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Hello and goodbye. My week is at an end - hope you've enjoyed the stories I chose, and thanks for having me.

Story: How Lucy Saxon Saved the Day (much to Martha Jones’ disgust)
Author: Darth Loki
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1714
Author's Summary: Lucy Saxon saves the world on a shopping trip to Harrods, in sexy red heels. Martha Jones is disgusted. Harry would be proud. Slight crack!fic.
Characters/Pairings: Lucy Saxon, Martha Jones
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I adore Lucy Saxon and all the ways in which she is broken, and love fic that explores this. The Lucy of this story has been jossed which is a great tragedy - she has an aloofness which strikes me as ringing very true, yet she's also quite, quite brilliant. The author calls it slight crack!fic, and whilst I can see why, the story is so undeniably plausible that part of me will always believe that it happened. A true delight on every level!
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Story: Play That Funky Music White Boy
Author: Darth Loki
Word count: 2428
Ratings: teen
Author's summary: The Doctor finds himself in a cell with the Master and the Master's iPod. Things go downhill from there.
Characters/ pairing: Tenth Doctor/ Simm!Master

Recced because: I might just possibly maybe feel the need for one Doctor/ Master crack every time I rec. I keep on meaning to rec this one but never got round to it, so finally it gets its rightful rec. There isn't a lot to say about this story, other than it delivers exactly what it promises to do: take the Doctor, stick him in a cell with the Master - and the Master's iPod. It manages to be cracky, hilarious and in character, which is quite a feat. And completely and utterly enjoyable.


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