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Greetings, [community profile] calufrax! I know it's been a little while, but we're back, and I'm going to kick things off with two weeks of recs. (I'm still looking for reccers starting in late March, too, so please volunteer if you're interested!)

Story: Extract (Artificial Vanilla is Cheaper)
Author: livii
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 907
Author's Summary: This has happened more times than he'd like to admit.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Warnings: Noncon/dubcon

Recced because: I was going to use this first rec to take advantage of our new rule allowing previously recced fics, but when I checked back through the comm archives to find out when this story had last been recced, it turned out ... it hadn't been. Which is frankly shocking, because it's a hell of a story: a dark look at how the Tenth Doctor and Rose might have had a damaged, dysfunctional relationship based on other relationships they'd had and lost. I've shipped Doctor/Rose for years, but I still love a story that explores how things could go terribly wrong, and this is unquestionably that story. It's short, but it packs a hell of a punch.

Sometimes she surprises him. For all his experience he can be painfully naive, flailing about in human emotions that don't fit, cursing this tiny planet and the complications and rituals that he can't (doesn't want to) understand.

"Wear his coat," she commands, and on the tip of his tongue are a thousand explanations about how it's his coat too, but her lips are wet and she's touching him and he can't see what harm it will do.


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