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And here is my last rec for the week! I've saved one of my absolute favourites for last, enjoy.

Story: Coaster Castles (And Other Sturdy Defenses)
Author: rallalon
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 8106
Author's Summary: He's only a bloke in a bar, but he's a bloke in a bar who needs her
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Warnings: Explicit sex, Angst
Recced because: How can something so angsty be so amazingly hot? Ten, in a vulnerable moment after season three and the trip on the spaceship Titanic, is heartbreaking in this fic. Rallalon writes Ten and Rose to perfection and does quite well at the smutty bits *waves face* but it is the emotion that makes me remember this, even 2 years after I first read it. The formatting with double spacing is a tad off putting but it is worth persevering and getting to the heart of the story.

Plus the last sentence. Ugh, my heart still clenches when I read it. If you are partial to the Rose/Ten ship and haven't read this fic yet, then I advise reading this poste haste!
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I'm here, I'm here!  ::stops to pant from running::  I didn't forget or leave the planet or anything else that would have me besmirch the honor of being Reccer of the Week.  This time I come bearing one of my favorite flavors of Ten fic: basically, the Ten Is Hilarious When He's Loopy fic.  If it wasn't already here I totally would have made this a 2-fic theme post and added Ko-herence by Fayth along with, because they make a very fine box set.

Story: Scratching The Itch
Author: rallalon
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 20213
Author's Summary: Her mum had always told her that blokes had only one thing on their minds, but this was taking it to an entirely new level.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because:  Does anyone ever need a reason to rec [livejournal.com profile] rallalon? I mean, just the fact that she's her should be enough to send anyone burning rubber toward whatever she's written.  But if you want specifics, this story is Ral's version of, and I quote, "poke[ing] at a cliche until I sporfle."  The result gives us over 20K words (at just the right pace, mind you) of hilarious, sexy, lovingly-rendered detail inside the mind of a venom-drunk Ten and a seriously baffled Rose as said cliche unfolds, while reminding us why the cliche was such a fun idea in the first place.  Just, really...Loopy!Ten done perfectly. Spot on. Aces. ::golf clap::  THAT.  Etc.
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Hey everybody! My name's Taryn aka pink_flame_87 and I'll be posting some recs this week. I'm going to come clean about something right now-although I've come to love a wide variety of Doctor Who themed fics, my first love was Doctor/Rose fics. I'm going to recommend lots of fics this week that have nothing to do with that pairing, but I thought why not start out with a fic that I think dispels a lot of the worst preconceptions about Doctor/Rose shipping fics. Enjoy!

Story: In Human Hands
Author: rallalon
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 159,675
Author's Summary: It's as good as any city to be swallowed up in, Barcelona. Now if only he could get this little blonde pest of a tourist to leave him alone.
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Rose 
Warnings: please DO NOT warn for slash or het. None 

Recced because: This fic isn't complete, but it's updated regularly and has 23 long chapters to get you started. It features a fob watched nine, excellent writing, a unique storytelling style, and lots of great subtle references to the old series (and even the 96 movie) for those looking out for them. It is technically Doctor/Rose but works completely as a novel in it's own right. 
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Story: "And Always"
Author: rallalon
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2182
Author's Summary: "'Hello,' Rose replies, tugging the Doctor’s overcoat tighter around her, brown-dyed hair brushing softly against the lapels."
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Jack/Rose
Warnings: Sexual situations/language.

Recced because: This story is part of an AU series, "Held at a Distance," the first story of which has already been recced here.  It's an OT3 tale with a difference: in this 'Verse, the team keep in touch after TPOTW, but Jack's "wrongness" causes the Doctor to be violently, physically ill if two of them get too close ("too close" being "within thirty feet of one another").  As a result, Jack has separated from the others but they stay in periodic contact, with Rose acting as the go-between.  In this (very explicit) story, Rose and the Doctor conspire to give Jack a special, unexpected surprise during one of her visits; the love and longing are achingly palpable and vividly memorable, turning what could have been a simple PWP (if an exceptionally well-written one) into one of the most sweetly heartbreaking stories you'll ever read.  (Be sure to read the whole series, while you're there -- well worth it!!)
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Story: Ricky Smith
Author: rallalon
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,638
Author's Summary: It's not far off, not really. It's just a name, after all. It's just a name that's not his.
Characters/Pairings: Mickey Smith, Jake Simmonds, Jake/Mickey
Warnings: Sexual situations and swearing

Recced because: This is one of my all-time favorite stories of "Whatever Happened To Mickey Smith?" The author utilizes all the things people generally take for granted about their identity, even as simple as carving one's name into the side of a post, creating a wonderfully twisted situation for Mickey. I love the characterization of him in this as well, it feels right without feeling repetitive.
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Story:  A Note Left
Author: rallalon
Rating:  Teen
Word Count: 1,739
Author's Summary: "Doctor, Rose, if I don't make it back to you and we never see each other again, I want you two to make sweet, sweet cross-species love and think of me. Often, and at the same time."
Characters/Pairings:  Jack Harkness
Warnings: Justified angst.

Recced because:  This is the video note Jack might have left for the Doctor and Rose before traveling back in time from the Game Station where they abandoned him.  It's a powerful missing scene that could well have happened.  Rallalon does an amazing job of portraying Jack at a moment of transition where the humor and astounding faith in the Doctor and Rose we saw at the end of S1 coexist with confusion and a nascent sense of betrayal. I highly recommend it enough for fans of the Captain. Also, look for the sneaky Bad Wolf in the coda!

*   *   *
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*   *   *

Another angsty story elbowed its way onto my rec list.  Tomorrow, I promise crack with Donna.
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(Apologies for the late post.)

Story: A Perfect Place
Author: rallalon
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 4321
Author's Summary: Chan, she loves him, tho.
Characters/Pairings: Chantho/Yana
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's rare to find fic about either of these two, and rarer still to find one that fits so seamlessly with canon. The setting is simple enough - Chantho and Professor Yana in the buildup to Utopia, with all the wonderful absurdities that arise when you place two alien cultures against the backdrop of the end of the universe. From the initial, tentative interactions to all the little misunderstandings that follow, the author builds up a wonderfully tense feeling of desperation even as the titular perfect place draws nearer.

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 Story: "Not a Love Story"
Author: rallalon
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3986
Author’s summary: "It's a partnership and he couldn't care less. It's theirs and nothing, not anything, is ever going to take it away from him."
Characters/Pairings: Captain Jack Harkness/Captain John Hart
Warnings: S2 of "Torchwood," graphic slash-o-rama.

Recommended because:  This is a dark, intense, very adult take on the relationship between Jack and John back in their Time Agency days, and the feelings they might have had . . . or not had, or been fooling themselves about.  There's a bitter sting in this story's tail, and a genuinely memorable sense of . . . tragedy, I guess you'd call it.  Sockets in well with the Jack/John relationship shown in canon.  It's worth noting that rallalon has taken on the difficult task of keeping the characters essentially nameless, with the usual attendant problems of tracking which "he/him" is which -- but I think it's handled about as well as it could be.

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Story: Non-Linear Love Story
Author: rallalon
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 50227
Author's Summary: "Come with me." She's worth it, he thinks. They fit so well together and she already knows how to use a fire extinguisher.
Characters/Pairings: 8/Rose, 9/Rose, 10/Rose
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because: Quite simply, it's hot. But that isn't the only reason. Rallalon has managed to create a story that includes 8/Rose, 9/Rose, and 10/Rose in not quite the order that you'd expect. It's a mystery and a romance. It's character study and introspection. It's hot sex and gentle comforting. As the title says, it's a non-linear love story. (And on Teaspoon, you also get to read the out-takes/scenes that might have been.)

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My final two recs are explicitly ship-fics, but chosen because they stand out among a multitude of ship-fics in the modern Who era. Relationships, romance, even sex, but not as you’d expect, and again stories to make the reader think. If you’re interested in seeing Doctor/companion stories done well, try these last two recs of mine.

Story: At Thirty Paces 
Author: Rallalon

Rated: Adult

Author’s summary: He's not coming. Not tonight.

Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Estelle Cole. Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Rose/Jack; Tenth Doctor/Rose; Rose/Jack; Tenth Doctor/Jack, Jack/Estelle Cole, Jack/Ianto.

Warnings: Adult, Explicit Sex

Recced because: Here, finally, is an explanation for Jack’s ‘wrongness’ that I can accept and completely get behind, and an AU in which the Doctor doesn’t completely abandon him. It’s not an easy story to read, because it’s a painful, tragic love story in which no-one gets a happy ending. Yet it’s haunting, sticking in my mind for a long time after I read it. The Doctor is actually ‘allergic’ to Jack: if he comes any closer to Jack than a distance of thirty feet, he’s in excruciating pain. This is the story, in part, of how the three of them deal with that over the century-plus of Jack’s living the slow path (they space out Rose’s life, ‘rationing’ her so that Jack doesn’t lose her too soon), and it’s also how Jack copes with the slow path, and with his own doomed relationships while he waits. Waits for the Doctor, and for Rose, who almost never come. Tissue-warning, I think.


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