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Feb. 10th, 2011 11:03 pm
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Title: Move On
Author: Gentlehobbit
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 1,847
Author's summary: "Both the Doctor and the Face of Boe love watching waves crash and tumble in oceans, but each has a different reason."
Characters: Doctor 10, Doctor 11, the Face of Boe
Warnings: None

Recced because: Gentlehobbit can set a scene, to put it mildly. She takes us from alien beach to alien beach and you're THERE seeing, tasting, and smelling the beautiful, unusual waves as the Doctor, past and present, roams the sands searching for...not even he knows what. He thinks he knows what the attraction is but the Face of Boe (a character that fascinates me) knows better. It's a gently sad story but very effective and 10, 11 and the Face of Boe are characterized perfectly. This story's a lovely vacation.

When he saw the great tank accompanied by guardians, he gave a shout of joy and scrambled forward. Without a thought, he swung forward over a branch, dangled for a moment from his hands and then dropped, plunging into the waves. By the time he scrambled out onto the shore, the attendants had retreated, and he and the Face of Boe were alone.

The Doctor talked with delight about his adventures and the Face of Boe listened. And then, when his chatter wound down and his clothes were almost dry, the Doctor sat down, leaning his back against the tank. They both watched the sea.
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Is it Thursday already? Sheesh.
I believe I promised you there would be crack this week. So for everyone else who never could get the hang of Thursdays, I bring you this.

Story: Five Times the Doctor Accidentally Knocked Up the Face of Boe (Okay, One Not So Accidental)
Author: mrv3000
Rating: teen
Word Count: 811
Author’s Summary: *points to title*
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Face of Boe
Warnings: Erm... according to the author, none? None that aren't already obvious from the title.

Recced because: Surely at some point, we've all pondered this. If the Face of Boe is the last of his kind, who was the other parent for the "Baby Boemina" announced on the news channel in "The Long Game"?

No? You've never wondered? You are now, though, aren't you?

Whether you believe Jack's revelation at the end of "Last of the Time Lords" to be absolute fact, or if you choose to think that the Captain was just trying to see how gullible the Doctor actually is, you need to read this for the pure, unrefined crack.

In the tie-in book Monsters and Villains, it is stated that the Face of Boe had six children. Apparently, there's still one more story left to tell.


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