Apr. 19th, 2019 10:22 pm
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I decided to evolve the All About Eve-fic I posted recently. It’s not going to draw readers, but it won’t leave me alone, so I need to write it for my own sake. And I enjoy writing, always- only it would be fun to have more people to discuss thing with. It’s a little boring to always get stuck in small fandoms, or small corners of bigger fandoms. I wonder why that is? Perhaps the dynamics I like are unfashionable, so they simply don’t appear in big fandoms.

I finally got around removing all my fics on fanfiction.net. I stopped updating there last year when I got irritated by their lack of response over a person who harassed several writers there, including me. It was my first fanfiction archive, and I kept posting there out of habit, mostly finding it clunky and hard to navigate. I considered removing my account altogether but never got around. But recently I got a message from someone who had taken issues with the lack of warnings on one of my old fics, and who would report me if I didn’t fix that.

Now, I’m not opposed to warnings, and on AO3 it’s very easy to include them in the tags, so I do. But ff.net have never had a natural spot for them, and when I first started to post fics there, around 2004, there simply wasn’t the same culture about warning for triggering content as it is now, so I didn’t see it as important. I could, of course, have gone back through all my fics and start to put in suitable warnings, but it just felt like too much a hassle. Much easier to just remove the fics altogether. They are still all on AO3 and I left my people open on ff.net with this information. Those who have me as favourite author can easily see where my fics have gone.

I’m still in two minds if I should sign up for On Fic Mountain and Not Prime Time. There are too few fandoms I actually would want to write, and at the moment I don't want to fill up with fandoms I only feel so-so about and write a fic I don’t enjoy writing. I think I rather try for a few treats instead.

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Apr. 19th, 2019 09:01 pm
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why do 80 liters of compressed potting soil cost 14.99€, but 2x40 liters of the uncompressed version 3.98€? what's the logic behind that? i was going to buy the compressed version because it's so much lighter, but now i might just have to find a way to deal with the uncompressed ones. maybe if i get it from one of the local supermarkets, even if it costs a bit more there, and borrow a shopping cart to get it to my front door. would just have to deal with the stairs then

(i'm replacing the flower boxes on the balcony. there were five boxes in three different sizes and two colours, one didn't have holes and two were older than me and crumbled when i picked them up...)

It's Been Ten Years

Apr. 19th, 2019 02:00 pm
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So apparently, Dreamwidth has been around for ten years. There is an equivalent stats meme that has been going around my reading list. Meanwhile, Livejournal has been around for twenty years this year based on another meme making the rounds. Since I’ve pretty much utterly abandoned my LJ and haven't cross-posted to it since 2017, I won’t be doing that one.

So happy anniversary, Dreamwidth! My anniversary here isn’t until next month.

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Songs of the day: YoungJae and Apink

Apr. 19th, 2019 05:06 am
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Youngjae is the main vocal of the group Got7.  Here we get to see him performing by himself, and I must say, he does not disappoint.

I have fun trying to figure out where K-pop videos are being filmed based on signs in the background.  Usually I can narrow it down to a town, sometimes to a street, but this time I'm able to narrow it down to a specific block:  Thanks to the include of The Wee Chippy, I know that at least past of this video was filmed in the 1300 block of Ocean Front Walk in Venice, California.

Dept. of Fandom Stocking

Apr. 18th, 2019 07:07 pm
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Well, This Was A Bit Embarrassing ....

When I was having fun with 
[community profile] fandom_stocking  this year (or actually, last year), I decided to give one person, who'd indicated an interest in historical recipes, some that were excerpted from two recipe books I happen to own. Because it was for Fandom Stocking, I decided - without looking at AO3's terms of service, more fool I - that I could put it on Archive of Our Own, because the effort was for a fannish event. 

The nice folks over at AO3 let me know today that it was a violation of their terms of service, and that I had a week to take it down. I'm embarrassed, because they're quite right (Section H clearly states that recipes are a no-no), and sad that I now have a formal warning on my AO3 account. Hopefully, that will eventually be taken out. 

So I've put the recipes here, and will let the person for who I posted them know that they can access them here or on LJ. And perhaps other folks can enjoy the recipes as well. And I've learned something out of the whole thing, so there's that.

Anyhow - enjoy!

***   ***   ***

Foodstuffs under here. )

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Apr. 19th, 2019 01:01 am
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i finally got to try IT cosmetics bye bye redness (there were no german or EU online stores that carried it for the longest time, and i didn't want to faff around with high shipping costs and taxes, so getting it from the US wasn't an option) and i've got to say i'm really impressed. it really does just erase redness, the result looks like the natural skin tone on my neck (though you'd probably want to wear blush with it, a face that's the same tone all over looks kind of unsettling). i expected it would be more like a tinted primer, but the only product that gave me this kind of result before was a well-matched mineral foundation (forget about meow cosmetics, dreamworld cosmetics' colour range is much better). i don't generally bother with undereye concealer, i've resigned myself to a somewhat dark undereye area (nevermind that some of it is shadows caused by bone structure and therefore can't be concealed, but maybe i'll want to try bye bye undereye too? this result is just really encouraging.

i also decided that what the hell, i'm going to pay for a pillowfort access code, it's only 5$, then i saw you need a credit card. no paypal. americans and their credit cards, seriously...

Throwback Thursday: Notre Dame

Apr. 18th, 2019 09:13 pm
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Two rather blurry photos of Notre Dame in a photo album (picture of pictures taken by camera phone).  To be honest the photos would probably not be much improved by being less blurry or scanned in one is a rather uninspiring and slightly wonky shot of the entrance and the a rather murky, and off-centre shot of the rose window

To be honest I am not much affected, beyond a kind of abstract regret, by the fire at Notre Dame. Until I went back just now and looked through my photo album, I wasn't even sure if we'd visited the place on the school trip to Paris I took in the late 1980s (it would seem we did). I would much more regret the loss of the Musee D'Orsay or the Centre de Pompidou both of which I recall far more vividly from the trip.
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Donations to rebuild Notre Dame highlight the gulf separating the super-rich from everyone else.

As novelist and philosopher Ollivier Pourriol put it:  "Victor Hugo thanks all the generous donors ready to save Notre Dame and proposes that they do the same thing with Les Misérables."
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This was a fun one to try to try to find on Youtube this morning.  And by "fun" I mean "frustrating."  All I had to go on was a notation on the list at Kpopmap that Stephanie (no last name given, no other information given) had a comeback today (no song title given).  So I started searching and finally found it - and it was well worth the search.

But who is Stephanie?  It turns out Stephanie is Stephanie Kim, former member of the group The Grace, a group from SM Entertainment that has never officially disbanded even though they haven't released anything in years.  She's Korean-American, originally from San Diego.  She was (is?) a member of the Los Angeles Ballet.  She's a DJ, a musical theatre actress, and a frequent guest on Korean variety shows.  She also, according to the credits at the end of this video, wrote the words and music to this song.  Quite talented, apparently.  

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Apr. 18th, 2019 06:08 am
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i bought a garden solar light for 0.68€ today because i want the actual electronics for something else and it's funny what that boring little thing says about technological progress. imagine if i could send it 40 years into the past. solar cells being used for something as mundane as garden lighting?? but these things are expensive! a white LED - nevermind the fact that it's bright enough to only need a single one? and apparently nickel-metal hydride batteries also didnt hit the consumer market until 1989? all this combined for less money than a loaf of bread? we really take these things for granted.

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Apr. 18th, 2019 01:11 am
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"omg but how are we supposed to spend the night if we can't do anything our neighbours would hear" i dunno, play video games without screaming at them like retarded monkeys, the way normal sane people do? sleep? the mind just boggles at all the possibilities

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Apr. 17th, 2019 11:56 pm
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"omg u can't just cross red lights when there's kids around u are a bad example" it's not my job to be a good example for them, that's their parents' job

where on earth did the stereotype that germans will wait to cross red lights even if there's no cars around come from, why would i do that when the worst that could happen is having to pay a 5€ fine

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Apr. 17th, 2019 09:57 pm
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downside of cheap chinese body chan knockoff: the hole in the back of the figure where it's meant to attach to the stand was too small (a small screwdriver took care of that), the hands are tricky to replace, the ankle joints didn't move at first, some joints are a little loose

upside of cheap chinese body chan knockoff: cost a little over 10€ instead of a little over 100€

on the whole, there's still poses it can't do, but i already like it so much better than stupid wooden drawing mannequins. smaller than i expected, but that's fine. i really like how the different hands and the accessories are stored inside the base, so you can't easily lose them. i've also ordered a figma archetype next knockoff to see how their proportions and posability compare, it's just not here yet. don't think i will buy any male ones, i don't find that kind of muscular male body type very aesthetically pleasing, so i don't draw it either

EDIT: actually maybe i should also order a knockoff of that one special edition body chan, it looks like they have better shoulder joints. i chose a body chan DX and it can't really raise its arms above its head. even the shitty wooden mannequins do a better job in that respect. it seems to have also have larger breasts, which is unfortunate, but it's not as if any drawings i make have to perfectly conform to the mannequin shape
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No use to me, don't have a 3D printer, but maybe someone is interested? 3D printable dungeon accessories, monsters, etc.


Some of it looks very good, but of course it all depends on the quality of the printer.

Reading, Listening, Watching

Apr. 17th, 2019 07:38 pm
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Reading: The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse. I genuinely have no idea why this is on my to read pile. Someone must have recommended it but I'm struggling think in relation to what. Its kind of interesting but doesn't seem like the sort of thing I would particularly seek out - and it very much feels like an SF-reaction to Germany in 1943 (though weirdly by way of blaming the Romantic movement for everything - though, I suppose, Wagner). I don't particularly dislike it, but I'm not sure I particularly see the point it is trying to make, and it is obviously trying to make a point.

Listening: I got name-checked in the Verity Podcast (by way of making a suggestion on Twitter). It was very exciting.

Watching: A random Netflix trawl netted us R.I.P.D last night. We read the description (Undead Cops police the Undead) were, as a result, surprisingly impressed by the cast list: Kevin Bacon, Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and concluded that it might be a bit like Tremors on the strength of which supposition we agreed to give it 10 minutes. It opened with a distinctly dodgy CGI special effect and proceeded to be considerably more serious than Tremors for the next 10 minutes and we were starting to debate whether to stick with it but then Jeff Bridges turned up, the whole thing planted its tongue firmly in its cheek and off it went. I guess its sort of Tremors meets Ghostbusters and you need to be in the mood for that kind of thing, but if you are then it does more or less what it says on the tin.

Lamy Safari, Pokemon edition

Apr. 17th, 2019 10:39 am
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Over at dapprman they've done an unboxing of the limited edition Pokemon Lamy Safari.  Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my wallet) it was[*] only available in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

[*]  It's a limited edition that came out at the end of 2018, and the blog refers to it in the past tense, so I'm assuming it's sold out now.  :-\

Security alert

Apr. 17th, 2019 10:20 am
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I just got a phone call and a text[*] from my university's security service.  They've received a bomb threat at one of the buildings on campus, and are in the process of evacuating that building and all surrounding buildings.  I'm hoping it's nothing, but you never know.  I'm glad I'm not on campus at the moment, and at the same time I'm angry that someone would do something like this.

[*]  I'm sure when I next check my email I'll have gotten an email too - I signed up for every means of notification available.

ETA:  Update, T+25 minutes:  "{City} bomb squad en route.  FBI consulting.  Stay clear from {Building} and surrounding buildings until further notice."

ETA:  Update, T+40 minutes:  "Seach of {Building} in progress.  Stay clear.  Classes in {Building} have been cancelled until 1PM"

ETA:  Update, T+45 minutes:  "The threat period has expired.  We are still searching {Building}.  Stay clear until further notice."

ETA:  Update, T+1:25:  "The {City} campus is closed for business and all classes cancelled for the day.  Essential employees remain on campus.  All other employees can leave campus."

ETA:  Update, T+2:40:  "{Unliversity} continues to evaluate the situation on the {City} campus.  No suspicious objects have been discovered at this time."  Unfortunately, this means the career panel and the debate that I was supposed to go to this evening are still cancelled.

ETA:  Update, end of business day:  No suspicious object was found.  Classes to resume as usual tomorrow.

Use and misuse of art #eyeroll

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:41 am
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 Trump's PAC is selling a shirt satirizing Obama's official portrait to raise money.  (Link goes to the Hyperallergic article about the shirt, not the PAC store.)  I think the fact that he's running against Obama says so, so much about Trump and his base - Obama is one of the people you can guarantee will not be running against Trump in 2020, but by running against the "scary black man" he's able to gin up all kinds of support from his base.  *eyeroll*  Some people get the government they deserve.  Unfortunately, at the moment the rest of us are stuck with it as well.


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