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Story: Think of Something
Author: Lightgetsin

Rating: None given; I’d say All Ages

Author's summary: The first thing the Doctor does after the fall of Gallifrey is go insane for a while. The second thing he does is accidentally cross timelines with an old friend he hasn't met yet.

Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor, Jack Harkness, Team Torchwood in the background.

Recced because: There are a few stories around in which immediate-post-regeneration Nine meets post-Satellite Five Jack, and to be fair most of them are really good. I’ve chosen this one because it is indeed one of the best, and also because I love lightgetsin’s writing and I really, really wish she’d post more of her fics on the Teaspoon. The newly-awakened Ninth Doctor knows he has to move on, to get on with his life despite the mixed feelings churning inside him about everything he’s lost. Until he finds another near-survivor - a dying TARDIS - a man who knows him, and a shred of hope for the future. One name, to give him hope that things will get better, and the knowledge that he’ll meet the man who knows him again too. Even if you’re not a Jack fan, or don’t care for the idea that Rose will be the saving of Nine, this story is worth reading for the scene with the fragment of dying TARDIS alone. Beautiful.



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