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Well, my stint in the driver's seat ends here. I've enjoyed sharing with you all. I hope everyone saw a story they liked. To end the week on a high note, here is a fantastic and aptly named story by Sarah.

Story:  In The End
Author: Sarah
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1087
Author's Summary: Rory adjusts to unexpected cirumstances. (Cold Blood spoilers)
Characters/Pairings: Rory Williams (and others)
Warnings: Swearing
spoilers! )
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Well, my week of reccing is drawing to a close, so today and tomorrow I'm going to share fics about endings.   First up, this gorgeous story by Sciathan_File

Story: Final Transmission
Author: Sciathan_File
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 7091
Author's Summary: The words "Blue Police Box (20th? C.)" on an archival record brush an archaeologist on 32nd century Earth into a mad world that is so much bigger on the inside than it first appears.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Other Character(s), The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (1st), The Doctor (8th), The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (Author-Created), The TARDIS
Warnings: none

Recced because: The TARDIS is ending her days, alone and unregarded, until an archaeologist stumbles upon her.  This story is sweet and poignant and beautifully written.  Tissue warning firmly in effect.
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Good Friday to you!  Here is some fabulous frivolity for your Friday.

Everybody Digs a Swingin' Cat
Author: Gnossiene_nr1
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1681
Author's Summary:  Donna, the Doctor, and a cat. What could possibly go wrong?
Characters/Pairings:  Donna Noble, The Doctor (10th)
Warnings: None

Recced because:  Who knows what lurks in the bowels of the TARDIS?  Not the Doctor, that's for sure!  This is story is hilarious, the voices are dead on, and once you've read it you should read all the rest of Gnossiene_nr1's short fics featuring the Doctor and Donna.  Every one is laugh-out-loud funny and brilliant.
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Well, I thought I knew what I was reccing this week, but apparently I was wrong. On Monday this story appeared on teaspoon, and I knew I would have to make room for it.

Story: Cautionary Tales for Incautious Children
Author: JayTheNerdKid
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1516
Author's Summary: A guide to fairytales (and how to interpret them) for the clever and discerning child or child-at-heart.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (11th), Amy Pond
Warnings: None

Recced because: As any smart child knows, the kind of fairytales your parents tell you before bed are a pack of lies. This is a story about stories, about true stories. There are no heroes on white horses, just a man in a bowtie, and it's hard to know if he's the hero or not.  This story is well written and all around wonderful, and although it's about the 11th Doctor it's really about all of them, and you should go read it, it won't take you long.
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Happy Wednesday!  I come bringing mid-week relief, in the form of this fabulous fic by Karenbee.

Story: Jump
Author Karenbee
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2912
Author's Summary: Oh, she really shouldn't be here. She should just slip out into the falling dark, hope that time would fix itself.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (9th)
Warnings: Explicit sex

Recced because:: This story is the whole package. It is funny, emotional, well written, intense, sexy, sad- just good! Rose Tyler is trying to get back to the Doctor, but it turns out the dimension cannon is a less than precise instrument, and she ends up a lot of other places on the way. In one of them she meets the Doctor, but he's not met her yet. There are a very lot of rules about interacting with your own timeline, and Rose Tyler is about to break them all...
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Everyone needs to have a good cry now and then, right?

Story: Note to Self: You're Going to Forget All This
Author: Teacupnosaucer
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2380
Author's Summary: Three thousand years later, Jack doesn't remember much about the leather strap he wears around his wrist; all he knows is that the device inside it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Every year that passes he finds himself forgetting more and more, his mind collapsing under the weight of his own prolonged existence. So he does his best to follow the clues his younger self leaves him in the hopes they'll lead him somewhere that makes sense again. For now, that means one date, expressed as coordinates: 2009-08-23.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones
Warnings: Swearing

Recced because: I don't consider myself a shipper as such (although I love a good romance,) I don't usually read much Torchwood fic (although I loved the show,)  and the tag 'angst' usually makes me skip right over something automatically, and yet the description of this fic was so intriguing I had to give it a shot.  I'm glad I did!   Romance, angst, and a splash of timey-wimey combine perfectly in this sweet, sad story.  You don't need to be a shipper or like Jack/Ianto to enjoy this one, you just have to have loved someone before.
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Hi all! I'm [livejournal.com profile] siani, both here and on Teaspoon. I have been reading for a long time (thanks for all your great recs!) but this is my first time reccing myself. I hope you all enjoy my picks.

I'm sure we all enjoy reading an epic now and then that can take over your life for weeks (or months...) but there is something to be said for short and sweet, and for authors who can tell a complete and moving story in just one chapter.

That's why for this week I'll be reccing short stories- one-shot, one chapter fics that make the most of the short form. I've tried to pick across genres- humor, drama, adventure, and yes, a smutty one- and get in an author or two who've never appeared here, however it is going to be weighted toward the modern because I don't know Classic Who as well. If you like anything I post this week you can tell me, but even better- tell the author! Everyone loves feedback, even of the one word variety. Fantastic!

Alright, without further speechifying, here is your Monday rec:

Story: Anaesthesia
Author: KerrAvonsen
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 5573
Author's Summary: Some things are better forgotten -- aren't they? (9th Doctor, pre-"Rose")
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (9th),Other Character(s)
Warnings: none

Recced because: This fic epitomizes what I love in a one-shot story. It's exciting and a bit scary and has great voices and characters and a believable world that sucks you right in. The Doctor wakes up on a space station, with no memory of how he got there, but there's not much time to think about that. Something on the ship is destroying people's minds, nobodies that nobody (important) will miss, and even when he doesn't know who he is, the Doctor knows he can't let that stand.


Our current reccer is [personal profile] clocketpatch.

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