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Story: The Last Of Her Kind.
Author: Gillian Taylor
Rating: All Ages
Author's Summary: She’s the last human in the universe. Is this what it’s like to be him?
Characters/Pairings: 10 and Donna
Warnings: Spoilers for The Stolen Earth.

I never really thought about that episode this way. During those brief minutes during The Stolen Earth, Donna is - essentially - the last human alive.

Her and The Doctor are united together as the last of their species. It's a really powerful thought. I think, as viewers and fans of this show, we got caught up in the plot of this sequences of events. None of us really thought about how this effected Donna.

Well, at least I didn't.

This short piece dives into this portion of her psyche. It connects her to the Doctor through this shared pain, and it shows what was going through her mind when the earth vanished.

I wonder, if the Earth was never found, what would have happened to Donna?
If you're looking for an interesting peak into what Donna was thinking about while at the Shadow Proclamation, or even if you don't, this adds a nice depth to those episodes.

Check it out.
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Hello, I'm [livejournal.com profile] juliet316and I'll be your friendly neighborhood reccer - oh wait, wrong fandom *blushes*

Anyways, I'll be bringing you some of what I think are some of the most wonderful stories I've come across in my time on Teaspoon. To help everybody with the Monday blahs, we'll start with some humor.

Story: Last Defence
Author: Gillian Taylor
Rating: All Ages/I would say about PG
Word Count: 3338
Author's Summary: When all hope is lost, who else can they turn to?
Characters/Pairings: Nine, Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler

Recced because: It starts out with a dramatic situation for the Doctor and Rose, and quickly evolves into a dramedy when Jackie comes onto the scene. It's just a classic situation, with Nine being forced to trust the one person in the universe who can't stand him in order to save him and Rose from the particular pickle their in. Just a bit of drama, humor, and good - old fashioned Jackie Tyler slaps to bring about a story, that the reader could easily see as an episode of S1 of New Who. Last line is a hoot. :-)
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: Being the Doctor
Author: Gillian Taylor
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 869
Author’s Summary: Someone has to be the Doctor. Why not them? Spoilers for 4x11 - Turn Left
Characters/Pairing: Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith
Warnings: None

Recced because:  Donna is another companion I adore beyond what's normal for a fictional character. (Someday, someone will write Donna/Fitz, and it will be snarky brilliance.)

In "Turn Left" what stands out is how Donna's Inner Awesome shines forth, how even a Donna who has never met the Doctor is a bundle of potential brilliance waiting to shine. But who wasn't devastated by the brief reports of the fate of Martha, Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Sarah Jane & Co, in a world without the Doctor? Delving into some character insight during the events of the episode, this short story celebrates how extraordinary each of the companions involved are- whether they've met the Doctor in this timeline or not. Each was willing to do whatever is needed to set things right, even at the sacrifice of their own lives.
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Story: The Shadow of Death
Author: Gillian Taylor
Rated: All Ages
Word count: 7780
Author’s summary: You can't change the past. Can you? And, if you do, can you live with the consequences?
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th)
Warnings: None

Reason for Recommendation: I love a good OT3 fic, whether overtly shippy or - as in the episodes and this story - subtext. But that’s not why I’m recommending this one - well, it’s not the only reason. Far from it. Gillian Taylor is known, deservedly so, for good, solid plotting as well as excellent characterisation, and in particular she’s a master at twisty timey-wimey stuff. Imagine a situation where someone you love is killed, because of your mistake. Now, imagine that you had the power to change things so that your loved one didn’t die. Now... imagine the consequences. Can you ever really undo the past? And what if undoing it is only the start of the nightmare?

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I've just realized that due to a late start I have more rec to get up to seven! 

AuthorGillian_Taylor ([livejournal.com profile] dark_aegis  on LJ)
Rating:  Teen
Word Count:  16,465
Author's Summary:  Time isn't a straight line. Sometimes it loops back before going forward again. Sometimes it's meant to do that. Most of the time it isn't.
Characters/Pairings:  Nine/Rose/Jack

Recced because:  Suspense?  Check.  Banter?  Check.  Bonding and UST for our favorite trio?  Check.  A smidgen of angst?  Check.  Plot that will have you racing to find out what happens?  Check, check, and more check.  Timey-wimey stuff?  Check. 

On a visit to Mars in the future, Nine, Jack, and Rose become stuck in a Groundhog Day-style time loop that only the two humans remember.  From a wonderfully eerie beginning to an intriguingly (and amusingly) ambiguous ending, this clever story is a fun read.  The characterization is impeccable whether the trio is engaged in flirty banter or exploring the emotional repercussions of living one day over and over with no consequences.  Plan to read the whole thing at once if you can, because the chapter-ending cliffhangers make sure that stopping mid-story is not an option you want to take.
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Story: Why Stop at Thirteen (When You're Having So Much Fun?)
Author: Gillian Taylor ([livejournal.com profile] dark_aegis) and WMR ([livejournal.com profile] wendymr)
Rating: None given; all ages
Word Count: 1285
Author's Summary: Because sometimes he needs someone to stop him. Crack!fic ahoy.
Characters/Pairings: Adric, Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Ace McShane, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Madame de Pompadour, Martha Jones, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Peri Brown, Pete Tyler, Romana II, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Warnings: None given, very mild violence?

Recced because: Needs someone to stop him? Needs someone to smack him, perhaps! The companions step up to the task. For crack!fic vignettes, it has a lovely progression to a laugh-out-loud punchline.
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Story: Cheating Time
Author: Gillian Taylor ([livejournal.com profile] dark_aegis @ LJ) and wmr ([livejournal.com profile] wendymr @ LJ)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 36,414
Author's Summary: He's saved the universe over and over again. He's lost everything, including his own race. Doesn't the universe owe him something in return?
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness
Warnings: None

Recced because: Ten attempts to get Rose back by taking her from himself pre-"Doomsday." Needless to say, this will all end in tears. Gillian Taylor and wmr create a fascinating, believable alternate reality dealing with the aftermath of Ten's decision--and their ultimate solution for rewriting the timeline *and* solving both the "Doomsday" dilemma and the problems caused by Ten's selfish mistake is jaw-droppingly brilliant.
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Story: Three's a Crowd
Author: Gillian Taylor
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 7616
Charcters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, Charlie Pollard (Spoilers for "Storm Warning")
Author's Summary: I love company, you know. I just don’t care for it when it decides you or your friends make a tasty meal.

recced because: I have a deep, deep love for the Eighth Doctor Audios (McGann was robbed, yo!) and this story captures the manic ramblings of Audio!Doctor perfectly. It's a story that fits neatly into audio canon and yet, even without knowing any backstory, is a complete story in and of its own. But mostly it's the Eighth Doctor being the Eighth Doctor and that's pretty amazing.

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