without spoilering it all.  Go. Read. It. Now.  You will not be disappointed.  Oh.  One last thing.  Eating and drinking while reading this story could be hazardous to your health.


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