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Story: Logical Consequences
Author: Bex
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2639
Author's Summary: Did Grace Holloway really think there'd be no repurcussions from the events of New Year's Eve, 1999?
Characters/Pairings: Grace Holloway, Eighth Doctor.
Warnings: None. (Unless possible spoilers for the TV Movie count?)

Recced because: Some of Grace’s actions from that night catch up with her (i.e. technically assaulting a police officer). Cue the reappearance of the Doctor, more decisions, and a get out of jail free card. I do like fanfics that take some of the wildly waving loose ends of canon and use them to good effect, and this fic is a great example.

It’s (as it says on the tin) logical, humorous, the Doctor is especially well characterised and it's a joy from start to finish. Even if the TVM isn’t your favourite bit of DW, this is sure to make you smile.
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Story: The Shirt
Author: Bex
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2,807
Author's Summary: Sam comes face-to-face with her limitations.
Characters/Pairings: Sam Jones
Warnings: none

Recced because: Sam Jones was pretty much prototypical teen idealism on legs. Her concept of the truth was sometimes a bit too pure and/or simple (albeit for, ahem, reasons that later became clear), but there are worse things to unleash on the spacetime continuum.

This fic is more about the world getting unleashed on Sam. Bex captures her perspective excellently: Colors seem bright, emotions seem pure, the Doctor's mood swings seem beautiful, and the odd position of being, essentially, the Doctor's ward is clear in Sam's mind yet borne easily. Sam has to assimilate the fact that good intentions aren't always enough, but learns the value of hope in the process. A lovely little snapshot from the idealistic side of Who.

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