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I like Leela. She's different and unique. She's not afraid to kill, and she's as tough as the leather that (barely) covers her modesty. She's certainly not your typical 'screaming assistant' - and she's all the better for it. 

Story: Right of Passage
Author: shinyford
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5716
Author's Summary: The Doctor seems unwilling to take Leela on a trip, having just rescued her from her home world. Is there unfinished business under the three moon's of her planet's past?
Characters: Leela, The Doctor (4th)
Warnings: None

Recced because: Here we have a tale narrated by Leela herself. Her portrayal is spot-on, and it's fascinating to see the always-wonderful Fourth Doctor through her eyes. The story is full of danger and intrigue and lots of laughs. It's about a young girl who dreams of becoming a warrior, an ancient demon trapped within the TARDIS, and a mysterious stranger called Norman. Well, sort of. You'll see what I mean. 
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My last recommendation of the week comes a bit late, but partly that is because I was debating which one of several to choose.  I'm an unashamed fan of the Tenth Doctor, but seeing as so many stories about him are recced, I turned my attention to earlier eras in search of great tales.  In fact, I looked in categories that don't get as much traffic, hoping to bring to light some real gems that the average reader might have passed by.  After careful consideration I end my week here on Calufrax right where I began: with another story by the very talented Shinyford.

Title: The War of Jenkins’ Ear (and Other Stories)
Author: Shinyford
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 7147
Author’s Summary: An old enemy encounters the Doctor, and regales him with stories of his life. With liquorice.
Characters: The Kandyman, The Seventh Doctor, Mel
Warnngs: none

Recommended Because the author manages to turn one of the most ridiculous foes of the Classic Era not only into a real villain, but a real character that you will both love and hate.  And he does so with delicious ease.

As with Anagram of the KaledsJenkins’ Ear is a tasty treat from beginning to end, beautifully crafted, technically a joy, and darkly funny.  That would be dark chocolate, to be precise.  To quote a review I saw of this story on another forum, Jenkins' Ear is "a love letter to the unloved."  The author mixes his ingredients with the confidence of a great chef, spices it full of imagery and metaphor without the story—or the antagonist—ever becoming too saccharine.  Not only do we get to see the Kandyman the way he should have been, we get to be properly scared of Vervoids.  Honestly, for a fan of the Classic Era, what could be better?  Shinyford takes a Classic enemy and a Classic Doctor and proceeds to tell a rich story (really a series of stories) that will leave you wanting more.  The narrator is wickedly funny, the Doctor is devilishly well-characterized, and the word play you’d expect is all there.  Old School Who fans will love this story.  New Era fans who haven't quite connected to the original series may find this to be their ticket in. Go ahead.  You know you want it.

They really don’t get much sweeter than this.

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First, I have to apologise for being late with recommendations this week.  I had a child in hospital from the 10th to the 20th and while I knew I was going to be reviewing stories soon, I was... distracted.  But here I am and I promise to make it up to you over the next few days.  Oh, but where to begin?  I could recommend pretty much every story (or script) I have ever read by this first author. Seriously, I could read stories by Shinyford all day.  Just hand me a stack.  I had picked out one to recommend months ago but another reviewer beat me to it.  Lucky for me he posted more.  Of course then I had to pick another one and it I really had a hard time choosing.  In the end I decided to tip my hat to Anagram because it is so unusual.

Story: Anagram of the Kaleds
Author: Shinyford
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3729
Author's Summary: The first of Davros' mutants ponders his fate, while the Great Scientist tries to think up a name for him.
Characters: Davros and Original Characters
Warning: Mild profanity

Recced Because: Put quite simply, this story is brilliant.  A wildly off-centre tale set in the Whoniverse just prior to Genesis of the Daleks, Anagram of the Kaleds is rife with British wit and charm and just enough pathos to turn you inside out and back again.  Here is a Dalek origins story unlike anything you have ever read, populated by characters you will never forget.

The synopsis might have you believe that Davros is the main character.  He is not,  Davros is there, certainly, but it is the hapless narrator of the story (and his fellow Kaled) that you will remember.  Anagram is impeccably written.  Pace, structure, grammar, everything is spot on.  The length is perfect, not a single word wasted.  Gorgeous and professional and achingly funny in unexpected (and terribly British) ways, it has lovely Classic Era sensibilities without being the least bit dated.  I could not stop reading and laughed out loud more than once (custard? custard??)   Make sure you have your hanky before you get to the end, and don't be surprised if you can never think of Daleks in the same way again.

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Story: The Holdarnak Spiral
Author: shinyford
Rating: All Ages

Word Count:  6629
Author's Summary: The Third Doctor and Jo encounter a person and a deadly enemy from, simultaneously, their future and their past.
Characters/Pairings: Jo, Third Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: When I watched through the entirety of the Third Doctor’s stories, I found that I completely adored Jo Grant. So I went looking for a good story starring Jo and came across this gem. This is a very creepy mystery with a frankly terrifying alien menace lurking in the background. The voices of the characters are all really well done, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat by the end.

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Well hello again; I have the pleasure of recc-ing this week! I shall start off with a recent gem:

Story: Twelve Hungry Men
Author: shinyford
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2610
Author's Summary: How do you choose your thirteenth regeneration?
Characters/Pairings: Original Character, Doctors 1 through 12
Warnings: None

Recced because: It is a quirky, funny, weird little tale that is as original as its narrative voice. First person POV is not the easiest thing to do but this one's just wonderful from the start, turns left when you might expect it to in some cases and then turns right back in directions you'd not thought of at all. It gives an outsider's perspective on an important summit with all of the canon doctors making cameos, and plays a lovely timey-wimey game of "spot the paradox" as it goes. Also, me being American and generally clueless, I learned the origin of a particular nickname I'd seen applied to one certain actor of the ninth Doctor persuasion. So go read it and feed the clever, clever author.

Excerpt )


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