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Story: The Enmity of Ages
Author: Forge
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,718
Author's Summary: A battle that has stretched across time. From childhood games, to burning planets, to the Immortality Gate. The never-ending conflict between the Doctor and his oldest enemy.
Characters/Pairings: The Master (unspecified), the Doctor (unspecified)
Warnings: None

Recced because: I can't think of a word to say that would sell this one. It's just...good. Very damn good. We'll let it speak for itself.
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Story: The Lady of the Night, the Master of the Stars
Author: Forge
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1407
Author's Summary: Once upon a time, in an old town called Edgewood, Drusilla waited for the wicked man to come and take her away, a man known universally as the Master
Characters/Pairings: The Master (Delgado), Drusilla
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I can’t think of anyone who writes the Master in any incarnation better than Forge, with all the right mix of sinister charm, and this is one of the author’s very best fics about him.

It features the original Master as seen from the point of view of Drusilla (from Buffy). This makes for an unnerving and beautifully written fic that makes me both want to dance with glee at the mere idea – but also to go and hide somewhere well out of reach of the darkness of the two combined.

No Doctor in this one, but it shows brilliantly that the Master deserves his own story every now and then – and that he is absolutely a villain to be reckoned with, not a cartoon baddie.
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Story: With Friends like These Who Needs Goa'uld?
Author: Forge
Rating: General
Word Count: 2565
Author's Summary: The SGC find unexpected new allies in their fight against the Goa'uld, a race called…the Daleks. One-Shot
Characters/Pairings: The Daleks
Warnings: None
Recced because: Crossovers in which the Doctor teams up with the Stargate SG-1 team to defeat the Goa'uld have been done to death. This time a different ally comes forward. Just the summary tells you that this is going to be a train wreck for someone...

A small sample )
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Story: The Chess Players
Author: Forge
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2078
Author's Summary: The Patrician of Ankh-Morpork, Lord Vetinari and the Doctor play a friendly game of chess. Crossover with Discworld
Characters/Pairings: Seventh Doctor
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I’m in awe of this author’s portrayal of the Master, so it breaks my heart a tiny little bit not to rec one of those fics instead, but I had to come down to this one in the end: Seven plays Lord Vetinari at Chess. With Pratchett-esque prose and footnotes, not to mention forebodings and a certain twistiness. And bonus Commander Vimes. Maybe not one for those who haven’t read Discworld (but then if you haven’t read any Discworld books yet, why are you wasting time here? You should be off finding Guards! Guards! or something right now. Then you can come back and read this.)
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 Story: "A Matter of Timing"
Author: Forge
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 13.000
Author’s summary: "Crossover with Firefly. The wreck of a luxury liner is boarded, and Ace is kidnapped. Months later, the crew of the Serenity is caught up in the Doctor’s latest scheme.What experiments are being performed on Icarus? What's in the Box stolen from the Doctor's quarters? It's all a matter of timing, but events are slipping away from him. As tensions between the Doctor and Captain Reynolds mount, Ace’s time is running out."
Characters/Pairings: Seven, Ace, the Firefly crew.
Warnings: None.

Recommended because:  To be really, brutally honest, this story could use a good going-over for some mechanical/spelling/punctuation issues.  However, with that said up front, I still consider it well worth a rec for the quality of the characterizations, the fine ear for voices and dialogue, and the perfection with which Seven and Ace fit into the Firefly 'verse.  Seven's hidden darkness and twisty mind are shown to good advantage -- and the sequences in which he plays chess with River are genuine standouts.


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