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It's been fun reccing this week! See you next time, maybe :)

Story: The First Time the Doctor Met Phil Coulson
Author: LJG
Rating: All Ages
Word Count:  1246
Author's Summary: Based on this Tumblr:
Canton Everett Delaware III, father of Phil Coulson -- "The reason why Agent Phil Coulson is so good at dealing with weird sh*t is that he f**g grew up with it. Because don’t tell me that Canton wasn’t recruited by SHIELD as soon as he got fired from the FBI. He helped a bunch of time-travelers deal with an alien invasion, stood up to the President of the United States, and did it all without batting an eyelid. CLEARLY PHIL COULSON’S PERPETUAL, FAINTLY-SMILING CALM IS A GENETIC TRAIT."
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Phil Coulson, Canton, Carol Danvers
Warnings: None

Recced because: For Sunday, have some crack with your crossover (this time with the Marvel Universe movies). The summary and title should tell you all you need to know about why I clicked on this one. As for why I’m reccing it, well, it’s sweet, it’s dorky, and it’s my new headcanon. Because Canton would so be recruited by SHIELD and of course Eleven taught Phil Venusian Judo. Of course. If you don’t know much about the MU, don’t worry. I still have no idea who Carol Danvers is and I enjoyed this all the same.

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And Saturday's rec:

Story: The Diogenes Club
Author: Prochytes
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  825
Author's Summary: Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name.

Characters/Pairings: Gwen, Mycroft Holmes
Warnings: None

Recced because: It’s the weekend and so I shall bring you crossovers. I love a well-written crossover. This one’s a crossover with BBC’s Sherlock. It’s part adventure, part Gwen character study, and part darkly amusing. Add to that an excellent Mycroft voice and bits from ACD’s The Greek Interpreter and you have my recommendation.
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I'm going to be away from my computer tomorrow, so today you get two recs for the price of one! First, today's rec:

Story: Sometime Around Midnight
Author: cereal
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  2818
Author's Summary: It took two months. Two months of takeaway curries and crap television, of rumpled sheets and that spot on her neck that always makes her squirm. Two months of talking about Mickey's new girlfriend and Jackie's new tracksuit and decidedly not what a new, new, new Doctor meant to a new Rose.

Characters/Pairings: Rose/Ten Two
Warnings: None

Recced because: Despite all the grief and aggravation Rose and the Tenth Doctor (and their fans) have given me over the years, I still have a soft spot for stories about Rose and Handy trying to figure themselves out in Pete’s World. Here, they’ve been there for a while and not everything has worked out for the two of them. This Handy is achingly human and lost, and this story hurts, even through the happy ending.

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Story: The Holdarnak Spiral
Author: shinyford
Rating: All Ages

Word Count:  6629
Author's Summary: The Third Doctor and Jo encounter a person and a deadly enemy from, simultaneously, their future and their past.
Characters/Pairings: Jo, Third Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: When I watched through the entirety of the Third Doctor’s stories, I found that I completely adored Jo Grant. So I went looking for a good story starring Jo and came across this gem. This is a very creepy mystery with a frankly terrifying alien menace lurking in the background. The voices of the characters are all really well done, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat by the end.

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Story: Take a Look (It’s in a Book)
Author: RobotRollCall
Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 1950
Author's Summary: Jamie finally learns how to read.
Characters/Pairings: Jamie, Ben, Polly, Second Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: It’s really difficult for me to pick a favorite Doctor, but Two is the one I can say I consistently adore. All of his companions were great, especially Jamie. This is early Jamie and I like the slight uncomfortable-ness of his interactions with the others, trying to find a place to fit in. Mostly, though, I love this because it’s Two teaching Jamie how to read and, like so much of that era of the show, it’s adorable.
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Story: Days Like Crazy Paving
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 1248
Author's Summary: How many pasts can two people have?
Characters/Pairings: Ace/Mel
Warnings: None

Recced because: I love stories where the Time War’s effect on people other than the Doctor is explored. Also there’s timey-wimeyness, and femslash, and the connection between memory, reality, and myth. It’s deceptively simple and says a lot with a small amount of words.
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Hey, everybody! This is solo_by_choice, known as Doctor Tam on Teaspoon, and I come bearing a variety of stories for my first reccing experience!

Story: Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home
Author: Lonewytch
Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 2289
Author's Summary: AU piece set after River breaks the fixed point in time in The Wedding of River Song. He has no plan to save himself and she will not kill him. They live out their days in a disintegrating universe, loving but never touching. The story is structured around some of the cards from the Tarot's Major Arcana.

Characters/Pairings: River Song/Eleventh Doctor, Amy/Rory
Warnings: None

Recced because: As many others have said before me, I love the idea of River Song. The execution was rushed, I think. The central idea of The Wedding of River Song was also brilliant; all of time crunched into one moment is something begging to be explored. In the universe of this story, River has the agency to save or destroy the Doctor and the universe. It’s dark and it hurts. That’s what I like about it.


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