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Story: The Two Romanas
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4695
Author's Summary: When Romana comes back from E-Space to a universe where she never regenerated, the consequences expand exponentially, for the universe and herself.
Characters/Pairings: Romana I/Romana II, K-9
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because: Reccer's Notes: I consider this fic to be the cleverest selfcest fic I've ever read in Who fandom. In this fic, the Romana II of canon, the one who left the (Fourth) Doctor to do work in E-Space, leaves E-Space for Gallifrey, only to find this Romana I in this fanfic, one that never regenerated and stayed on Gallifrey.
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My final rec! Apologies for slightly falling off the reccing wagon this week, but here's a nice shiny fic to finish with - and if you enjoyed any of the fics, don't forget to feed the authors!

Story: Pawn To Queen Three
Author: Lukry McLurklurk
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1168
Author's Summary: A little post-ep fic for Survival. Or maybe a grand unified theory of Time Lord telepathy.
Characters/Pairings: Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane
Warnings: None.

Recced because: It’s a lovely missing scene for Seven and Ace, but more than that, it’s an amazing glimpse of how Time Lord minds and telepathy might work, all wrapped up in the metaphor of the Seventh Doctor’s favourite game: chess. I'm still pretty much in awe at the whole thing.

Have a snippet:

"All Time Lord brains have the same structure of the board, the same underlying matrix," the Doctor said. "It stays fixed even across regenerations, as each and every cell making it up renews itself. Which means--"

Ace interrupted gleefully as she grasped it. "That you can have the exact same pattern of pieces on there as someone else, at the same time."

"There are minor issues with how one defines 'same time' in such situations," the Doctor said. "But yes, that's how we can make contact. Even all the way across the universe."

"It's unlikely, of course," Ace went on, all but ignoring him. "Odds of squillions to one. So you must do it on purpose. You probably learn it at Time Lord School, in between Being Pretentious and double How To Avoid Giving Straight Answers.
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Posting on behalf of Styrofoam monster on Teaspoon.

Story: Establishing Events
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word count: 2432
Characters: 10, Martha, Seven
Summary: "Saving someone's life's not a cheap trick, Martha," said the Doctor quietly.
"No, it's much more important."
Warnings: none

Recced for: Excellent timey-wimey in the form of a closed paradox. Martha wants to save her sister's life, and we all know she can't -- the way the establishing events of the title play out, though, show how manipulative the Doctor can be, without necessarily being cruel. An intricate and troubling fic.

Excerpt: after the cut )
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Story: Resonance
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3533
Author's Summary: 1969 fic. Finding components for the timey wimey detector leads the Doctor and Martha to an encounter with Liz Shaw before she ever met any mysterious men who travel round time and space in a police box.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, Liz Shaw, The Doctor (10th)
Warnings: n/a

Recced because: Liz Shaw is one of my absolute all-time favourite companions, and the period of her life before she worked with the Doctor isn't something that often gets explored.  Best of all, it's another one of those great era-crossing stories, this time working with the time the Doctor and Martha spent in 1969.  Liz is right in her element as a scientist, and the parallels between her and Martha are a bonus.  It's the brilliant minor details that make this fic for me, from the Doctor thinking that 'blending in' in the sixties involves dressing as hippies to Liz's unbothered assumption that he and Martha have snuck into the laboratory for sex.  Definitely one to enjoy.
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I'm [ profile] lost_spook (vvj5 on Teaspoon) and I'm your reccer for this week. I love pretty much all eras, so there should be a good mix of recs over the week - hopefully something for everyone somewhere along the line!

Story: How Iris Wildthyme finally got her man
Author: Lurky Mclurklurk
Rating: All ages/PG
Word Count: 1382
Author's Summary: "Oh, you're joking! The Time Lords were wiped out completely, and the only survivors were me and Iris bloody Wildthyme?"
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Iris Wildthyme, the TARDIS, (Tenth Doctor/Iris Wildthyme)
Warnings: None. (AU for S3.)

Recced because: It’s very funny, and brilliantly done. The Doctor discovers he’s not alone after all, but the sole other survivor of the Time War is - to his dismay - Iris Wildthyme! If you know who Iris is, you’ve probably already hurried off to read after spotting the summary, but if you don’t, don’t worry. Iris is a Time Lord from various spin-offs, whose adventures mirror the Doctor’s in improbable ways, and she’s been chasing him for rather a while – that’s all you need to know to enjoy this story.

Anyway, with some lovely glimpses of the TARDIS’s pov, and lots of gems like the line about the cabbage (no, I’m not explaining) and all the clues just happening to converge in south-east England, it’s a great fic to start the week with. And the ending – the ending is perfect.
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Story: Days Like Crazy Paving
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 1248
Author's Summary: How many pasts can two people have?
Characters/Pairings: Ace/Mel
Warnings: None

Recced because: I love stories where the Time War’s effect on people other than the Doctor is explored. Also there’s timey-wimeyness, and femslash, and the connection between memory, reality, and myth. It’s deceptively simple and says a lot with a small amount of words.
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Story: The Assistant
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 4557
Author's Summary: The singleheart Doctor gets more than he bargained for when he gets a job.
Characters/Pairings: Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Eight, Ten (human version)
Warnings: None

Recced because: I love alternate universes. I especially love complex and well thought out alternative universes. I especially especially love complex and well thought out alternate universes that give me SO MANY FEELINGS about their characters, even more feelings than I already had. And oh, does this fic deliver. I most of all love the take on Sarah Jane and the Brigadier, and U.N.I.T.'s dark secret. It's threaded through with well-crafted angst, but the ending is the most heartwarming thing I've read in a long time.


"Well, if you're not going to work for Torchwood, then what are you going to do?"

"I definitely have to get a job?"


"I could work for UNIT. I've done that before. Not in this universe, perhaps, but they exist here. I saw a truck one time."

"And how are you going to contact them? They're a top secret organisation! They're not exactly going to be in the phone book ..."
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Story: Conserved Relationships in the Sum over Histories
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1826
Author's Summary: Rani/Maria futurefic. Or one-of-many-possible-futures fic, anyway. (Also background Luke/Clyde.)
Characters/Pairings: Rani Chandra/Maria Jackson
Warnings: None

Recced because: There's a certain genre of fic out there that probably has a specific term to describe it, but since I don't know the term, I'll call it "let's pair these two characters who never met in canon and see what happens" fic. At first glance, this may seem like one of those fics. But it's not. Or rather, it is, but it's also much, much more.

You see, in Sarah Jane Adventures canon, both Rani and Maria encountered a puzzle-box that keeps people from experiencing the effects of changes in the timeline. Lurky McLurklurk takes that fact and runs with it, telling a tale of what it's like to live your life while around you timelines change, and your memories change with them, but still you're somehow aware of what's going on. The story is very well written, and absolutely fascinating to read, but the icing on the cake is the beautiful portrayal of the Rani/Maria romance (who are both adults in the fic). In the end, this is a story of truly timeless love, and it makes me sad that Rani and Maria never did properly meet in canon. But at least we have this fanfic.

To tempt you )
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Story: In The Blood
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 9267
Author's Summary: For Ace McShane, P.I., her latest case brings her face to face with her own past.
Characters/Pairings: Ace McShane/Mel Bush

Recced because: Uh, did you see that summary? Ace McShane, Private Eye. I mean, yes, okay, I could also talk about the seamless integration of sci-fi tropes into a film noir setting, or the fine detail woven throughout that makes this version of 1930s San Francisco come alive in fascinating and entrancing ways. And I suppose I could mention how wonderfully in-character Ace and Mel are, and how tender and sweet their love story is. But honestly, if the words "Ace McShane, Private Eye" didn't make you want to click that link, then the only explanation is that your brain has shorted out after being overloaded with excess amounts of awesome.

I mean, seriously. Ace McShane. Private Eye.


"Perhaps you're not aware of your reputation, Miss McShane."

"Oh, I have lots of reputations," Ace said. "Which one were you talking about?"

"That for all your ... eccentricity"--she gave Ace an appraising glance that was clearly supposed to indicate that wearing a suit was the height of bizarre behaviour--"you're the best person to go to for situations involving strange phenomena. The sort of thing the San Francisco Police Department simply don't know how to deal with."

"These lights and sounds ... It's not just electric lights and people shifting things around, is it?"

"I don't know how much credence to give to some of the wilder reports," Westerfield said. "But if even half of them are true ..."

"Very well. I charge two hundred dollars a day," Ace said. "Plus expenses." That was from a film, but one of the first things Ace had learned when she'd set up shop was that her clients had just as little clue about what the going rate was as she did. Hiring a detective wasn't the sort of thing you did everyday, after all.
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After a somewhat obscure choice yesterday, I thought I'd choose something more everyone-friendly. Then I read this one and absolutely adored it. So everyone-friendly choice tomorrow, people. For now, please enjoy some more obscure paracanon awesomeness.

Story: Fitz Kreiner and the Chronology Protection Conjecture
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 3817
Author's Summary: Things go rapidly downhill when Fitz nips out for a quick cigarette.
Characters/Pairings: Fitz, Anji and Eight.

Recced because: It's perfectly structured. The bit in the pub at the beginning seems like it's just setting the scene, giving Fitz somewhere to walk out of but it's going to come back, all the moments of Fitz noticing things are going to be important, and the layers of disaster stack up until the narrative can literally take no more and Fitz has to shout at everyone to be quiet so we can think. One of the things this fic does well is to showcase some serious Fitz competence - his actions are perfectly Fitz-like, but also perfectly rational and clever (although he thinks they're slightly cleverer than they are, which is a lovely character trait also very well portrayed here). Although they aren't main characters here, there's also a great portrayal of Anji and the Doctor, and some good bickering between this excellent Team TARDIS. The fic is very funny, but it would also be wrong to class it simply as comedy, as there's, you know, a serious scientific theory being expounded on. I think even people unfamiliar with the EDAs will like this one, but if you are familiar with them and haven't read this you should definitely do that now, because you're in for a treat.


"How'd you like to go somewhere more private?" Jirina asked.

Fitz was not a man to ignore his instincts. Given how loudly they were screaming "Yes" right now, it would have been difficult anyway. But he had other instincts, ones that had been honed by his long travels with the Doctor. Ones that said things like "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" and "there's definitely something going on here".

But then if there was something going on, he probably ought to investigate, oughtn't he?

Fitz dropped the cigarette to the floor and ground it beneath his heel, priding himself on his talent for uniting seeming opposites.

"Love to," he said.

As part of [ profile] pod_aware I have recorded yesterday's rec, A Family Affair, which can be downloaded in three parts: one, two, three
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Story: Eternity in an Hour
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3138
Author's Summary: "Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once."
Characters/Pairings: Barbara/Ian, Susan, One.
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's unusual and lovely, an good Hartnell-era adventure with believable technobabble, wonderful characterisation and a great ending. Ian and Barbara are the focus of this story and their trust in each other is the underpinning of this story, but Lurky McLurklurk also captures the way the First Doctor could be both a powerful, frightening alien and a doddering old man, and the 'unearthly child' aspect of Susan.

Excerpt )
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I don't know what you mean, it is certainly still Saturday.

Story: Second Chances
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2182
Author's Summary: The Master's latest overcomplicated scheme backfires, giving the Fifth Doctor a unique opportunity.
Characters/Pairings: The Fifth Doctor, the Master (Delgado), Tegan Jovanka, Turlough
Warnings: None

Recced because: I may be a tad biased, as I asked for this story, but it's done so perfectly. The Fifth Doctor is able to confront the man the Master was, and it's as complicated, bittersweet, painful and wistful as you'd imagine. His plan to keep the Master this way is doomed, of course, and everyone knows it.

Tegan and Turlough, though they play supporting roles, are also characterised very well.
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Well, the week is almost over already, but I’ve still got one brilliant story to go…

Story: The First Casualty
Author:Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5255
Author's Summary: Benny's latest escapade leads to a meeting with a certain Fitz Kreiner.
Characters/Pairings: Bernice Summerfield, Fitz Kreiner
Warnings: None.

Recced because: It’s witty and fun, both a proper archaeological space adventure and a story that will make you laugh. And, please don’t run away because it’s two characters from spin-off media. Benny is introduced here at her wittiest, as she picks up her own almost-companion (who, absolutely wonderfully, is not what she seems) and the encounter with Fitz merely provides the perfect anti-climax to Benny’s spot of derring-do. It’s a quest to save (or possibly doom) a planet and it’s worth reading whatever era you favour, because it does it with style and it‘s entertaining from start to finish.
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Story: Ten of the Sword/Sufficiently Advanced Technology
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: Teen?
Author's summary: A linked pair of post-Battlefield stories; one from Ace's point of view, one from the Doctor's.
Characters/Pairings: Ace/Shou Yuing, Seven
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~1,800 words

Recced because: Brilliantly conceived, these two stories are about separate events yet touch back on the same concept of alternate realities, of lives not lived linearly. Each also manages to be a wonderful story in its own right. Ace's section with Shou Yuing is handled with just the right light touch, and it's fantastic to see her insight and especially to see that pairing; and Seven's section is complex and gives so much food for thought. The icing on the cake are the two incredibly brilliant and enigmatic last lines that still gave me shivers on re-reading.
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Story: All's Fair
Author: Lurky McLurklurk/[ profile] ionlylurkhere
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2521
Author's Summary: Martha and the Doctor, years down the line. Things are more complicated than they once were, but that's not a bad thing.
Characters/Pairings: Tom/Martha, Ten/Martha
Warnings: Sex

Recced because: Being a polyamorous woman myself, I must admit up front that I love (and have a bit of a bias for) reading about mature open relationships between consenting adult characters. Sadly, that's often not the norm in many portrayals of relationships in fic, but in this wonderful story by [ profile] ionlylurkhere*, it is definitely a case of Responsible Nonmonogamy done right. In many ways this story is about Ten and Martha, as they are somewhat the focus of the narrative, but to me, at the heart of the story, is the relationship between Tom and Martha (which is why I listed their pairing first). [ profile] ionlylurkhere shows us the beautiful trust of the foundation/primary relationship of Tom/Martha, through the scope of a very sweet and fluffy date she has with the Ten. She quite adeptly and skillfully entwines both romantic relationships in Martha's life without giving too much favor to either, but showing instead how they organically feed off one another. As a bonus, there's some lovely smut thrown in, but I love the sweetness of the deep love and trust most of all. And perhaps Humphrey, the cuddly toy -- I love him lots as well.

[*Yes, she was just recced yesterday, but I had this all typed up and ready to go, so I went ahead and posted it today. I can't help that she just rocks!]

Excerpt behind the cut )
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Story: I Took The One Less Travelled By
Author: [ profile] ionlylurkhere / Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2433
Author's Summary: AU where it's Romana rather than Jack who ends up living through the twentieth century with Torchwood.
Characters/Pairings: Romana/Duggan

Recced because:  This is a lovely fic that rounds up the best Earth-based supporting characters of season 17 -- Duggan from "City of Death", Chris and Clare from "Shada" and turns them into a fairly shambolic alien-fighting team.  Not that it's particularly cracksome, although there are flashes of humour.  The Time War has left Romana trapped on Earth with a broken time ring, and now she's running Torchwood 3 with her little team, and resisting the temptation of the Rift.  It's the perfect set-up, and I'd gladly read a whole series set in this universe. 
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Story: Blue
Author: [ profile] ionlylurkhere (Lurky McLurklurk)
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1181
Author's Summary: Sapphire and Steel crossover: TARDIS/Sapphire.
Characters/Pairings: Sapphire, Steel, the TARDIS
Warnings: None

Recced because: Doctor Who fandom got me into Sapphire and Steel, and this short crossover is true to both universes while being unique and fascinating. It's a nice character piece for Sapphire... and for the TARDIS!
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Story: Do You Remember The First Time?
Author: [ profile] ionlylurkhere / Lurky McLurklurk
Wordcount: 2767
Rating: Adult
Author's Summary: Martha Jones, The Doctor (10th)

Recced because: Nothing is ever straight forward with a Timelord, including his sex life - as [ profile] ionlylurkhere proves in this rather steamy tale! Timey-wimey takes on a whole new meaning when Martha sleeps with the Doctor for the first time.
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Story: Teacher's Pet
Author: Lurky McLurklurk/[ profile] ionlylurkhere
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4,202
Author's Summary: Ten/Martha. Teacher/student.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Martha
Warnings: BDSM, explicit sex, swearing

Recced because: I've been dying to rec this story ever since it first appeared on [ profile] sizeofthatthing. Teacher/student: a classic kink easy to explore as a 1969 fic in which the Doctor, needing access to school equipment to build his timey-wimey detector, takes a job as a biology teacher. (At Coal Hill School, naturally.) While he works on his lesson plan for basic human reproduction, Martha decides to test his knowledge – and his patience – and gets a very personal demonstration as the answer to her questions. The sex is incredibly hot, but this story is also worth reading just for the banter between Ten and Martha, which is sweet, funny, and very in character.
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Story: Imbalanced Indiscretions
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4727
Author's Summary: Liz calls in UNIT to investigate a new professor, who turns out to be an old friend of the Doctor's.
Characters/Pairings: Third Doctor, Jo Grant, Liz Shaw, The Brigadier
Warnings: BDSM, Explicit Sex, Noncon.

Recced because: This story is completely hilarious. And yes, I realize how strange it sounds to say that a technically non-con story is hilarious, but it's true! The whole thing is a riot, it's got Liz/Jo whose very existence makes the entire world a better place to live in, and it's got the Third Doctor all tied up. I don't want to spoil the story, so I absolutely refuse to tell you who the "old friend" is, you'll just have to read it and find out for yourself. Oh, and the ending? Brilliant.

a small, non-spoilery taste... )
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Story: "The Moment Has Been Prepared For"
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 797
Author's summary: " A few decades in the future, Donna Noble's granddaughter comes to visit her one last time. (Journey's End fixit, after a fashion.)"
Characters/Pairings:  Donna Noble, OC
Warnings:  "Journey's End" spoilers.

Recced because: Not only does this story "fix" JE, as it says on the tin, it references Classic Who in a knowledgeable and affectionate manner that I simply love.  Moving, funny, hopeful, and a perfect blend of old and new.  All in under 1,000 words!  (Yes, I've already recced this in my personal journal, so maybe I'm cheating by reccing it again here, but I think this story deserves it!)
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Story: Hardly Moving Yet
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: Ace is coming to terms with her sexuality; the Doctor takes her on a magical history tour.
Characters/Pairings: Ace/various female OCs/canon characters, Seventh Doctor
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~3,100 words

Recced because: Ace is coming to terms with things that are hard to discuss; she has the Doctor to talk to, but sometimes, that's not so easy. Beautifully written, with lovely beat lines and wonderful use of repetition, this is a thoughtful and fascinating piece. There are some great bits of world-building, giving Ace new companions to explore herself with, new situations and adventures in which to learn more about herself and about the Doctor too, and all of the observations are clear and sharp. The mix of plot and introspection is perfectly handled, and the ending made me smile and smile.
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Story: Girls' Night Out, Girls' Night In
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: Adult
Word count: 2634
Author's summary: Martha and Donna get to know each other better. Set in the closing section of The Poison Sky
Characters/pairings: Martha/Donna, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: Well, this is another pairing that I simply can't get enough of at the moment and I was delighted when I saw this posted one day. This story is deliciously hot. End of. However, I have to say that the last section is my favourite: the 'morning after scene' that gets left out of so many fics that just concentrate on 'the night before'. Oh, and as for the ending, well, I don't want to spoil it but fans of the Third Doctor era will love the ending. ;)
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This week I intend to share the Martha love and the Donna love about equally. Some fics will be short, one is very long.

Enjoy !

Story: Bowing to the Inevitable
Author: Lurky McLurklurk / [ profile] ionlylurkhere
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1373
Author's Summary: Everywhere they go, people think they're married.
Characters/Pairings: Donna Noble, The Doctor (10th)
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because: It made me laugh - a lot - and it's very Ten and Donna-ish.

"Ah ha!" the Doctor shouted.

The six-foot-high insect being turned to the Doctor. "You have an idea, Mr Noble? A way out of this crisis?"

"Ah, er, it's Doctor, actually. Just 'Doctor', that is, not 'Doctor Noble'. You know, there's a street in Malaga called Doctor Noble; I met him once, the chap it was named after--"

Donna interrupted him forcefully. "The main point is, we're not married. To each other or anyone else."

"You nearly got married, though," the Doctor pointed out. "The first time we met was at her wedding," he told the insect helpfully.

"When you abducted me from my wedding, you mean."

"Abduct nothing! It was an interphasic attractive force between huon particles. Besides, you were lucky I did, your fiancé was going to sacrifice you to a spider."
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Story: The Game of Making
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1,809
Author's Summary: Martha finds out what the Doctor really likes.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Martha
Warnings: AU, mind games

Recced because: It just might make your skin crawl enough that you hate yourself for enjoying it. This story is AU in terms not only of plot, but of character, I should note, but it's a true AU: Changes aren't random; they all stem from a central "what if?" I'll leave you unspoiled as to what the "what if" here is, but The Game of Making is one of the most interesting explorations of just what this whole Time Lord thing might mean that I've seen. In spirit it reminds me strongly of Big Finish's Unbound series.

Look, it's fanfic about an erotic Gedankenexperiment. What more do you need to know?

Excerpt )

Goodnight, y'all. It's been a pleasure reccing for you.
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Story: The Turn of the Universe
Author: Lurky McLurklurk
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3021
Author's summary: Years after leaving the TARDIS, Martha runs into Romana. But does the Time Lady have an ulterior motive for tracking her down?
Characters/Pairings: Martha/Romana II
Warnings: graphic sex

Recced because: It's terribly difficult to find good, explicit femmeslash in this fandom. Actually, it's hard to find femmeslash that's both well-written and explicit in just about any fandom. Luckily, we have Lurky McLurklurk (also known as [ profile] ionlylurkhere) to help fix that for us.

The Turn of the Universe give us a Martha who, much like Nyssa, left the TARDIS to stay on an alien planet and help cure the people on it. Years later she's still there, even though she's done enough of a good job of fixing everybody that she's largely superfluous now. Enter Romana, who wants to use Martha's recombination device to bring back the Time Lords. Eventually, Martha agrees.

It's very well done, both story and sex, and does a good job in highlighting that not all of the universe's problems can be solved by a sonic screwdriver and some well placed words. I'd recommend it even if you're not usually a reader of femmeslash or explicit fics, since it's written in a way that you can skip the sex scene and still enjoy the plot.

I've enjoyed reccing for everyone this week and I hope to see you all again when it's my next time to rec!


Our current reccer is [personal profile] clocketpatch.

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