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Story: The Bet
Author: Lithrael
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3339
Author's Summary:
Jamie gets tied up. Then things get interesting.
Graphic sex, PWP
Recced because:
  Hot and cute.  Also, <3 Zoe here so, so much.
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I should post this tomorrow, but I will probably not be home until very late, so here it is now:

Story: Parallax

Author: Vali

Rating: Adult

Word Count: 22628

Author’s Summary: The Doctor and the Master have a mutually revealing encounter on a very strange planet.


Co-written with Jonquil, a very AU, post-"Last of the Time Lords" cracky wallow in kink with a rich vein of fluff beneath the surface. It's of moderate importance to the action that the reader know that, just as in my other stories, the neck and collarbone are Gallifreyan erogenous zones; just blame that genetic link between Time Lords and vampires.

Contains consensual but somewhat rough BDSM and other not-vanilla acts; skip if this squicks.

Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Master(Simm)

Warnings: *Heavy* pain-fic here.  Consensual, but still intense. 

Recced because: It melted my brain.

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Story: Unbound
Author: Sub Rosa
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 33717 (in nine chapters + epilogue)
Author's summary: Turlough develops an urgent need, wants the Doctor's help, and gets more than he bargained for.
Characters/Pairings: Five/Turlough, Tegan
Warnings: Explicit sex, kink of the consensual variety, reference to non-con in the past, angst

Recced because: I’m not sure where the fanon that Turlough is queer as a $3 bill and has a taste for bondage came from, but I fully support it

The story is actually more interesting, and serious, than the PWP-sounding description would imply.  Explores some of the dynamics and implications of voluntary submission and its distinction from abuse and exploitation.

And there doesn't seem to be that much good Doctor/Turlough slash in the world, which is a damn shame.

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There is an unfortunate lack of slash recs.

So... yay!  Slash! :D

Story: Obsession
Author: VanDonovan
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 13160 (in six parts)
Author's Summary: Some obsessions are impossible to ignore.

This is a bit cliché but should be fun anyway. At least, I hope you'll like it. There certainly isn't enough Second Doctor fic, cliché or not. :)
Characters/Pairings: Second Doctor/Jamie, Victoria
Warnings: Moderately graphic sex
Recced because:  VanDonovan is the high priest of Two/Jamie awesomeness, and this fic exemplifies why.  It is cliché fic at its best – it has a touch of aliens-made-them-do-it, but with a decent plot, spot-on characterization, and is absolutely adorable.  And really, lets be honest – the Doctor and Jamie are gay married in space.


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