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Story: The Worst Doctor Who Story Ever
Author: Astrid
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 608
Author's Summary: For April Fools Day, I present something I wrote last year as a parody of all the bad Doctor Who fics (well, bad fics in general). I'm very sorry about this, I really am.
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, The Master, Adric, Ace, Peri, Mel, Romana II, Sarah Jane (and more)
Warnings: none

Recced because: I laughed non-stop at this absurd yet accurate send up of badfic. We've all seen them- probably lurking in the dark corners of fics written as one endless paragraph, riddled with misspelled words, oblivious to punctuation or grammar. They usually feature a Mary Sue and some character bashing for good measure. This one ticks all those boxes perfectly, and I couldn't stop giggling as it hit every cliched trope in Doctor Who fandom over the head with a mallet. This fic is short, so the (intentionally) terrible formatting shouldn't be an obstacle to enjoying this hilarious parody. (And honestly the misspellings just make it funnier- I nearly lost it at 'Parry' and 'Ramona' LOL)
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Rating: Teen
Word Count: 37019
Author's Summary: The end and aftermath of the Last Great Time War in the Pete's World Universe. Gallifrey falls, the Doctor is lost, and a killer is lurking among the residents of a town on the edge of the Canadian wilderness. Alt!Five's story.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (5th)/Romana (author-created), The Doctor (5th)/Original Character,  The Master(author-created)
Warnings: Some disturbing scenes, and spoilers for the Time War (up to and including Day of the Doctor).

Recced because: This fic is part of a series that explores the idea of "What if the Fifth Doctor had been the one involved in the Time War?"  and introduces a Doctor like we've never seen before.  A very compelling story; with well-developed original characters and excellent world-building.
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Hello! I’m x_los here and on Teaspoon. I haven’t rec’d here before, and I solemnly swear I will lj-cut the many teal deers I have brought along with me.

Story: Kept Man
Author: Aralias
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 30953 words
Author's Summary: In Scream of the Shalka, REG!Doctor (the ninth Doctor who almost was) was seen travelling round the universe with a robotic Master for no apparent reason. The ninth Doctor (who actually was) has a much better reason for travelling with a robotic Master, given that his entire race are dead. This fic assumes that he was and that the Master just kept out of sight so as not to alarm anyone.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Mickey Smith, Professor Yana, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (9th), The Master (Jacobi), The Master (Other), The Master (Simm)
Pairings: Shalka!Master/Nine, Shalka!Master/Ten, Doctor/Master generally implied
Warnings: Explicit sex, swearing (goodness, there’s a warning for that? Huh.)

Recced because:

A little about the author. )

Kept Man is relatively early but essential work from an essential writer in Doctor/Master and, really, the fandom. This fic tracks the first three series of the reboot, imagining that all along, an android version of the Master, built by the Doctor, lives in the TARDIS, preferring not to interact with the Doctor’s various human companions (a plot device that pulls on Scream of the Shalka’s presentation of the Doctor and an android Master voiced by Jacobi living together). It slots neatly into the show as we know it, but not in a facile, consequence-free ‘episode coda’ kind of way. ‘The Doctor keeps the Master on the TARDIS after the events on the Valiant’ is a big subgenre of Doctor/Master fic (especially the fic that came right after s3) (Kept Man is also probably a little influenced by Ariastar’s generally well-regarded Ten/Simm!Master alternate series—alternate series 4 and 5 are another sort of sub genre.). Aralias is engaging with that here, but pulling the trend/trope in directions that chime with her overall interests and sensibilities.

A little about why this fic is compelling and important. )
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Story: The Enmity of Ages
Author: Forge
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,718
Author's Summary: A battle that has stretched across time. From childhood games, to burning planets, to the Immortality Gate. The never-ending conflict between the Doctor and his oldest enemy.
Characters/Pairings: The Master (unspecified), the Doctor (unspecified)
Warnings: None

Recced because: I can't think of a word to say that would sell this one. It's just...good. Very damn good. We'll let it speak for itself.
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Ah. Well. Looks like it's my turn, again! *waves* Hello; Irish again, back for another round of recs! Hope you like the goodies I've brought for you, this time...

Well. Let's start with a bang, shall we? ^.^

Story: A Time to Live
Author: Kara Jade
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 306
Author's Summary: Once, we were as brothers. Closer than brothers; I had given him my hearts.
Characters/Pairings: The Master (author-created)
Warnings: None

Recced because: Fascinating and creepy, with a deliciously wicked twist at the end.
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Author: elisi
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 41,098
Author's Summary: "Why is it only ever the bad guys who have a proper plan?" The Master's son finally meets the Daleks. And he thought it a good day. (Hugely AU rewrite of TSE/JE with Eleven and Clara and a host of extras.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, The Master (original), River, Jack, Clara, Davros, Daleks, OCs
Warnings: Death, strong language, violence

Recced because: Elisi's work is always an utter gem to read, especially when she delves into the world of AUs. I also have an ulterior motive for reccing this one, because I've been along for the ride all year since she started it. 'A Good Day' is a brilliant AU version of Journey's End, starring Eleven, River, the Master, Clara, Jack and a small host of OCs. It is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish and takes a wildly different approach to the missing Earth than the original story.
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Story: Double Vision
Author: IrishVampire13
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1905
Author's Summary: Now that the Doctor actually thought about it, something felt wrong. There was a peculiarity drifting through the air around him that made his hair stand on end.
Characters/Pairings: Other Character(s), The Doctor (11th)
Warnings: Swearing, Horror

Recced because: Okay, anyone who knows me, knows I have an addiction to Bad Guys. It's terrible (and wonderful) and a fantastic Bad Guy is enough to have me running and drooling over all a manner of fiction. The Master...the Master has owned my heart since I was a wee one. I have enjoyed his sarcasm, cruelty, cat-and-mouse shenanigans and his tendency to play the long game just for giggles. He has always fascinated me - and he will always be a favorite villian, no matter what face he wears.

That being said, I've always been one for Irony and how said Irony can be a @#$%!. I loved Ainley. I loved Roberts (hey, stop that - I saw the eye-rolls!). I have even 'made up' a few Masters in my time just for fun. Cumberbatch!Master and Smith!Master come immediately to mind here. I have written a few fictions myself with Smith!Master facing off (or getting ready to do so) against the Eleventh. Just because Irony and its @#$%!iness.

Then came this fiction. I know this author well and she knows my tastes (likely a little TOO well). She took an idea I fiddled with a year or more ago (before giving up the ghost on it) and created a fiction that just...blew my mind! It made so much sense, it was beautifully written and frankly, I rode her tail until she finally started posting to Teaspoon. The reasons are utterly selfish - being able to rec her work being the main one. *Grins* And so here I am, happy to recommend one of her latest fictions and one that she says is based off my own scribblings, but utterly out-does said scribblings without hardly any effort on her part at all. She lines out the details exquisitely, resolves a few problems that could be raised with just a few sentences and creates a story that will chill you and make you wonder 'what if?!' Whole worlds could come undone with just this concept alone - and the way it ends will make you scream, cheer and drive yourself crazy trying to suss out the possibilites of it all. But in case you don't trust my word by now, I have brought a modest example just to convince you...

Small taste here... )

Oh. So. Good. Whoo-hoo!! Please be sure to tell her how much you enjoyed her tale, I know she'd appreciate it!
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Hello, again, [ profile] calufrax! I am PhoenixDragon (aka Mandy) and I will be your reccer for the next two weeks. Let's kick off the recs with some fun and a few giggles, what say you?

Story: A Fleeting Passion for Facial Hair
Author: neveralarch
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1564
Author's Summary: A very serious multi-era fic about the Master's beards.
Characters/Pairings: Amy Pond, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (1st), The Doctor (2nd), The Doctor (3rd), The Doctor (4th), The Master (Ainley), The Master (Delgado), The Master (Other)
Warnings: Humor

Recced because: Okay, this is sheer Crack. I mean, I read this and I laughed so hard, I think I sprained my ribs. Sadly the author has never acknowledged the bill for that, but she did post this at Teaspoon, just so I could rec it for you here. *Beams*

This is a Very Serious observation about the Master and his Beardiness (and sometimes lack thereof) throughout his own regenerations. His pursuit of the Perfect Facial 'Do - and the Doctor's mixed (and heartfelt) reactions throughout. Even if you have never seen Classic Who , I'm sure this will still be a laugh. I know at the very least, you might've seen pictures of the Master and his various attempts to decorate his chin with luxurious, artistic (and under-appreciated) styles that can only be admired by the true believers in the masterful pun intended expression of...of hair on one's face. But if you still need convincing -

I might just have a modest sample beneath the cut )

Of course, the rest can be found at the link above. Please enjoy! And let her know how much you did!
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Story: Futures
Author: ClocketPatch
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1058
Author's Summary: An AU take on what might have happened if the Doctor had found and rescued Gallifrey prior to the events which took place in The Time of the Doctor.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (11th), The Master (Other)
Warnings: Action/Adventure

Recced because: I love a good AU. I especially love a good AU that remembers the realities of the Doctor's home planet. The place that he loved, but loathed in equal measure. His people stagnant and corrupt; in trouble more often than he was in their good graces.

I also (let's make no bones about this), adore the Master. I love to hate him and I hate that I love him. There is so much between the two of them, a clash that never ends with so much behind it they will never tell. The speculation has fueled many a fanfic over Doctor Who's long history - and I suspect it will for a long time to come.

Now we come to the nitty-gritty, the basics of what would most likely be the Doctor's reality if he does save his people. His people that he loves so much and yet the same people he ran from again and again. The same people who puppet-mastered him on numerous occasions and weren't afraid to use his friends, his loved ones against him. After all, any leverage is good leverage. Even if that leverage may be an old enemy that was once (maybe) a friend, their history muddled and secret, known only between the two of them. Still, it doesn't make that 'enemy' any less of a valuable card, especially when it comes to the High Council. But I digress.

If there was ever a plausible AU of Eleven's Era (where he found his home before regenerating), this is the fiction. The ending? Is the icing on the cake of it all. And that cake? Well...I guess you'd just have to read to find out.

Small taste of Awesome Here. )

GUH. See? GUH. Now go and tell the author how much they Rock. Gets us more kickass fic and it makes everyone's day brighter!!


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I'm really terrible with posting this time round. Apologies for that.

Story Times Such as These
Author Neveralarch
Rating teen
Word Count 4755
author's summary The Time War is too large and complex and confusing to be viewed in generalities. Four personal stories from the War.
characters/pairings Irving Braxiatel, Leela, Narvin, Narvin, Romana II, The Doctor (8th), The Master (Other)
warnings None

recced because As is clear from my previous reccing spree, I am a huge fan of the Time War. The concepts fascinates me, and I like that we do not know for sure what exactly happened. It's perfect for angst, usually involves Romana and the Doctor being awesome, and gets to be quite dark and gruesome. See, there is no downside to the Time War! (aside from the fact that (spoiler) everyone dies, of course).

This story has all things mentioned, but is written with an unusual underlying sense of dread and despair. I simultaneously hated and loved reading it for exactly that reason. It's dark (pitch black in fact), but somehow totally irresistible. There is something about the writing which drew me in and made me read until the end, despite the fact that the characters I love so much made me feel wrong. Their actions feel alien, yet I can see them behaving in exactly that way when pushed to the edge and over it. It is not an enjoyable read, but by Rassilon is it a good one.
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Story: The Future
Author: hangingfire
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,472
Author's Summary: In which the Master suffers a setback. Set before the events of "The Deadly Assassin".
Characters/Pairings: The Master
Warnings: Some somewhat grotesque imagery related to what happened to the Master in the gap between Frontier in Space and The Deadly Assassin

Recced because: We looked at a story yesterday that dealt with the Daleks, so it seems appropriate today to move on to a fic that considers his other great enemy, the other one that really gets under his Timelordly skin...

I think it's one of the big shock twists in Doctor Who history, yet another reason why The Deadly Assassin is the timeless classic it is; and not only does the Master make an unexpected reappearance,'s not the Master we remember from last time. Not at all. Of course, the offscreen nature of the changes the character undergoes, and even the fact that the Master is still around at all after the end of the Three era, is largely down to the circumstances of Roger Delgado's untimely and tragic death, which also meant that the planned "final confrontation" between Master and Doctor was never made. It's still extremely effective, and really set the stage for the career the Master had afterwards, where no matter how unlikely it might have seemed at the end of his last story, the Master always survives and returns for another round with his best enemy (any day now in the new series, I tell you - any day now). One of the great questions in Who fandom, though, remains - just what did happen to him between stories, to change him from the droll and debonair evil mastermind he had been into...that thing?

One attempt to answer that question came in author John Peel's novel Legacy of the Daleks, part of the EDA range. Legacy, and its companion piece War of the Daleks are, strictly imho mind you, something of a waste of space and time, what with their weak attempts at retconning great swathes of onscreen Dalek continuity for the sake of making some not particularly good fanw*nky points. Still, that shouldn't discourage you from giving your love to this fic, which takes the scenario presented in the novel as its starting point and examines the Master's horrific but ultimately self-inflicted predicament from his own inimitable point of view.

The thing is, even in that predicament and undergoing the horrifying changes forced upon him by having the bad luck to get so badly injured while being out of regenerations, he's still at the end of the day the Master. This fic does an excellent job of conveying that, of highlighting all of the characteristics and viewpoints that make him the character he is, doomed to failure in the end perhaps, but still intensely dangerous and capable of getting out of the tightest of scrapes. He's always looking for an angle, an opportunity he can exploit, and when that opportunity falls to him, he sets about using it and manipulating it like, well, like a master.

I would say that this fic greatly transcends its source material from the novel, building upon it and enriching it with its character insights. As far as missing scenes bridging the gap between Delgado!Master and the Deadly Assassin Master go, this might well be the gold standard. It's also very nicely written indeed.

I urge you once again - go and read this fic now. And leave some words of encouragement for the author to see.

An Excerpt )
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Story: Who We Always Are
Author: Psi Fi
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5261
Summary: The Doctor and the Master have been fob-watched and trapped together in an alternate reality. Crossover with “Red Dwarf.”
Characters/Pairings: Author created Doctor, author created Master, Lister, Rimmer, Cat, Kryten, Holly. Doctor/Master pairing.
Warnings: None, other than being a crossover.
Recced because: This is a very clever, very funny, and well-written crossover. The “Red Dwarf” characters are perfectly in-character and the whole thing feels very believable. Highly enjoyable crossover.
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Story: Imaginary Worlds (the Here I Dreamt I was an Architect remix)
Author: Bagheera
Rating: Teen (it says All Ages, but I might even go so far as to say Adult)
Word Count: 5897
Author's Summary: There is a room in the TARDIS that always stays locked. (Written for the best_enemies remix challenge.)
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Master - arguably including pre-series Doctor/pre-series Master, pre-series Doctor/War Chief!Master, Three/Delgado!Master, Three/Crispy!Master and Five/Master. One thing it doesn't have is Pryce!Master, although he is listed on Teaspoon
Warnings: None listed, though there is sex and swearing and horror

Recced because: This fic was written in 2009, since when dark fairy tales and Doctor Who have become increasingly intertwined. If you like the sort of story where something terrible is presented as a good thing in beautiful, soothing language, you might like this fic - even if you think Doctor/Master isn't really your cup of tea.

I think a brief introduction is necessary, though, before you read it. This fic is a 'remix' (of sorts) of another fic I also like (Imaginary Worlds by x_los), which posits that, at some point, the young Master made a copy of the Doctor that lived in his mind and which he could interact with as though it were the real Doctor. He abandoned the copy for a time, but returned to it after the Doctor left Gallifrey/him. In the original fic, the copy/construct idea was played largely for laughs - but it's very creepy, really, particularly in a universe where thoughts can think for themselves (see- oh, I don't know... 'Castrovalva', for example).

This fic is an atmospheric and disturbing examination of that idea, and of obsession carried too far. Thus, it also functions as an excellent character study of the Master.

Excerpt )
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With the importance of names being a hot topic on the show lately.. This seemed fitting.

Story: Your Name
Author: blaidddrwg
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 24,226
Author's Summary: Exploring the names chosen by the Doctor and the Master, as well as their original, or 'real' names.
Characters/Pairings: Romana I, Romana II, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (Academy era), The Master (Academy era), The Master (Other), The Master (Simm), The Rani (Academy era)
Warnings: I suppose there are some incesty-tones here, if you go with the theory that Koschei and Theta are brothers, but they are easily ignored if you choose to do so

Recced because: Throughout both classic and new Who the Doctor and the Master keep intriguing and making us guess about their original relationship. This fic explores the possibility that they may have been brothers (twins, in fact) and it strangely seems to fit. I don't think everyone will agree with this theory, but it's a nice framework for this fic and truly transforms the Koschei/Theta dynamics into two sides of the same medal.
The first few chapters give a really good feel, I think, of what they academy might have been like and the shenanigans the both of them might have gotten up to. More interesting is the tension that already starts to spiral out of control as both boys grow up and their relationship already begins to fracture. blaidddrwg focuses on the inner thoughts and telepathic life of the two main characters very well as well, really drawing the reader into the relationship and letting the audience get very close. This fic is definitely an interesting window into Time Lord psychology and shed a light on a possible angle of the Doctor's and the Master's history.
The last two chapters link all this prior, non-canon history to scenes from canon, completing the circle in a way. We readers read the academy chapters with our canon-based background and in the last two chapters we review this familiar canon within the framework blaidddrwg has given us in earlier chapters.

Even if you don't feel you can agree on the idea that the Doctor and the Master are brothers, I'd still advise you to read this fic if only because it offers so many interesting new angles to this set of characters who seem to be forever spiralling together - pulling and pushing at each other constantly.

Preview )
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Story: A Bad Habit (The Master Never Learns Remix)
Author: rynne
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2,605
Author's Summary: The Master and the Doctor usually manage to understand each other, no matter how many situations they get themselves into.
Characters/Pairings: Ace McShane, Peri Brown, various versions of the Doctor and the Master
Warnings: None.

Recced because: Remixes are one of my favorite things in fandom. If you're not familiar, they're basically fanfics of other fanfics - taking someone else's work and giving it a new spin, a new perspective, or expanding it somehow. In this fic, Rynne started with A Bad Habit by Hokuto, which is a fun short piece about the Doctor and the Master working together, and expanded that idea into a series of confrontations and cooperative moments between the Doctor and the Master. I think the story succeeds both as a good example of a remix and as a good fic that can stand on its own.
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Story: Her Doctor's Voice
Author: Paristani
Rating: A strong "Teen". I might have said "Adult"
Word Count: 2,321
Author's Summary: Six dark vignettes set after Parting of the Ways.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler, the TARDIS, and...well, it took me a couple of read-throughs to be certain who the other character is
Warnings: This is the story I was talking about the other day re warnings. This is an extremely nasty horror story portraying a much-loved character having something truly horrible happen to her mind and body, as well as depiciting an extremely dysfunctional and exploitative relationship. So use extreme caution. I'm not kidding.
Recced because: I'll be upfront; I hesitated long and hard before reccing this story. I've had it on my list for two previous Calufrax weeks and chickened out both times. Partly because I was in two minds as to whether or not this counts as a character-bashing fic, which are rightly against the rules here (we get enough of that particular sort of w*nkery elsewhere on Livejournal without it rearing its head here). Having read and re-read the fic, and the author's response to one of the reviews posted on it, and agonised a bit, I don't think that denigrating a particular character or pairing was the author's intention in writing this. If your mileage, as they say, varies, then my apologies. My main concern, though, was to do with the story itself, its plot and content. This is, as I say above, a horror story, and it really does inspire horror. The word "dark" is, I think, a bit overused as an adjective in discussing modern popular culture; this story, however, is not merely dark, it is absolutely pitch black and likely to stay with you a long time after you've read it.  I notice I never left a review on this one either, and I think in this case it wasn't so much my usual neglectfulness but a case of not really knowing what to say. It seems to require more of a response than I am usually capable of in my Teaspoon reviews.

I will tell you no more - this is a story best sampled cold, I think. I can't tell you you'll enjoy it, or like it, exactly. I don't think the author would want you to enjoy it or like it, to be frank. I think it is possible to admire it, as I do. It is extremely well and intricately written and shows a great deal of ambition and deep thinking as well as being a genuine critique of a particular period in Who history and a particular strand of Whofic that puts a particularly nightmarish AU spin on The Parting of the Ways and the Ninth Doctor's regeneration. It will not, I know for a fact, be to everybody's taste, quite possibly not even the majority of people's tastes, but I think one of the points of this sort of reccing is to maybe turn people on to things they might not otherwise read, to see what they think of them. I urge you to read it, with the above warnings in mind, and let the author know what you think (even though, unfortunately s/he doesn't seem to be active any more).

An Extract )
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Hi! Here's the first of my recommendations this week - I hope you all enjoy.

Story: The Only Renegade Time Lords Not To Be President This Time War
Author: aralias
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 6,508
Author's Summary: In which Braxiatel and Romana are not president (though not for lack of trying). Meanwhile, various other unsuitable people are.
Characters/Pairings: Iris Wildthyme, Irving Braxiatel, Leela, Narvin, Romana, The Doctor (8th), The Master (Other), The Rani, (also, Drax, Salyavin, Darkel, and K-9)
Warnings: None.

Recced because: Last time I recced, I did a theme set of BFA fics. I'm not going to try for that this time, but I figured I'd start with an awesome story about a set of somewhat obscure characters. This is the story of who was president of the Time Lords during the Time War (practically everyone), and I think it's funny even if you're not a bit obsessed with BFAs in general and the Gallifrey series in particular. But if you are, you'll find a lot of nods to the canon which make the fic amazing.

excerpt under the cut )
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Sympathy for the Devil was the first audio drama I've ever listened to. As soon as I finished it I scoured the internet for fic and was so happy to find this! :D

: Experimentation in Trauma Management
Author: Neveralarch
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1326
Author's Summary: The Master never used to be the one that couldn't deal with reality. A post-Sympathy for the Devil story.
Characters/Pairings: Gatiss!Master, Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood
Warnings: None

Recced because: This fic captures what I loved about Gatiss!Master. He's not completely desensitized to death and violence yet and has a tough time coping with life on Earth. I also love Colonel Wood (aka David Tennant) in any form :D
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Story: Evilness Vs the Doctor
Author: promethia_tenk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2657
Author's Summary: The forces of evilness have a little chat with the Doctor about where his storyline is going.
Characters/Pairings: River Song, The Doctor (11th), The Master (author created)
Warnings: None
Recced because: I have to confess that I am not exactly unbiased when it comes to this fic. Partly because I helped Promethia research the Master when she was writing it (which resulted in what's probably the the most brilliant ‘author created’ Master ever!) - I even talked her into getting a Teaspoon account, just so I could rec it. Because this is a very unusual fic, and in some respects it’s not really a fic at all... Or rather, it's a fic set in meta. I have tried to write an explanation about ten times, and deleted each one, but basically the author gives the characters an opportunity to comment on their own storylines and motivations. Which makes for rather entertaining, clever, insightful and humourous reading.
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Story: Love Hurts (Like Falling Off a Radio Tower)
Author: Erya
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 482
Author's Summary:
We receive a demonstration of Gallifreyan mating rituals.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (unspecified), The Master (other)
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's sweet and funny, and is a little bit fourth-wall-breaking in the way the Master talks about the two of them. Sorry this rec is so late at night, my computer has been throwing a hissy fit.

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Story: Masterchef
Author: JJPOR
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3648
Author's Summary: Ten. Master(s). Cake. No chains or nakedness this time, though. Don't look so disappointed.
Characters/Pairings: The Master (all of them), Ten, Donna
Warnings: None

Recced because:
It's such an obvious idea I can't believe I haven't come across it before; we've had multi-Doctor stories, why not multi-Master ones? It takes a challenge about Ten (being naked), Three (being chained to Ten) and cake and twists it to provide a hilariously cracky story about the Master attempting to collaborate with himself to bake the Doctor a birthday cake of all things. They collaborate about as well as the Doctor usually does with himself in these situations; personalities clash, minor irritants bloom and the Delgado Master in particular seems less-than-impressed by what his future has in store for him. Bliss.
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Story: Name Magic
Author: Storyseller
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1,548
Author's Summary:
In a universe where there never was a Doctor, there is a Time Lord without a name.

Characters/Pairings: The Master, Romana I, Borusa, The Rani, Braxiatel

Recced because: I find this a fascinating look at what might have been.  This explores what the Master’s life would have been like without the Doctor’s influence.  By “conventional” standards it was better, but he seems to feel in his soul that he was never meant to be conventional.  Holmes and Moriarty, good and evil, yin and yang . . . nature abhors a vacuum.  Is life really better if you always feel incomplete?

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Story: Lux Lucis Quod Sanus
Author: ClocketPatch
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2318
Author's Summary:Free will is only an illusion of the light, and nothing really exists in the dark, so what is he doing wrong? The Doctor and the Master have very different ways of seeing the world.
Characters/Pairings: First Doctor, Second Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Simm Master, Other Master
Warnings: None.

Recced because: This story is the sort of thing that fan fic exists for. ClocketPatch takes the Master and Doctor’s choice of screwdrivers (laser as opposed to sonic) and out of what was empty one-upmanship on the TV spins a beautifully written exploration of the two, their history and their fundamental differences. It's the kind of fic that makes you look at something you thought you knew and presents it in an entirely new light. (And did I say beautifully, beautifully written? Because it is.) I omitted this one last time because I assumed the next person along would be sure to rec it. I was wrong: I make good my mistake here. One to read, and read again.
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Story: Within, the Enemy
Author: AstroGirl
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2634
Author's Summary: An AU branching off from the TV movie, in which the Master succeeds in taking over the Doctor's body.
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, the Master, Jo Grant
Warnings: None

Recced because: Assume the Master takes over the Doctor's body and inhabits it as his own. What happens next? This is an AU from the TV movie and thus an Eighth Doctor story, but it can be fully appreciated by anyone who's acquainted with the Master, including readers only familiar with New Who. (There's a brief moment with Josephine Jones -- nee Grant -- but all you need to know is that she is a former companion of the Doctor. There, now you know it.) The premise of the story allows for a fascinating exploration of the Doctor, the Master, and the Doctor/Master relationship, and the author doesn't disappoint, forging fearlessly ahead with a gripping and thought-provoking tale. Perhaps the author's most amazing accomplishment is that the plot is full of surprises, but at the very end there is a sense that everything that happened was in fact inevitable. And speaking of the end, there are no words to convey its utter brilliance. But you'll have time to try to think of some, because it's an ending that will stay with you for long after you've finished reading.

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Story: Infinite Probabilities
Author: professor pangaea
Rating: All Ages
Word count: 1,709
Author's summary: "Our most glorious experiences are a kind of regret. Our regret is so sublime that we may mistake it for triumph. It is the painful, plaintively sad surprise of our Genius remembering our past lives and contemplating what is possible." -- Henry David Thoreau
Characters/pairings: The Doctor (First), the Master, Susan
Warnings: none

Recced because: The characters and situation may be fantastic, but this captures all the grim mechanics and conflicting emotions of one of the most awful facts of life we ever face: Friendships can decay. Painful to read and worth it.

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Story: A Shift In Reality
Author: Kesomon
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5408
Author's summary: Since Farrinham, the Doctor's been restless. Splitting headaches, blackouts, and the same phantom memory, speaking the same unfinished request. Just what is going on? AU post Human Nature/The Family of Blood. No spoilers.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, The Master (Author Created)
Warnings: None that aren't already in the author's summary.

Recced because: Despite the unusual nature of this AU, it somehow seems to be uncannily plausible. Kesomon does a very good job of maintaining the tense mood of the first half of the fic and I find the interaction between Martha and the Master in the second half to be absolutely compelling. And while I'm not exactly a Master/Martha shipper normally--it's the whole Year That Never Was thing--there's a sort of fascinating chemistry between them in this AU where the Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords arc never happened.
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Story: Love Hurts (Like Falling Off A Radio Tower)
Author: Erya
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 482
Author's Summary: We receive a demonstration of Gallifreyan mating rituals.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (Unspecified), The Master (Other)
Warnings: none

Recced because:

I've decided to end my week on a lighter note. You know comfort food? Well, this is comfort fic, and it always puts a smile on my face when I'm blue. Love Hurts is another Doctor/Master slash-up, but it's probably the funniest (and truest) diagnosis of their U.S.T. (acronym explained in fic) I've ever read. Enjoy!

It's been fun being your reccer, and I hope to do it again some time. Heaven knows I've got more fics in my favourites chest.
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My appologises in advance if the coding messes up again. I did a demo post on my own page and it turned out. So, *fingers crossed*

Story: Doomsday Dimensions
Author: Doomsday Dimensions
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 9891
Author's Summary: Rose's parallel universe has a parallel Doctor--in his Eighth incarnation, unscarred by the Time War. But something's afoot on Gallifrey...
Characters/Pairings: Romana II, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (8th), The Master (Other)

Recced because:

This story has the distinction of being the first quality fic I ever read. It’s the story which got me writing fic in the first place, ‘cause I looked at it and thought; wow, that’s some good stuff. I wish I could do that.

I came back to DD when it was time to do my reccing list, worrying that, now that I’ve been exposed to lots and lots of other quality fics, this one might have lost its charm. It hasn’t. It’s funny and sad and epic in all the right places. I believe this might have been one of the first stories in the ‘Rose and the alt!Doctor in Pete’s World’ genre, and it remains one of the best. Whatever happened at the end of series four, this story, and the other stories which follow it (did I mention that this is only the first in a series?), remain my personal canon for what happened to Rose after Doomsday.


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