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Story: The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Author: scarlettgirl
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1181
Author's Summary: Rory and Martha are trapped. It's not nearly as much fun as you'd think.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, Rory Williams, The Doctor (11th)
Warnings: None
Recced because: Era crossovers are always neat, and Rory and Martha have so much in common both professionally and in terms of their personalities that it's a lot of fun to see them interact. Scarlettgirl does a great job with the voices and the little details that really sell the story--Rory is very kind but also worried and a bit sarcastic and Martha always tries to stay reassuring and calm under pressure. The story hits all the right notes of professionalism, as Rory and Martha are sort of accidental field medics at a school they are protecting, and they do a wonderful job. Also? It's really funny.

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Story: Smoke and Mirrors
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1275
Author's Summary: It's 1914 and Gerald Carter visits Oxford to observe Harriet Derbyshire. Does she have what it takes to join Torchwood?
Characters/Pairings: Gerald Carter and Harriet Derbyshire as (very briefly) featured in the Torchwood episode "To The Last Man". That's them in my icon there.
Warnings: None. Unusually for a Torchwood fic. :D

Recced because: There was a time, believe it or not, when I was slightly reluctant to identify as a Torchwood fan. I may even, St. Peter-like, have denied it in polite company once or thrice, something that I would never, ever do in the case of Doctor Who. I don't know, maybe it's just that "classic" Torchwood, pre-Children of Earth, always seems like such a...guilty pleasure. And not even always a pleasure, exactly, yet I kept watching it. Anyway, nowadays I'm out and proud: I'm a Torchwood fan. Deal with it, world.

One of the genuine pleasures to be had, though, from the first two seasons of Torchwood, for me anyway, was the sense we got of the Institute's long and storied history, the little glimpses of its past, especially in Season 2, when we were introduced to such luminaries as Emily Holroyd and Alice Guppy, Charles Gaskell, and my favourites - those two in the icon, Gerald and Harriet, from the First World War-era Team Torchwood. I even wrote fic about them. Long and involved fic about two characters who appeared on screen for a couple of minutes tops. I sometimes wondered whether that made me a little bit strange. And then I found this story and...someone else likes them too! I thought. Since then, I've discovered that there are a handful of Gerald and Harriet fics out there, not all on Teaspoon however, but for me this one remains the gold standard. Plus it takes its inspiration from the same BBC website fluff I was using for my fics and none of those falsehoods and calumnies spread by Gary Russell in his Torchwood Archives book! :D

But I rec this fic for somewhat better reasons than that it made me feel validated in my fic-writing eccentricities. It really is a very well-written, quite lovely story that takes two characters who barely had time to name themselves in the television story and make them living, breathing people in a very particular historical time and place. I suppose the danger of writing fanfiction about such very minor canon characters is that they end up becoming de facto OCs, and as I observed the other day, some people have very understandable objections to OCs in fanfic. Personally, I think that fleshing out minor characters is very much within the fanfic writer's prerogative, especially when it's done as well as this by a talented author. I don't expect anybody to share my particular enthusiasm for these particular characters, but I encourage all of you to read this because it more than deserves to be read on its own merits. For me, things like this, the expansion upon barely-glimpsed nooks and crannies of canon, done with intelligence and insight and respect for the source material, are one of the things fanfiction is all about.

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Story: Five Things Owen Harper Remembers and One Thing He'll Never Forget
Author: scarlettgirl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 611
Author's Summary: "Memories are like acid and some deserve to burn."
Characters/Pairings: Owen Harper
Warnings: Season 1 of Torchwood, swearing, angst, and if you're squicked by the thought of needles, you might want to look away from Chapter 2.

Recced because: We all have our favorite characters and our less-than-favorite characters. To be honest, Owen Harper has never been a favorite of mine. However, I think it's a sign of truly great writing when an author can take a less-than-favorite character and make you feel for them. Each of the six drabbles in this series draws you in, makes you see the world from Owen's perspective, and is like a punch to the gut. Scarlettgirl's masterful use of the drabble format and deftness for writing Owen makes this a piece not to be missed.
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Today is crossover crack ficlet day!  Because they're both so very short, I'm giving you two recs for your reading delight.  (Mod, if that's not OK, I'm sorry!)

Snark and Explosives
Author:  TigerKat
Rating:  Teen
Word Count:  366
Author's Summary:  Ace McShane and Jayne Cobb. Ain't life nice? Crossover with Firefly.
Characters/Pairings:  Ace/Jayne. 
Warnings: Sexual themes? Also crack.

Recced because:
Ace/Jayne  (Can we call it Jayce?)  may be the best crossover crack pairing ever.  The author puts a lot of character, laughs, and explosions into very few words.  Shiny! 

*   *   *   *   *

Story:  The Secret of the Mysterious Coat
Author: scarlettgirl
Rating: None given. I'd say Teen, less for actual content than because if you show it to your ten year-old cousin her brain may explode.
Word Count:  616
Author's Summary:  There is a strange disturbance in the universe. Can Nancy and her gal pals, George and Bess, get to the bottom of this strange mystery? A totally crack!fic Torchwood/Nancy Drew crossover.
Characters/Pairings:  Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, plus the Nancy Drew crew:  Nancy, George, Bess, and their associated boys.
Warnings:  Possible corruption of childhood memories through innuendo.

Recced because:  If you, like me, read dozens of Nancy Drew novels as a child, you may be sent into helpless giggles at the mere concept of a Torchwood/Nancy Drew crossover.  Even if you only read one or two Nancy books and barely remember them, you should still enjoy this wonderfully silly story.  The author does a fine job of mocking the characters and writing style from Nancy Drew, but in a loving sort of way.  (Since Jack is around, it's a very loving sort of way. *wink*)

*   *   *

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Story: Extraordinary
Author: scarlettgirl
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1067
Author's Summary: Lucie Miller, for just a moment, wishes she had been that girl.
Characters/Pairings: Lucie Miller, Eighth Doctor
Warnings: Takes place immediately after Human Resources

Recced because: This is a wonderful tag to Human Resources. Scarlettgirl shows the friendship between Lucie and the Doctor in a way that seemed to be missing from Human Resources itself. This feels like it could have been at the end of HR and is a very satisfying conclusion to that story arc.


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