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Story Number Five this week is another happy mish-mash of old and new Who by a young author who deserves to be recognised.  Just two more to go... and I think I've found just the thing to round out my week.  Thanks for bearing with me.  

Title: Cold Fusion
Author: Samuel Marks
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6,073
Author’s Summary:  It's the middle of summer, and tourists flock to the quaint seaside town of Ackton-on-the-Water to enjoy the historic sights and sandy beaches. But the perfect day is about to be ruined, as a lone Silurian warrior stalks the apes from the shadows, desperate to feast upon their flesh; and an army of Sea Devils is about to rise up from beneath the waves and declare war on humanity.
Characters: Original Characters, Silurians, and the Eighth Doctor
Warnings: none

“How did you get in?” asked the ape.
“Front door,” said the Doctor…

Recommended because it is a clever, well-paced story that combines Classic Era elements and style with New Era sensibilities.  What’s more, the author is quite young—which makes the whole thing even more impressive.  The Silurians are back and readers are treated to a story from the view point of one of them—and she’s no ordinary Silurian.  Not everything is as it seems, and while there’s a bit of derring-do and the spirit of adventure—and Sea Devils!-- this story also features a goodly amount of humor and a handful of squishy “awwww” moments.   The Eighth Doctor is presented in a fresh (at times unexpected) manner and the dialogue is often witty without trying too hard.  On the whole, a solid, sly, entertaining story full of careful misdirections leading to a handsome payoff.  Here’s a writer we’ll want to keep an eye on.


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