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Okay, it's still Sunday here in L.A., so I'm going to wind up my reccing week and hope the mods will let me slip this one in under the wire so I meet my quota (I do everything in the middle of the night).  I'm winding up the week here with an unusual pairing, but one I fell madly in love with right after their episode showed.

Story: paint your palette blue and grey
Author: VegaOfTheLyre
Word Count:1391
Characters/Pairings: Amy/Vincent Van Gogh
Author's Summary: Even the most uncreative soul cannot be exposed to Vincent van Gogh for prolonged periods of time without having something of his genius rub off on them, and Amy is no exception.
Warnings: None

After "Vincent and the Doctor" I 1) had a massive crush on Tony Curran and the soul with which he portrayed Vincent and 2) instantly wanted to give Vincent his heart's desire.  The possibility of either him or Amy learning to exist in the other's world of course presents itself with this possibility.  Mostly I think the assumption would be that Amy would learn to live in Vincent's world, but here Vega artfully (still no pun intended) puts together a portrait of what it'd be like if Vincent made the move.  It's a lovely look into their easy chemistry and shared understanding.  And if anyone gets bitten by the Amy/Vincent bug, two more fics have caught my attention for this pairing but they weren't on Tsp for me to rec (and our gracious mod is allowing me to toss in some links to them).  Check out Where You Go and Where You've Been by [livejournal.com profile] cloudydaise and the brief fic Eyes That Know by [livejournal.com profile] seren_ccd.  Both are beautiful. (And another A / V fic is rumored to lurk on my Tsp page, but this is kind of wild speculation has been pooh-poohed by many experts.)

Thanks for the opportunity to rec, and I hope I gave somebody out there something good to read. :)

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Okay, time for a break from romance. Here's a rec wherein Nine is about as alone as a person can get - even more alone than having your planet gone, if you can believe.

Story:  We The Occasionally Dead
Author:  Malishas
Rating: All Ages
Word Count:  1604
Author's Summary: Ghost in the machine? Try a ghost in the kitchen.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (9th), Male OC
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I'm intrigued and captivated by this fic but must admit I don't completely understand it, and from reading its reviews I'm not sure the author worked every little detail out herself, just left it for you to fill in. It's one of the most original I've ever seen, and the author does the second-person narrator thing and nails it, using it to put you in the shoes of the protagonist in a creepy situation. Nine is terse and grudging with details, and we get an idea of how meeting the Doctor could be an unsettling, not-so-magical experience if he wasn't feeling magnanimous. Chronologically I think it might be pre-Rose, being that the Nine's characterization is DEAD on (no pun intended), but very much leaning toward his surly, bleak side.  Also, the term "successfully dead" lends an clue as to where his mind is.  It actually kind of works for this time of year, because hey, ghost. I don't know - see what you think. See what you think the explanations are. Discussion would be awesome. ;)
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I'm here, I'm here!  ::stops to pant from running::  I didn't forget or leave the planet or anything else that would have me besmirch the honor of being Reccer of the Week.  This time I come bearing one of my favorite flavors of Ten fic: basically, the Ten Is Hilarious When He's Loopy fic.  If it wasn't already here I totally would have made this a 2-fic theme post and added Ko-herence by Fayth along with, because they make a very fine box set.

Story: Scratching The Itch
Author: rallalon
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 20213
Author's Summary: Her mum had always told her that blokes had only one thing on their minds, but this was taking it to an entirely new level.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because:  Does anyone ever need a reason to rec [livejournal.com profile] rallalon? I mean, just the fact that she's her should be enough to send anyone burning rubber toward whatever she's written.  But if you want specifics, this story is Ral's version of, and I quote, "poke[ing] at a cliche until I sporfle."  The result gives us over 20K words (at just the right pace, mind you) of hilarious, sexy, lovingly-rendered detail inside the mind of a venom-drunk Ten and a seriously baffled Rose as said cliche unfolds, while reminding us why the cliche was such a fun idea in the first place.  Just, really...Loopy!Ten done perfectly. Spot on. Aces. ::golf clap::  THAT.  Etc.
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Greetings, all! Not sure who here is familiar with me but I am an admittedly tunnel-visioned purveyor of Nine/Rose smut. I'm also a whiner: I'm already having trouble 1) finding something awesome that hasn't already been recced, because you all are so clever you know all the good stuff already; 2) finding something awesome that hasn't already been recced that is also on Teaspoon, because most of the great little undiscovered (I think) stuff I know of is on LJ, and their authors may or may not have put them on Tsp and if they did they might have a different pen name or left out a comma in the title and now I can't find it and I don't see why people don't consider my needs before they do things.  I mean, stepping out of my obsession usual 'ship is enough of a challenge, but really, one I think will be good for me.  Maybe after that I'll even go outside. Maybe even during the day.  Whoa, I need to slow down. 

Oh look, I found one!  It's still Nine/Rose smut, but it's not on the rec list and it's a total go-to for me.  I swear other pairings will come later, but for now, you need to know about this.

Story: Not So Forbidden Fruit
Author: threerings
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3,134
Author's Summary: During a visit to an alien harvest festival, the Doctor tries the local fruit.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler/The Doctor (9th)
Warnings: explicit sex

Recced because:
Hmm, why do I like this so much?  It's a take on the alien aphrodisiac thing, but it just feels fresh and much more about character than the deus ex machina that brings the two together.  The interplay between the two of them as the walls break is pure them, absolutely their kind of competition and the build up is slow, sensuous and full of non-verbal communication, something the two of them could live off of. That and under-the-influence Doctor is shown to be the silly, occasional brat he would be if he weren't always trying to be dignified. ;)


excerpt after the cut )


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