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Story: Personal Statement
Author: ProfessorSpork
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 594
Author's Summary: In which Amy helps Rory complete an odious task. Pre-series.
Characters/Pairings: Amy, Rory

Recced because: There's quite a lot of job seeking going on in my household at the moment. So, while scrolling down through the list of Eleventh Doctor stories, I saw this one, and said 'Ha ha, there's one about a personal statement!' out loud, which promoted a groan from my fellow seekers. Then I decided to read the fic for the lols, and after about five lines said something like 'Actually it's pretty good', and then a bit later 'Actually it's very good'. Well, reader: it is very good. It's not just a fic about characters we know doing things we have to do, but wouldn't probably do on a sci fi action show (although actually that is a valid thing to do). Here the plot point of a personal statement is an opportunity for us to see what sort of a person Rory is, and for him to try and articulate why it is he wants to be a nurse (it's a little bit like that bit in 'Billy Eliot' that they made into a song it was so good). It also gives him an opportunity to think about the things he doesn't want to be - in life and to Amy, and shows us the things that are so good about Amy and Rory's relationship i.e. how they support each other. It's a very clever and thoughtful fic, and I wasn't at all surprised when, having scrolled back up to the top, I saw that it had been written by the author of one of my other all time favourite Eleven era stories, Playing Dress Up, which similarly illuminated and deepened this relationship for me.


"What if I can't?" he asks quietly, and she rolls her eyes. She's watched him have this freakout a thousand times. "What if I'm rubbish at everything?"

"You're not rubbish at everything."

"But what if I am?"

"Then you wouldn't want to be a nurse. Rubbish people only care about themselves."

As part of [livejournal.com profile] pod_aware I have recorded yesterday's rec, To go daringly where few people have travelled in the past, which can be downloaded here. (I didn't do the American accents - much).
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Story: Playing Dress Up
Author: ProfessorSpork
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2726
Author's Summary: Amy, Rory, and the disguises we all wear.
Characters/Pairings: Amy, Rory
Warnings: mentions of attempted suicide

Recced because: I confess -- I really dislike canon!Amy as we met her in s5. However, this lovely, thoughtful character study on Amy/Rory made me like her and go back and REEVALUATE my interpretation of canon. I never do that!! I love fic that makes me pause, think, and change my mind. This story is beautifully written, and I highly recommend it both to those who already love Amy, those who don't, and to those who want some beautifully canon-consistent characterization of her and her relationship with Rory.
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Story: Something Borrowed
Author: ProfessorSpork
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 1,807
Author's Summary: After sacrificing himself, the Doctor ends up in the least expected of places. A The Big Bang interlude
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, Rose Tyler, Duplicate Tenth Doctor
Warnings:. none

Recced because: I love when a fic can bridge between the Eleventh Doctor and his tenth self, and this one does it perfectly. It weaves so seamlessly into The Big Bang storyline that it’s now in my personal canon. Eleven’s voice is spot on and the whole story leaves you with a bittersweet smile.


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