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Story: Ladies Living Sequentially
Author: rutsky
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2,672
Author's Summary: Liz Shaw wanted someone to talk about her old, odd world. Jo Grant was the perfect someone.
Characters/Pairings: Liz Shaw, Jo Grant

Recced because: I was looking for another story to rec this week, preferably one involving Liz Shaw, whom I adore, and I ran across this gem I'd somehow missed. rutsky is a reliably good author, and here she takes on one of my favorite tropes: the one where two companions who never met in canon meet up to dish about the Doctor. Jo and Liz have lived long, full lives by now -- the story takes place after the death of both the Brig and Sarah Jane -- so they bring the wisdom and perspective of age to the conversation, while still sounding exactly like themselves. It's a delightful read, and I'm very glad I found it.

“– I’m not sure any conversation between his companions would ever pass the Bechdel test.” Jo sipped at her green chai, then grinned.

Liz smiled slightly in return. “I rather think they would, at least technically. After all, he’s an alien, not a man.”

She felt slightly affronted when Jo guffawed in response and kicked back from the table, attracting the somewhat bemused attention of other couples in the cafe. Then she shrugged her shoulders; at least they’d been dining al fresco. Jo’s laugh could really have been overwhelming in the cafe proper. “Well, he is.”

Jo got herself under control and said, “Yes, but he’s an alien man. And believe me when I say that he always took close notice of those ridiculous micro-minis and knee-high boots I used to wear.”

“Probably because they were terrifically inefficient whilst running away from whatever he’d set in motion,” Liz pointed out.

“Well, yes,” Jo allowed. “But he always seemed disappointed when I wore my elephant pants and trainers.”


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