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Title: One Out of Three Isn't Bad
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 696
Author's Summary: Missy decides to go back in time and seduce Three's companions. It doesn't entirely go as expected.
Characters/Pairings: Jo Grant, Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane Smith, Missy
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recc'ed Because: Because of course Missy would decide to go back to her old stomping grounds in an attempt to overpower and entrance the Doctor's old companions. And it goes about as well as you'd expect. This short little story has perfect character voices and is equal parts sexy and hilarious and yes, because it's Missy, also a tiny bit chilling.

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Story: Goodbyes Keep You Alive
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1090
Author's Summary: The sex is always best after one of them has almost died.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith/The Doctor (Four)
Warnings: BDSM, Explicit Sex, Swearing

Recced because: I have a weakness for "glad to be alive sex," and this short but scorching fic is about one such encounter between Sarah Jane and Four.
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Title: Two Hours/Eventually
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4643
Author's Summary: Josie meets the Doctor for the first time.
Characters/Pairings: Third Doctor (Inferno-verse), Josephine Grant (Inferno-verse)
Warnings: References to violence and sexual assault.

Recc'ed Because: This is a pre-quel story in the author's Inferno-Verse series. The second story, Two Birds in a Cage, is still a WIP, but this story give you an idea of the setting and the tone (which is magnified & more forefront in the WIP as well, so do heed warnings if you continue). It is a canon AU that takes place in the evil world the Doctor visited in the serial "Inferno", where Three is a prisoner of the fascist British government, kept deep underground and forced to build weapons for the regime, held under lock and key by evil versions of Liz Shaw and the Brigadier. This is a vignette from Josie Grant's point of view, as her privileged life has come to a horrific stop for the crime of standing up for the wrong people and losing the protection of her family. It's unflinching and dark, but also hopeful too. It deals frankly with the brutality of authoritarian states in a way that couldn't be done on a kid's show.

With all the sprawling storylines and James Bond trappings in canon, Three can be a difficult incarnation to get a grasp on for those of us who started out on the new series. Daystar Searcher has no such troubles. I think that even though it's AU, it's also a brilliant if bleak character study; what better way to learn who this Doctor really is than by taking away everything else? And here, trapped and hopeless, he's still himself, still that scientifically gruff but protective mode of his personality, with the universal characteristics we all know across his incarnations.

Though I am dearly hoping the author eventually finishes Two Birds in a Cage, this prequel makes me reluctant to re-read it, and set in stone whatever unremembered fate befalls Josie Grant.

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Story: Vermin in the Lower Zoo
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2138
Author's Summary: What if 'The Edge of Destruction' had marked the end of the Doctor's moral ambiguity in a different way, and his character had transitioned not into a hero, but a villain? One who demanded punishment for insubordination, and a price for ferrying two stowaways home.
Characters/Pairings: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, Susan Foreman, The Doctor (1st)
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Non-Con

Recced because: Anyone who knows me knows that I don't read fic with sex in because the sec never seems to be important. So you know this one must be good. In this case the sex isn't important - but that in itself is important. It is a horrifyingly dystopian AU, but there is something compelling about it, in the way that Ian and Barbara deal with the situation they find themselves in, that makes it hard to stop reading and harder to forget.

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Story: The Completely True and Canon Story of How Oswin Oswald Seduced Jo Grant, or Jo Seduced Her, or Something
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,676
Author's Summary: "Jo, huh?" Oswin said. "First boy I ever kissed was named Joe."
Characters/Pairings: Oswin Oswald/Jo Grant, Third Doctor, Delgado!Master
Warnings: None

Recced because: Okay, it's my second Oswin story of the week, but this one has a completely different tone and approach – and besides, how often do you get to rec a story based on that (NSFW) photo of Katy Manning and a Dalek? Oswin and Jo make a funny, flirty, and adorable team, and while I can't say I've shipped Companion/Dalek before, I sure do now ... as will you, I hope.

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Story: Into the Fire
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 777
Author's Summary: A warrior like Leela would be the first volunteer for any dangerous, last-ditch plan the Doctor would have against the Daleks. And they would want to make an example of her.
Characters/Pairings: Leela, Eighth Doctor
Warnings: Implied major character death / torture (nothing very explicit in the fic itself, however)
Recced because: Yes, I've yet another short fic to rec to you, but one that's incredibly powerful. This is Leela, Warrior of the Sevateem, at war against the Daleks. The writing is evocative, and Leela's characterization is perfect. You can hear her voice in the narrative, and feel her fierce spirit. Leela herself would approve of this fic, and I can think of no higher praise.

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Story: On the Importance of Doing Your Research (Especially Regarding Virgin Sacrifices)
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen.  The rating on the pictures in your head will probably be higher, though.
Word Count: 1593
Author's Summary: When selecting someone for virgin sacrifice, you should probably ask them a few questions first. Like, you know, whether or not they’re actually a virgin.
Characters/Pairings: Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith
Warnings: To quote the author: while there is no bdsm or explicit sex "onscreen" (hence the lack of warnings), there are oblique references to bdsm, many sexually suggestive lines, and one sexually graphic line of dialogue. Proceed at your own risk.

Recced because: It made me laugh.

Okay, yeah, I need a more in-depth reason than that, don't I?  Right.  So, there's a fair amount of fiction that reflects on how traveling in the TARDIS would change your viewpoint on things such as danger.  Sarah Jane Smith is an experienced companion, having traveled with two different incarnations of the Doctor.  She has been repeatedly kidnapped, hypnotized, tied up, and menaced by monsters and villains ranging from the terrifying to the ridiculous to the terrifying and ridiculous.

So it makes a hilarious and delicious amount of sense that, upon being kidnapped by a group of rather cut-rate evil cultists, her reaction would be essentially, "Pfft.  I've seen better."  And then they get to the bit about unsullied, pure virgin sacrifice, and . . . basically, if you want to see Sarah Jane get the better of a group of cultists simply by talking, you need to read this.

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Last rec of the week! I hope you enjoyed them. We're still looking for reccers, so please consider signing up -- you can do so by joining the comm and leaving a comment on the sign-up post.

Story: The Wyrm and the Maiden Fair
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,321
Author's Summary: Jenny and Vastra. Sometimes, it's like a fairy tale.
Characters/Pairings: Jenny/Madame Vastra
Warnings: None

Recced because: I wasn't familiar with the fairy tale Daystar Searcher used to frame this story, but it didn't matter. In fairy tales, sometimes a human has to look past outward appearances to find true love, and so it is here – although unlike the original fairy tale, the dragon stays a dragon, and the human falls in love with her anyway. The language here is just beautiful: romantic, dreamy, and very true to the magical spirit of fairy tales themselves.

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Hi, I'm [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook, your reccer for the week, and otherwise known as vvj5 on Teaspoon. I'm a big fan of all eras of our amazing show, so hopefully there'll be something for everyone as we go through the week.

Story: The Road Untraveled
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1424
Author's Summary: Just because you part ways with someone doesn't mean they stop influencing your life, as Ace, Mags, and the Doctor find out.
Characters/Pairings: Ace/Mags, Seventh Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Third Doctor, Frobisher, Sixth Doctor, Evelyn Smythe, Second Doctor, Martha Jones, Rani Chandra.
Warnings: None.

Recced because: Well. Two recs in two days that feature a suspiciously similar long and strange list of ingredients? What are the chances? There is an explanation, which lies in a recent challenge I made, using 12 prompts that could be played with individually, or together. (And I had no idea what yesterday's rec would be, but I was delighted - I can now rec the other, utterly amazing resulting fic containing all 12 here today.)

What I never envisaged was that someone could take all twelve and write a beautiful, short and serious fic that ties them all together. It should be impossible, but, as it turns out, if the writer is as talented as Daystar Searcher, it suddenly becomes perfectly natural and coherent. The main strand of the story follows Ace and Mags and their separate fortunes and whether either or both regret not staying with each other, but it doesn’t forget to include Welsh myths, vampires, evil giraffes, Rani Chandra, Frobisher etc. etc.. It’s amazing. Really. I could stand here and flail a little more about how impressed I am, but you’d be much better off running away to read it now. So, go; read!
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From comedy to dark AU's... one of of the most fun (and disturbing) questions in fanfiction is to ask what might have happened if things went differently for the Doctor and his companions... and here's a decidedly dark turn on one of my favourite Doctor Who stories ever written. I hope you've liked my fic recs and I hope to take up the post again down the line sometime. Til then! :)

Story: Plaything
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3502 Words
Author's Summary: Pyramids of Mars AU: The Doctor is forced to take Sutekh's offer and save Earth, at the price of the rest of the universe. This is the aftermath.
Characters/Pairings: Four/Sarah, Brigadier, Sutekh.
Warnings: Lotta Angst plus some self-harm, character death and dub con. Hankies at the ready people.

Recced because: Yikes. This is a moving and powerful one-shot which sees Four go through the grinder as he lives with the consequences of saving his favourite world and of course his dear Sarah Jane at the expense of his very people and the billions of worlds he has travelled to before. The Doctor gets decidedly dark in this one but he's still definitely the Fourth Doctor we remember, abeit a haunted one - a tribute to this fine writer. Add one of the most heart-felt Doctor/Sarah moments I've ever read and this is a must for all Fourth Doctor fans.
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Last one, and it's... well, it's fitting, I think.

Story: Ghosts in the Machine
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 709
Author's Summary: The TARDIS wishes she could tell him that his companions never leave.
Warnings: None
Characters: 11th and other Doctors, the TARDIS
Recced because: On the surface it is sweet and comforting, but--and I don't know if it's just me or what, because I don't see anything reflected in the reviews--there is a dark, painful undercurrent to it that is so difficult to read. There is a chasm there between the way the Doctor has to experience the world, and the way the TARDIS wants to help him so badly but can never, ever really understand that the price of linear time is beginnings and endings. I love the TARDIS, but this story, well, it makes me afraid of her the way I'd be afraid of a pet mountain lion.

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