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Story: Slumber At Dawn
Author: mary_pseud
Series: Damnatio Memoriae - story #1.
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1347
Author's Summary: The Doctor was just looking for a pretty sunrise. Instead, he found a planet's final dawn.
Characters/Pairings: Second Doctor, mentions of Jamie.
Warnings: None

Recced because: I wasn't expecting such richness if ideas and imagery in such a short piece. The author may stumble slightly here and there, but overall this is a charming, poignant moment in time where two cultures clash and beauty is found in tragedy.

Excerpt )

Note to the comm: I apologise for only just turning up to rec now, lol! The hemispherical time difference coupled with a bit of confusion on my part (I'm not getting much sleep this week) resulted in this being my first rec for the week. I'll make it up to you both in volume and (hopefully) in quality :)
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Story: The Man Who Would Be Nyder
Author: mary_pseud
Rating: Adult
Author's summary: The story of Security Commander Nyder's youth, training, suffering and achievements. A boy born on Skaro during the Thousand Years War grows up to be Davros' feared second in command.
Characters/Pairings: Nyder, Davros, lots of Kaled OCs
Warnings: graphic violence, rape, character death

Recced because: This is a difficult fic. I won't lie to you. Reading it made my stomach hurt and more than once I thought of turning back, but I stayed with it because it's very good, although it's utterly heartbreaking. Mary_pseud tells the story of Nyder, Davros' lieutenant. It's coming of age story and a brutal one. But then, Skaro is a brutal place and Mary_pseud fleshes her setting out in admirable detail. It's a place that you really can believe has been at war longer than anyone remembers.

The Man Who Would Be Nyder is part of Mary_pseud's Damnatio Memoriae alternate universe, but it functions quite well as a standalone story. All of the stories in Damnatio Memoriae are very well done and I'd recommend the series as a whole, although you'd want to have a good deal of free time in which to read it, as it's quite long. (The Man Who Would Be Nyder is itself about twenty-five thousand words long.)

If you have trouble reading about painful subjects, please turn away now. If, however, you enjoy a good tragedy from time to time, this story is definitely the one for you.


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